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chapter six

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Make a saint of me! 

chapter six

"Tom payed for the abortion with his savings, he had just joined the army but he always said that if he wasnt in the army already he'd kill Richie. I was only fifteen and i was scared, Tom made sure i was okay." we were sat on the sofa i had stopped crying and Bob had made us both a coffee. "and your mom did nothing?" he asked, he was angry, he had spent alot of time cussing my mother and saying she didnt deserve kids and i was better off without her. i shook my head my mom was still my mom no matter what. "why didnt you go to the police?" he then realised the obvious my mom was not your average legal citizen and had a record already. "are you gonna tell Mikey?" his face was starting to turn to a normal colour again. "no theres nothing to tell, it was a year and half ago" there was nothing to tell, Mikey was mine and i wasnt gonna scare him off with a sob story. "he deserves to know secrets are never a good thing Jasey" he was starting to sound like Tom, he was everything to me, my hero we went everywhere together as kids and then as we got older he protected me the way my mom should have. the day he said he was leaving i cried for a week, he couldnt leave me but i remembered it was so we could be happy without my mom and be a family. "Mikey is innocent Bob, hes so un-corrupted and perfect. if he knew id never be able to forget about it" not that i ever would. 

that night i was having nightmares like when i was little. except this one felt real, my pillow was wet from my crying earlier but there were more puddles now i looked at the clock on the oven in the kitchen it was 4:30 on a saturday morning, maybe Mikey was awake i sent him a text asking if he was awake. whilst i waited for his reply i wandered back to my room and started picking at the paint on the wall, i heard my phone vibrate and i ran to get it. "yeah, this rains a bitch!" i smiled at his text and looked through the curtains of my room it was like a monsoon out. "can i ring you?" i requested, he rang me first. "whats wrong?" i heard him whispering and i could hear the rain in the background. "just had a bad dream, needed to hear your voice" he cooed at me like a baby and reassured me the monsters and vampires wouldnt hurt me anytime soon. we spoke for about an hour and then i fell back to sleep knowing Mikey would always make me smile, he had told me he had band practice later so i was sad to know i wouldnt see him that day. 

i woke up the next morning it was about midday and my phone was ringing i stumbled out of bed and picked it up off the floor. "hello" i mumbled still half asleep. "hello is this Jasey Bryar?" it was the woman from the hospital i could tell by her monotone voice. "err yeah this is she" i tried to sound posh just in case i had actually got the job. "we have decided the hospital would find you a very valued employee and so you have got the job!" valued employee? i had left high school junior year but if that was seen as a good thing here i was all for failure. "thank you, when do i start?" turns out id be working monday to friday 8:30 to 3:30, this meant less time with Mikey but it was money. i ran out of my room shouting to Bob to tell him the good news but he wasnt home, there was a note on the fridge. 'hey gone to band practice, ring me if you need to, Bob x" i ofcourse rang him and he squeeled like a girl down the phone telling me he was proud and all that shit. "hey guys my cousins got a job!" i heard a few claps and then music started playing and Bob had to go after announcing a party back at our place tonight. Bob had agreed to get beer and drinks if i made dinner, i only knew how to make grilled cheese so that was the only option. but first i had to get ready i jumped in the shower and changed into my black joggers, white vest top and black hoodie, i didnt wear much makeup but when i looked in the mirror i looked strange. my dark hair was coming through the blonde, i had dyed it blonde as my new look a month or two back but i was naturally a brunette. it actually looked nice so i left my hair down, you could see my belly button ring through my shirt but i didnt care it looked nice when i lifted my top to admire it. I had gotten it for my sixteenth birthday and it was pretty awesome. 
Bob didnt get back until late but i had dinner already set out for everyone, i had enough for a family of about twenty i wondered if some more people would come back with them or we could just eat again later. they did bring some more people back like i had thought, Gerard brought his girlfriend Ellie and the drummer also came back he seemed quiet and i didnt think he liked me so i didnt bother to learn his name. "so what does it feel like to be the only one here with a proper job?" heckled Frank "it feels powerful!" i giggled passing him a beer, Mikey was there ofcourse but we hadnt really had a moment to be together since everyone got back. "Jay could you come over here for a minute?" Bob asked calling me from the kitchen "'sup?" i asked frustrated i felt like everyone was purposely trying to keep me away from Mikey. "you okay?" i nodded "yeah why?" he looked at me like i should know "just after last night i wanna make sure your alright" i nodded and gave him a hug i knew he just wanted to make me feel safe. i walked into Mikey he was sat on the sofa whilst Gerard danced with Ellie and Frank was just jumping around with Ray, Bob was starting to shout random lyrics at everyone,  i walked over and sat on Mikeys knee, he started to play with my hands and i leaned my head on his shoulder. "so i start work on monday" i announced to him kissing his neck. "i know and im gonna miss you." he actually looked sad. "ill still be around and its only part time maybe you could meet me after work sometimes an-" all the sudden we were drenched in beer, Frank had fallen and on his way down sent his can flying. Mikeys tshirt was completely wet through, he got up and tackled Frank laughing and shaking his head spraying Frank with beer. after their little play fight i lead him to my room and sat him on my bed. "i'll be right back i think Bobs got a spare top somewhere" Mikey sat in silence as i left the room, when i returned he had taken his top off and was lying down on my bed staring at the ceiling i hid the tshirt behind my back. "so you want a tshirt right?" i teased, "yeah its cold in here, i didnt realise this was the bat cave!" he sat up looking at me. "if you really want it you gotta fight me for it!" i giggled holding the crumpled top in the air. he grabbed me by the waist and tickled me until i collapsed on my bed as he laid down next to me. he looked like an angel to me and thats what he was my angel!
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