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chapter five

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance,Drama - Characters: Mikey Way,Gerard Way,Bob Bryar - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2011/03/06 - Updated: 2011/03/06 - 624 words

i went back to Mikeys that night his mom was in bed so we headed straight to his room. Gerard walked in moments after we got in, “what are you two up to? ” he teased. “leave us alone gee we're just hanging out!” Mikey replied trying not to wake his mom, I giggled and put my arms round his neck. Gerard eventually left and we both sat down on Mikeys bed i kissed his neck as he played with my hair. "Mikey would you like to get married and have kids some day?" I stared into his eyes as he looked back at me confused. "Well sure some day but right now I'm not that fussed" I smiled and kissed him again, he kissed me back and held me tight. I loved everything about us, the fact it was innocent, it was just me and Mikey.

I slept over at Mikeys he let me borrow one of his Amen tshirts and a pair of boxers someone had got him one christmas but they were too big so looked like shorts on me. the next morning I woke up after Mikeys mom had left for work so we had a while to ourselves, Bob had said I could stay with Mikey for the rest of the day so we planned to go and see a film. It was a horror Mikey had chose it and we got there in time to buy a massive soda and some pop corn, we got seats right at the back of the theatre. I spent a lot of time burying my head in Mikeys shoulder and laughing when a little kid started crying, it was the most fun I'd had since the night we met. "k batman let's go!" he shouted at the end of the film, "come on then superwoman" we skipped out of the cinema and waited for Gerard to pick us up. "So if I'm superwoman, does that make you my superman?" He whispered in my ear whilst we waited. "Well depends where you hide your kryptonite?!" I giggled biting his neck. "I love it when you giggle" he beamed a major smile at me, "I love you Michael!" I whispered into his left ear. Biting my lip I turned away and ran up the street, Mikey soon caught up and lifted me up from behind I laughed like a small school child "I love you more Jasey!"

Gerard drove us back to Bobs where I said goodnight to Mikey and kissed him for atleast five minutes just to piss off Gerard. Bob was waiting when I got in, "hey sorry I didn't tell you last night it was a last minute thing" he didn't look angry, just worried. "Its okay, young love and all that. So erm have you two, y'know?" God I knew what he meant. "No we're taking it slow. " Bob was being shifty, He wasn't telling me something and I knew it. "Bob what's up?" There was something going on and I was about to scream I guessed a little when he looked at my hands . "Your brother told me why he really wanted to get you out of Brooklyn, Jay its nothing to be ashamed, its not your fault!" I started to cry and I collapsed to the floor in the sitting room noone had ever spoke about it before. "You'll never know Bob!" He was cradling me "Richie raped you Jasey and your mom let it happen, I think I know" He didn't though noone did but my brother. "Its not just that Bob I was pregnant!" tears were running down my face and I could see they had stained his shirt. "That bitch deserves to fucking die!" He spat.
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