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The Scare?

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Toby and Justine run into a little scare.

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Toby sat in his living room with his headset hooked up to his PS3 controller. He was playing Black Ops live with some of his friends, including Justine. Everyone knew something was going on with them, because they weren't acting like themselves. They had asked once, concerned, but when Justine and Toby said nothing, they just let it go even though they knew they were lying.

Toby could only sit through one more round. He sighed softly when it the round was finished he told everyone he had to go and he logged off. Justine was worried by then, but didn't show it. She played one more round and got off too. She turned all of her lights off and walked into her room. She undressed and put on a camisole, a tank top, a pair of boy shorts and a hoodie. She plopped down on her bed and sighed.

Toby had just turned all the lights off as he went to bed. He plopped down and held his phone, staring at Justine's contact page. He debated on calling her, but then his phone started ringing. Justine's picture popped up and he smiled. He bit his lip. When he knew that if he didn't answer soon, it would just go to voice mail.

"Hello?" He asked softly.
"Hey, Toby. It's uh, Jusitne. But you knew that." She bit her lip and hid her face in her pillows, embarrassed.
"Yeah, when you're face shows up on my phone, I figure as much." He chuckled softly. She smiled and lifted her head up. She put her phone on speaker and set it next to her.
"What are you up to?"
"Absolutely nothing, just laying in my bed, talking to you." He smiled.
"Same here, actually." Justine gave a little laugh and smiled. She bit her lip then blurted out; "So what's up with you?" Toby blushed and sighed immediately.
"Well, I was just hoping I could tell you how I feel." Toby stopped after he heard something in Justine's house. "Jusitne, what was that?"
"I don't know," She replied, and smiled softly at his concern.

She got up and walked out of her room as Toby listened with anticipation. He was honestly worried. Justine rounded the corner and two people in full black popped up. She screamed and her phone went flying across the room. It hit something and cracked so bad it broke. The line was disconnected and Toby got up. He tried to call her back and it went straight to voice mail.

He grabbed his keys and ran down to his car. He got in and started it as fast as he could. He sped over to her apartment and ran up to her door. He walked in. "Jusitne?!" He called out. HE heard laughing. Justine, and what sounded like Breanne and Jenna. He furrowed his brows and walked in furhter. HE found them on the floor laughing. He smiled and Jenna looked up at him. She screamed then realized it was just Toby.
"Toby, what are you doing here?" Jenna asked, still laughing a little. They all got up as Toby looked between them.
"I uh, was on the phone with Justine and... She screamed, and, yeah." He trailed off whenever they all stared at him and smiled. He furrowed his brows and looked between them. "What?"

Justine smiled, he was concerned. So concerned her drove to her apartment to save her. Jenna and BReanne looked over at her, then back at Toby.

"Oh, nothing." Breanne said. Toby shook his head and shrugged. He looked at Justine, who seemingly couldn't stop smiling. He smiled, what could he say, it was contagious.

"Well, I'll just go then. If you want me too." Toby shrugged softly and shoved my hands in my pockets. Justine bit her lip. Toby couldn't help but notice how she was even cute in her pajamas.
"Well, it's late, and you look tired, and my sisters just got here, so.." Justine trailed off. She didn't want him to leave, ever.
"Leave, Toby!" Jenna said, then laughed a little. "We'll see you tomorrow at Shane's anyways."
"Oh, you're going?" Toby asked them. They nodded. He sighed softly. "Well I'll see you tomorrow then."

He couldn't get his eyes off Justine. He smiled and waved then walked out. He sighed as he walked down to his car. He got it and hit his head against the steering wheel.

Her stupid sisters just had to surprise her this week.
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