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Chapter 1

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Jared and Katie interact at work.

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Chapter 1

Katie's POV

The buzzer announcing that the fries were done jolted Katie from her daydream. She was fantasizing about him again. She couldn't believe it. She hated him. Jared had had it out for her since she started working at the Happy Burger. She didn't know why, but he did.

"Hey Katie, if it's not too much trouble, do you think you could take the fries out of the cooker before they burn? There are some customers who like fries with their meals," Jared addressed her like she was a 5 year old; another reason the two of them didn't get along. Unfortunately, Jared was head manager so she couldn't really argue with him.

"Sorry, I was just about to do that." She shot Jared a nasty look and went about her business. Things only got worse from there. She kept giving people the wrong order, she dropped a case of ketchup all over the floor, and Jared told her that she had to stay to help him close. What else could go wrong?

Jared's POV

What in the world had possessed him to pick Katie to stay and help him close? Katie, of all people. The person at work he hated most. Ok, hate was maybe too strong of a word. But boy did they not get along. He wasn't quite sure why either. In another circumstance, he knew he would have asked her out. She was pretty, no question. Oh well. She probably would have torn him to shreds so it's better that he didn't. He looked at her then, and saw that she looked tired.

"Katie, there's not much more to do here. You can go and I'll finish up here. Don't worry; you'll get paid for the last 15 minutes." When she started to protest, he pointed to the door. "Go"

She shrugged and went into the back to gather her stuff. Jared had finished sweeping by the time she emerged and headed for the door.

"See ya," was all she said as she walked out the door. Jared shook his head as she left. Ten minutes later, he finished wiping down the counter, got his things together, locked up, and headed home.

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my new story. As amatter of fact, I believe this was the first story I wrote. It was written many years ago...maybe 6-7 years ago. I'll be updating every few days or so, with or without reviews, I don't like begging for them. Just a nice, please review and let me know what you think. Thanks J
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