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Chapter 2

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Katie finds herself in a situation

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Katie's POV

/ /She was so tired. All she wanted to do was go home, fall into her bed, and sleep for 20 years. She couldn't believe that jerk made her stay an extra half hour to close. He was such an ass. So cocky, thinking he's all that because he's the manager, and has power, and is good looking. Ok yeah, she had to admit he was cute. She probably would have had a crush on him and done some major flirting if he hadn't turned out to be acreep. She was too busy thinking and being angry to hear the footsteps behind her. All of a sudden, two hands grabbed her and forced her to the ground. She was thrown down on her stomach, and then the hands turned her on her back. She saw a man with a shaved head, nose ring and scary black eyes holding her down. Fear overwhelmed her as she cried out.

"No, please..don't....Ju...Just let me go, please,"she cried between sobs. The man gave her a slimy smile, and pressed a knife into her neck.

"You had better keep quiet if you don't want your throat cut." And with that, he started to unbutton her jeans.

Jared's POV

Jared was just rounding the corner when he heard a girl cry out. It didn't sound like a good cry either, so he moved toward the sound. It was so dark he could barely see anything, but then he saw movement just ahead of him. As his eyes adjusted more to the dark, he realized that it was aman and a woman, and the man was on top of the woman, holding her down. This was obviously not a good situation. Jared started to move toward the man, very quietly so that the man wouldn't hear him, and when he got close, he called out.

"You had better get off of her if you know what's good for you."

Hello everyone!! For those of you reading this, I say thank you. I know the chapters are short, but when I wrote this (which was many years ago) I didn't really know much about writing and making long chapters. So I'll probably be posting a couple of chapters at a time. I'll be posting another one after this one anyway.
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