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Chapter four

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Make a saint of me!

chapter four

it had been such a good night before and i felt like this morning would be good too, i got dressed and did my makeup as usual then walked to the kitchen ready to make Bob and the boys breakfast. my phone was ringing it was the phone call i was trying to put off but it had to be dealt with. "hey mom! whats up?" i shut my eyes and took a deep breath. "where the fuck are you? you havent been home in two days!" she sounded stoned but she was pissed off "mom im fine just staying at a friends." why did she care at home she didnt even talk to me and now she cared where i was. "okay well ive got a client on his way so ill speak to you later" whatever that wasnt gonna happen and i didnt want it to. i hung up hopefully stuff like that wasnt gonna happen any time soon, i continued to make an endless supply of coffee and toast. i could hear whispers in the next room, Gerard walked in to the kitchen and took his mug of coffee Bob, Ray and Frank followed as i took the coffee and plate full of toast in to the sitting room where Mikey was sat onthe floor awake but looking very tired. "so whats the plan for today?" asked Gerard his coffee mug empty already. "well i need to find a job" i said quietly, Mikey playing with my wavy long blonde hair. "well i need to do some shopping so we could make a trip to the mall" replied Bob i smiled back and agreed. Mikey and Gerard decided they needed to go home and see their mom, Frank and Ray said they just wanted to go to bed and eat. i looked at Mikey and i didnt really wanna see him leave, his glasses were on the end of his nose. everybody was having their own little conversation so i took this as my chance to get Mikey alone. "Mikey can you help me put up a poster in my room?" he nodded and took my hand as we walked to my bedroom. "So wher-" i cut him off by kissing him he was shocked and his reaction was delayed but i couldnt just leave it not after yesterday. he kissed me back it was more innocent and sweet than drunken and sloppy like with Gerard, we continued to hold hands whilst we kissed. 

my kiss with Mikey had me in a good mood for the rest of the day which helped when job searching. Bob and i searched everywhere the McDonalds, Subway and the local kids stores but nowhere was hiring. "How about the hospital? theyre constantly looking for receptionists" i considered it and thats where we headed next. we stood for an hour waiting to be seen then i was given some papers to fill out and got told theyd be in touch. i text Mikey telling him i might have a job and he seemed happy for me, we stopped at a gas station to buy some stuff for dinner tonight and then we were off home. "so you and Mikey? didnt really see it to be honest" i cringed i was hoping he wouldnt start the whole 'birds and the bees' speech. "yeah hes really sweet and i guess he kind of gets me" Bob nodded casually "so are you gonna get serious or is it just you know a small thing?" i didnt really know how to answer him what did he mean by serious? marriage? kids? i was completely against both. "it is what it is Bob if something more happens then i guess its what nature intended"  i prayed that was the end of it. 

i rang Mikey when i got in, i hadnt spoken to him in a while, his phone rang for ages and then finally he answered. "hey batman, wanna come play on the swings?" he spoke before i could "ofcourse" i laughed as i grabbed my coat and ran out of the apartment and down to the park. and there he was my Mikey stood underneath a street lamp in the playground, i ran up behind him and covered his eyes "guess who?" he laughed and turned around to me grabbing me by the waist. "ive told my mom all about you" he said kissing my cheek, "i dont know whether to see that as a good thing or bad" i giggled kissing his neck. "depends on what you think about her already planning our wedding" i smiled awkwardly and hugged Mikey tight he was so warm and it was starting to rain again, rain was kind of becoming our thing.
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