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Chapter two: what happened to kansas?

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harry goes back to the past...i know this seems really preictable...but i think the story gets better after the first few chapter...

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Chapter two
Harry opened his eyes slowly, then closed them again, he guessed that he was in hospital wing, how is it, he thought to himself, I always end up in the hospital wing.
"You're not in the hospital wing"
"Then where am I and who are you?"
"Who I am is simple, but where we are is not, I am death and we are nowhere."
"If you are death then why aren't I dead? How is this nowhere?"
"Nowhere is a place, it was the only place I could meet you....I have grave news to tell you"
"I'm dead?"
"no, it is worse than that....let me start at the mother and father were both adopted children, out casts of their home due to their mixed father was a vampiric elf and you mother an angelic demon. All four of these traits have led an unfortunate circumstance...Mr Potter, I am very sorry to tell you that you will never meet your death, for he has never existed"
"Are you telling me that I will live forever?"
"Unfortunately yes"
"So I will never be able to see my parents or Sirius again"
"your parent will not be able to meet them but you may be able to retrieve your godfather as the veil behind which he fell is a form of prison that may be entered by all but only left by an angel, but your powers are very instable at this time, no one you know will be able to help you control your powers, so in the interest of the existence of earth you will have to learn from the four founders, you will attend the school. Your owl, trunk and wand are over there...if you ever feel the need to talk to me remember this is only place we may meet, you can get here by willing your self to nowhere...any questions?"
"Will I age?"
"No, your physical structure may change but you will not get any older..."
"What do I look like at the moment...I don't want to arrive at Hogwarts looking like something the cat dragged in?"
Death conjured a mirror to show Harry his appearance, Harry almost fell over when he caught sight of his appearance for a start he had large white wings, pointed ears, clawed finger nails and fangs. He was also taller
"you will also heal very quickly and what have I forgotten...oh yes, I withdrew some money from your gringotts account five hundred gallons in this bag...oh yes...well you'd better go, here is a note from me"
With that Harry started to fall and landed, he was thankful, on a grassy patch of ground, he heard arguing voices approaching
"The school is never going to be finish at this rate, it is the last day of July and we have told people that the school will open on the first of September"
"I think we should ask the ministry for more"
"Do you think they wou...good lord...what is that?"
Harry spoke up " if you're talking about me, then I am a quarter demon, quarter angel, quarter elf and a quarter vampire, death told me to give you this note"
The Hogwarts four gathered around to read the note, having done this they turned to Harry.
"before we take you back to Hogwarts you'll need to learn how to look human, now there is a slight possibility that you will be able to do this the easy way...just imagine yourself with out the ears, wings claws and tail"
"What tail?"
"This one" said the talk dark haired wizard picking up a long black and white stripped tail
"Alright..." Harry concentrated hard
"Well done, now come along to the school dear"
As they came over the rise Harry looked at the school below, it was very small only two floors
"Is this all?" he asked
"The ministry would only give us a galleon to build the castle so this is all we could manage"
"We couldn't even have any dungeons" said the dark haired wizard.
Harry stopped and started digging in his trunk
"What are you doing?"
"Just a moment please" Harry had found what he was looking for, it was a photograph of Hogwarts, "how much would a castle like this cost?" he asked
"Oh!" The tall dark haired witch said "at least twenty galleons"
"Building prices are very high at the moment"
"How about we have a deal, seeing as I need your help...I could help you and give you a hundred galleons so that you can spare no expense on the castle and you will be able to pay your staff"
"How would a boy like you have one hundred galleons?"
"That just a small amount of the money I have. Here" Harry took the bag death had given him and put a couple of handfuls in his normal money bag and handed the bag death had given him to the woman he guessed was Rowena Ravenclaw.
Once this was done they continued towards the school.
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