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Chapter three: return to school

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Harry continues at hogwarts

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)this is parseltounge(
Chapter three
A month had flown by Hogwarts had been built, transformed into the castle Harry knew and loved, founders had been able to teach Harry enough that he would be able to survive in the school, he had been given his own room in the castle, well it was more like his own apartment, but he had insisted that he would go into one of the houses for the year.
So it was that on the first of September the students arrived and were all sorted by the sorting hat, Harry was place in Gryffindor but it took a very long time for the hat to decide.
Harry sat down at the Gryffindor table; the girl next to him looked at him keenly then said
"Hello my name is Hanna Hamut, who are you?"
"Harry Potter"
"Pleased to make your acquaintance, that boy over there is Rodrick Weasly"
"Pleased to meet you" the boy said before returning his attention to his food
"I wonder where they got so much money to make this castle, last time I heard they had been given a galleon to build this school, but this must have cost at least a hundred"
"A hundred galleons don't be silly Han that amount of money doesn't exist" Rodrick said from the other side of the table.
"They were given the extra money to build this castle by a single sponsor," said Harry
"Harry you'll turn into an old gossip if you spread rumours like that" Hanna chastised him
""it is true I saw him, I have been here all thought the building, from when they destroyed the castle they built with the galleon given to them by the ministry"
"They destroyed a galleon's worth of building how much money did this mysterious benefactor give them then?"
"More than four hundred galleons..."
"Your lying you must're a student why would they let you know how much they have been given, where are you from anyway your accent is very strange"
"...umm...I'm from a gypsy family"
"Gypsy?" asked Roderick looking up from his food, "what is a gypsy?"
"They are wandering folk...muggles mostly" said Hanna, "I suppose that your family had to move on"
Harry nodded
"Are you betrothed?"
"I take it that gypsies don't get betrothed, I am betrothed to Rodrick"
"You two will make a good couple"
"My thanks," said Hanna
"So," asked Rodrick, "what have you been doing here while the castle was being built?"
"I was helping of course, almost died quite a few times falling from the roof of this hall, then there was the time I came face to face with Slytherins basilisk..."
"He has a basilisk?"
"Yes but don't worry in is in a place which it can not escape without his help"
"So what can you tell us about them?"
"If you are hurt then it is Helga Hufflepuff you need to go to, but if you are in need of help with your studies then Rowena Ravenclaw will help you, Godric is a good sport and Salazar is witty at times but he is also grumpy sometimes, but he'll help out with a prank any day."
"Thank is the end of the meal"
The next morning found Harry, Rodrick and Hanna in the great hall once more.
Harry picked up his timetable; he found it was covered in words he could not understand. He closed his eyes and opened them again, the timetable now made sense.
"We study the dark arts and defence against the dark arts...that's strange"
"What do you have for your first lesson?" Harry asked
"Double potions with the Slytherins"
"Some things never change" Harry muttered to himself
"What was that Harry?"
"Nothing, come on lets go"
When they came down to the dungeons they found that a few Slytherins had found their way to the classroom, this was helped by the fact that there was a map on the back of the timetable.
"oh look who it is" said a boy who resemble Draco in that he had slicked back blonde hair, "its Wealsy his betrothed and a mudblood, they are letting such riff raff in here and they are letting women study with men, and purebloods with mudbloods..."
"Malfoy, why don't you go and ooze somewhere else..." said Harry, "like underneath a whomping willow"
"Why don't you go back to those filthy muggles you came out of..."
"Do not insult my parents...they loved me more than yours ever will, they died so that I could live, they were a witch and wizard, so leave us be"
Harry focused again and saw that the boy he had been shouting at was pinned against the wall with a binding hex, and was sporting bunny rabbit ears and a fish tail for legs.
"and that's another reason I had to leave my family early, Rodrick, I have anger management problems, I don't know how to undo these spells for all I know they might be time spelled" Harry ran his hands distractedly through his hair then turned to the crowd that had gathered.
"You did all of that wandlessly without realising that you were doing it?" squeaked a blonde girl in front of him, Harry nodded distractedly.
"hello everyone I can believe that I have you all for my potions class so please run along" the voice of Salazar Slytherin drifted over the heads of the crowd, now Harry's situation could be getting a lot worse.
) what has happened here? ( Came his voice again
) my anger management problem showing through again I'm afraid ( Harry replied
)you must have been very angry when you cast these(
)because they are too strong for me to could try willing them off that did work once didn't it(
Harry shrugged and focused on the boy opposite him and then on the magic surrounding him, he slowly unwound all the spells that clung to the boy before he was disturbed by a thwump, he looked up to see the Malfoy boy sprawled on the floor in front of his.
"Well done Harry..." Salazar made his way into the dungeon followed by the rest of his class.
"you're a parselmouth?" asked Hanna
"you're not going to go all your evil just because you can speak to snakes on me now are you?"
"why would I?"
