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Birds Flying High,You Know How I Feel

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Frank's reaction and RADIOHEAD OH MAH GOD!!It's a chapter of excitement!

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hey guys thanks so much for the rates and reviews,ye make me so happy!:)am currently armed with a bottle of Coke Zero and the new season of Law and Order:Special Victim's Unit.Sweet inspiration...
I am being dragged down the hall by Frank,who has suddenly obtained the strength of a Russian bodybuilder.
Oh yeah,and Sarah is kinda pissed at me.
"You little FUCKER!Sticking your tongue down my boyfriend's throat,and then you don't even acknowledge it,just go on with the fucking set...."
Frank throws me into a room and slams the door shut.However,there is the slight drawback that five burly-looking guys are already in there.
"Who tha fuck ahr ye?"
Shit.Five burly-looking British guys.
Frank glares at them."Who the fuck are you?"
The smallest guy with dirty blond hair scowls."We're Radiohead.And this is our dressing room."
Frank pales."Oh God,I am so sorry,I love Pablo Honey,I swear-"
They leave.Jonny mutters "bloody Americans."
And now we're alone.Me and Frank.In Radiohead's dressing room.Alone.
I hear a small whimper,coming from Frank.
"Did you mean it?"he asks,his eyes glistening.Then I realize why they're glistening.
He's crying.I made him fucking cry.
Come on Gerard, my mind instructs, you can't lie or cheat your way out of this one..
"I...well...yes,Frank.I did.I've been meaning to do that for months.I love you,Frank.I've loved you,fuck,since we met!That's,what,four years?Four years of you going out with Sarah,and kissing Sarah,and loving Sarah.Y'know,every time you two swap spit I fucking die a little inside,Frank."
He falls onto a nearby chair.I need to vent some more.
"Why do you think I wrote all those songs about dying?Demolition Lovers?Y'know that,Frank?"
As I say that,my voice cracks.It's only then I realize tears are streaming down my face in rivers.
"Why do you think I fucking broke up with Montgomery?!"
There.I've told him.Told him everything.
"Frank,"I say,sighing,"I've just ripped out my own heart and threw it on the floor for your personal judgement.At least make a gargling noise."
"I...I thought she was just a crazy bitch you dumped."
Now I see why women think men are so dim.
"No.Well,yes,she was-or is-but I loved her,Frank.Crazy people can have lovers too.Charles Manson was probably a playa......"Oh God,I'm rambling,"But it really for you,the break-up.I'd fucking die for you,babe."
Crap."Babe" just kinda slipped out.Ah well.Might as well tell him every lie I've ever told inmy life now.(Like when Bunny shat on the rug,and I told mom Mikey did it.)
So tell him about the drugs,Gerard.He'll help you.
No.I won't tell him about that just yet.
He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little black velvet box.
If I've seen enough shitty romcoms with Mikey,I can bet my life on what's in that box.
"I was gonna give this to Sarah,Gee.We were gonna save up all our money and and book a real fancy Church thing.My mom's a big Catholic,y'know,she'd go crazy for that shit.I was gonna do it today.I was also gonna ask you to be best man,Gerard."
I can't move,I'm completely numb,frozen to the spot.Frank is looking up at me,his face a ghostly mask that is unreadable.
He stands up.
"But I'm so sure about any of that now."
He's close to me now,so close I can hear his breathing.In-out,in-out,nice and steady.
My breathing on the other hand,is shallow gasps of air I snatch between thoughts.
"I'm not gonna lie,Gerard,"Frank states seriously."I'm still in love with Sarah,but....I...."
He inhales sharply,looks up,stretches up on his toes,and says:
"This sounds corny as fucking shit,but I think I'm falling with you,Gerard Way."
He presses his lips softly to mine.It's not like our first kiss,where our tongues wrestled with each other and my fingers were knotted in his raven hair;this is so much better.I feel the slight pressure of his lip ring on my lower lip.The cool breeze of his breath is present in my mouth.
We step away from each other,and I gaze at him.I notice with satisfaction that his arms are slung around my waist.He kisses my cheek,giggles,and then goes into a full-blown laughing fit.
"What are you laughing at?"
"I'm happy,that's all.Touring,"I'm Not Okay" is doing great in the charts and I'm with you."
"Y'know,all my fourteen-year-old fan-girl's are gonna hate your fucking guts for stealing "their man"",I laugh.
"Shut up!I have my own fan-girls!And they're gonna hate your fucking guts."
I put on a deep voice."Frank Iero,24,guitarist of rock band My Chemical Romance,was last night assaulted outside a Hot Topic store."
I smile as Frank shakes with laughter.
"Reports say the suspect was short,of a thin build,wearing tight pants and a band shirt.A note was found at the scene of the crime,reading:
He laughs some more.Then:
"Hey Gee?"
"Of course,Frank.I've got you."Wow,it feels good to tell the truth sometimes.
I hum the chorus of Feeling Good,when Frank says something that catches me totally off-guard.
"Does that mean you'll stop doing drugs?"
I freeze.How the fuck-
James Dewees-from Reggie And The Full Effect-pops his head around the door.
"Frank,there you are!We're on in ten.You coming?"
"Yeah,gimme a sec!"Frank replies.He leaves,but not before whispering in my ear:
"Babe,please think about what I said.Please."
He kisses me on the cheek and bolts out the door.
James says:
"Hey Gerard."
(He and Shannon should really meet each other some time.)
"Thom Yorke told me to tell you something."
What?Oh yeah.Bitchy English dude.
"And what is it?"
He grins.
"That next time you wanna bang Frank,go to your own dressing room."

wow that was intense!hope it was ok!update soon,xo lauren.
(btw,really sorry if my vocab isn't very American,but I'm Irish and speak really weirdly!If you met me you probably wouldn't understand me!XD)
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