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Chapter eight

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Make a saint of me!

Chapter eight

i convinced Mikey to sleep in my room with me instead of in the living room with everyone else. Ellie had passed out on Gerard on the sofa, Frank was still sat on Ray fast asleep and the drummer had gone home. we were lying on my bed, Mikey in his boxers and me in my pyjama bottoms and vest top. "what was your nightmare about last night?" he asked stroking my hair, my head was on his chest, moving when he breathed. "oh it was nothing" i reassured him kissing his cheek. "c'mon I wanna know" I looked up he was still playing with my hair, "it wasn't scary it was just horrific...." I paused to look at his worried expression, "I had a dream you were stabbed Mikey and we were left in this dark place and noone would help you" he looked shocked and I kissed his cheek, "but your here now so it doesn't matter" I whispered. he nodded and kissed the top of my head "I'll always be here Jasey!". with Mikeys arm around me I slept like a baby that night.

It was monday and I was up early to go to work I was nervous, what if they didn't like me? Bob drove me to the hospital it was just 15 minutes away. when I got there I headed to the main reception "erm hi I'm Jasey Bryar, I'm the new receptionist" I mumbled to an old woman who wreaked of perfume. She told me I would be working on the maternity ward and lead me there pointing out all the other wards. it was mayhem in my first half hour I had signed in ten women who were in labour, five women here for scans and the occasional man here to see his new son or daughter and his girlfriend. I greeted everyone with a smile and delivered papers to the doctors it wasn't a hard job but it took some concentration. I hadn't thought about Mikey much which depressed me so at my lunch break I stood outside texting him, I told him how it was going and a nurse had told me some stories about women who had came to the hospital not knowing they were pregnant and leaving with twins. But my lunch break was forty minutes and I wanted to wander down to ER and see some real blood. it gave me time to think aswell and I realised that I wasn't that bothered about being near babies and pregnant women considering my experience, I had even caught a glimpse of some babies and they were cute. I started to imagine stuff like if me and Mikey had a baby what would it look like?, what would we name it? I felt like your typical teenage girl thinking about that stuff but the thought didn't scare me.

It was finally 3:30 and my shift was over Mikey was coming to pick me up and then he was taking me back to his house for dinner. when he arrived in Gerards car I was so happy to see him, i hadn't seen him in thirty six hours. "Mikey!" I screamed and ran to him as he got out the car. he laughed and caught me as I jumped onto him, "hey good day?" he asked burying his head into my hair. "its better now your here!" I smiled at him and we got in the car. "my moms still at work and so's Gerard so its just gonna be and you, do you want to watch a film or something?" he asked as we got closer to his house, "yeah what you wanna watch?" I was getting a little over excited. "Well I've got batman" he said pulling into his driveway. "oh my god yes!" I giggled and we walked inside.

"who's your favourite villain?" I asked Mikey there was enough room on the sofa for both us but I cuddled up on his lap. "Poison Ivy kicks ass" he laughed, we spoke the whole way through the film stopping to watch it quietly when there was a fight scene. Mikeys mom walked in as he kissed me, we quickly separated and it was awkward. "Hey mom" he mumbled and I giggled. "Hello Michael, is this Jasey?" She came and stood in front of the sofa. I nodded, "yeah mom this is Jasey" he was looking down at the floor. "Its nice to meet you" I said standing and offering my hand for her to shake it. she shook it hesitantly and Mikey put an arm around my waist. "dinner should be ready in an hour" she announced walking off to the kitchen. I didn't know what proper moms were meant to be like but that was awkward.
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