"Where I come from parseltounge is treated as a sign of a dark wizard"
"Oh..." was all Hanna said as she entered the classroom
After potions Harry had self defence, he had been practising this over the holidays, he was quite good at it now, but was still liable to getting his throat cut open every now and again. He thought for a moment about telling Hanna and Rodrick about his inability to die, but decided against it Hanna would probably think he was lying again
"So who teaches self defence?" asked Rodrick
"I've heard that he has won so many duels...but I am betrothed and should not think of these things" said Hanna
"To right" muttered Rodrick
"I heard that,"
"You were meant to"
This could have broken out into a serious argument but luckily they entered Godric's classroom at this moment.
"morning everyone, now I'm sure you know a lot about using one of these," he pulled out a sword, "well the males amongst you at least, but do you know how to use this and win your fight?... I did not think you know how to forge a sword?... I did not think that would be the case either, well then you will have to learn wont you"
With this said Godric lead them away to the forge.
Forging a sword was hard work Harry soon found, but it seemed that he was doing better than most. He looked at his sword with a critical eye, he had to face it, this was not a master piece, there was a large flaw running up the centre of the blade and the balance was off. He sensed Godric behind him and turned around to hear his opinion
"you are quite good at this Harry but it will take you a little time before you are able to forge a very good sword, you took the metal out of the fire to early this is what cause this flaw here," Harry ran his hand over the flaw ashamed of the simple mistake, Godric spoke again, "a concealing spell will not make the sword any better even if it looks better Harry"
"I don't think that was a spell, sir, I only do that sort of thing without knowing it if I am very angry"
"What did you say your heritages were?"
"Elf, angel, demon and vampire"
"Half light and half dark"
"Yes sir"
"well, I know nothing of demons or angels but I know that there are elves with control over an will have to be trained in this but we have no way of doing this for is something that you will have to learn when you return to your home, for the moment I want to see if you can make this sword useable without flame or tongs"
"I'll try sir" Harry went back to the anvil he had been working at as Godric called Rodrick over.
Harry focused on the sword then thought of the perfection that this metal could have the beautiful but deadly symmetry in could possess, slowly the metal under his fingers shifted until it was balance the sharpness of the edges that Harry could sense would never blunt. Harry focused on the hilt of the sword and found a small strain of impurity in the sword, it was copper he pulled it to the surface and fashioned it into a small thin snake that wrapped around the handle its head resting on the place where the blade and handle met. The finished blade was not fancy or especially eye catching but it was a sword that would be able to last eternity.
"Harry," came Gryffindors exasperated voice, "you were supposed to be making a practise sword, not a battle sword"
Harry laughed, "Sorry my lord Gryffindor...may I keep this sword?"
"Of course you may...but you will have to make a practise one as the way where did you get that copper from?"
"I found in the sword as an impurity..." said Harry as he went over to the forge to collect a new stick of iron, he picked out a piece that looked promising and walked back to his anvil, it was only when he reached there that he noticed that everyone was staring at him
"Have I got something written on the back of my robes?" he asked puzzled
"Harry," came Godric's voice, "I think you have forgotten to pick your metal out of the fire with tongs,"
Harry looked down at his hands and saw that Godric was right he was grasping the red hot iron in his bare hands
"Oops..." Harry mutter as he laid the iron on the anvil, he inspected his hands they were unmarked.
"Well, we can be certain Harry," said Godric from behind him, "that you have at least earth and fire element in your power"
"Knowing me, I'll probably have all four and a fifth one spare"
"You are of course right Harry"
"Well at least we made it so that every time I die I return to my own room, I hate people watching me when I am unconscious"
"Yes but you must remember that this applies only when you are on the Hogwarts grounds"
Harry nodded, then flicked his hand at the metal which became a heavy practise sword
"You learn things to quickly, Harry"
"I apologies"
"Well go back to your friends"
"Yes sir"
When Harry returned to the house common room with his two swords in his hands he found Hanna and Rodrick sitting in corner doing their homework
"Can I sit here guys?"
"Sure, we're doing our potions homework" said Hanna
"I haven't even started mine yet..." Harry started digging in his bag for a quill and piece of parchment, then after a hard decision between mood ink and fluorescent pink, he started to write his essay, it was not a very hard title, "Explain why a bezoar will stop all poisons and the side effects of using one, state also when you would use it"
Harry scribbled for about half an hour before he looked up and asked, "What have you written?"
"Not very much," said Hanna, "may I see yours?"
Harry nodded
" questions, one why is it written in pink ink and two what the hell does it say?"
Harry could have knocked himself over how could he have been so stupid, over the summer he and Salazar had found out that English and the langue that they spoke at this time were as different as peas and tomatoes...his brain must be running exceptionally slow
"oh...I've written it in the gypsy tongue the pink ink is a joke because I know that he will get bored of all that black ink after a while..."
Hanna and Rodrick laughed, after a while Hanna decided to go to bed.
"I hope your not trying to steal my betrothed," Rodrick said after a while
"No don't worry, we gypsies may not have betrothed but we still respect other men's relationships"
"Good. Well, you know where your parents are at the moment?"
"Somewhere I may never follow"
"Where would that be?"
"It matters not" said Harry, before returning his attention to the essay at hand.
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