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chapter nine

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Make a saint of me!

hey guys sorry if ive disappointed with the past few chapters im trying my hardest! :)

chapter nine

the rest of the week went fast, i had been working hard at the hospital and enjoying my time at home with Bob. i had text Mikey every day but hadnt seen him much my mom hadnt rang either so i was happy. if this is what it was like to be a normal person i liked it. it was friday now and i had just got to work and had been posted at reception on the ER ward i was so excited blood was kind of my thing. when i got there an ambulance had just got in bringing a young kid in, half an hour later the doctor told me the kid was about twelve and had been beaten up by some jocks at his school. i felt bad but felt worse when five minutes later a girl about my age was wheeled in on a stretcher, "okay i want a doctor over here now, shes had multiple spinal fractures, a broken arm and wrist!" screamed one of the paramedics at me. i nodded and ran into one of the cubicles where the doctor i had spoken to earlier was standing looking at some patient notes. "theres a girl out here shes really hurt!" i panted, i was panicking and had ran as fast as i could. we both ran over to a bed where the paramedics were closing the curtains and trying to get the girl prepped for an examination. "what have we got?" asked the doctor as he disinfected his hands. "rape!, she was found in an alley near a club, a walker by found her bleeding" the paramedics rushed explaining everything they knew to the doctor. i had to leave i couldnt breathe and the cubicle was getting smaller i rushed back to the reception desk and logged the time, date and injuries of the girl. rape!, it played over and over in my head i needed to get out. i looked at the clock it was two minutes until my lunch so i grabbed my phone and dialled Mikeys number and walked out of the automatic doors to the ambulance bay. "Mikey!" i was starting to cry although i didnt know why it wasnt me lying in a hospital bed fighting for my life. "hey baby whats wrong?" he was cooeing me down the phone i knew he was at band practice and i promised Frank i wouldnt distract them this time but i needed Mikey. "i..i miss you!" that was all i could say thats all i wanted to say. "okay well i miss you too, i'll see you tonight though we've got a show i wanted to tell you last night but you seemed tired, i want you to be there!" he sounded excited and like a child, like the night we met. "ofcourse i'll be there, i love you Mikey i wont miss it i promise!" i was still crying and i kept stammering. "i love you too sugar, you gonna be okay? ive gotta go." he asked and i took a deep breath to reassure myself i would. "yeah, yeah ill be fine im looking forward to tonight now i'll let you get back to the guys, seeya!" 

i walked back into the reception after spending my break trying to calm down. the doctor i had seen earlier was stood writing notes at my desk. "hey sorry it was my break" i said sitting down behind my desk. "its okay, i need you to copy these notes up onto the computer" i nodded and took the notes from his hand it was the notes for the girl. "how is she ?" i asked, he looked sad when i asked i looked at the first page of notes her name was Brittany and she was only two years older than me. "go and see her if you want, i dont need these until later she might talk to you about it. we need to try and get her ready to give a statement when the police arrive" i shook my head "shes a woman, she probably wants to be alone" i knew i did, the doctor smiled and walked away. he seemed nice and i could see the young nurses flirting with him which made me laugh it was so stereotypical for them to flirt with the tanned young doctor. 

after work i was looking forward to seeing Mikey and the guys play. my hair was looking darker and i tried my best to dress nice for Mikey. i wore my black ripped tight jeans with a cut off top which showed off my stomach and belly button ring, i looked quite nice and Bob played the protective older cousin when i came out of my room. "woah do you wanna  put some clothes on?" the sarcasm in his voice was almost solid. i just laughed at him and grabbed a beer from the fridge, i sipped it slowly and wondered what Mikey would be like i knew he played bass and i had seen his guitar but he had never played it to me. he was quiet aswell so seeing him in a band was gonna be odd, "so what you doing tonight after the show?" i asked raising an eyebrow as Bob attempted to do up his red tie. "i think the plan is to go back to Franks have a few drinks and celebrate!" he said trying to concentrate but failing miserably at his tie, he looked at me "do you know how to do up this thing?" he asked. i waved my hands in the air spilling a bit of beer "do i look like i know how to tie a tie?!" we laughed and after cursing at the tie Bob picked up the car keys and we headed to the bar where Mikeys band was performing. 

when we got there the band was backstage and Bob went to set up some stuff as i went to order myself a drink from the bar. once i had my vodka and coke i walked towards a little hall of fame in the corner there were pictures of famous bands that had performed here and some which were just known for coming from New Jersey i recognised a few but couldnt remember names. people started to fill the little space between the stage and the tables at the back of the bar, alot of people were kids some who looked my age, some a few years older and quite a few looked too young to still be awake. i wormed my way to the front where there was a barrier set up, i saw Bob setting up a mic and waved he turned and waved back before leaving the stage and the lights went down. 

the show was amazing i wasnt expecting Gerard to sing so well but he was amazing, Ellie was in the front row like me but she was with a group of friends whereas i was left to stand alone her friends were the blonde Britney Spears type and i guessed they were here just to check out how hot the band were. Mikey stole the show for me he was amazing at the bass and he stayed to one side of the stage and winked at me a few times and i blew him a kiss. girls screamed at them stuff like 'I Love You!' and 'Fuck Me!' which made me laugh especially when girls would scream at Mikey even a boy shouted out something that actually made me want to be deaf. Mikey was mine and i was so proud, i walked back over to the bar after the show finished and ordered six beers and a vodka and coke. as i ordered i over heard one of Ellies friends "that Mikey was hot on bass, is he gonna be at Franks'?" i heard Ellie tell her he was. "oh my god he's so mine!" i heard her shout i turned my head to see her in a black tshirt with the bands name on the front and a short denim skirt she was pretty id give her that and i knew that if Mikey was like any other guy i wouldnt stand a chance but he was my Mikey for a reason. when the place emptied i stayed at the bar with the drinks Bob had said they would be staying for a drink they had been promised one on the house which i had already ordered so now it was just a matter of waiting for them. i could hear Ellie and her friends at the other end of the bar, the slutty one from early had started talking about Mikey again "so like is Mikey single?" she said and her voice was so annoying it was high pitched and she sounded like a bimbo. "well no hes got a girlfriend but shes really frigid, apparantly her and Mikey havent even done it yet and theyve been dating almost two weeks!" Ellie replied i was upset to know that they hadnt realised i was there so didnt make any effort to keep quiet. "well then im in, he'll be mine after a few beers!" the slutty one laughed. i was so angry i could of punched her right there but she wasnt worth it and Mikey had finally emerged from back stage. he walked up behind me and i was looking down at the bar top when he grabbed my waist from behind and started kissing my neck, i turned around and kissed him letting his tongue explore the back of my throat. "miss me?" he whispered and i kept my arms around his neck, "just a little." i said kissing him again. "geez! get a room!" shouted Ellies slutty friend i threw her the stank eye and gave Mikey his drink. "you were so good baby im so proud of you" i told him as the rest of the band appeared i gave them each their beer and went back to my Mikey resting my head on his shoulder as we sat at the almost empty bar. 

we were all back at Franks and music was playing really loud, Ellie and her friends were dancing with Gerard, Frank, Ray and Bob. i didnt want to leave Mikey so we stayed in a corner kissing and talking about the gig but i needed a toilet really bad i had the thought of making him come with me but changed my mind. "i'll be back in a minute angel, dont go anywhere!" i kissed his fingers and left for the bathroom, i looked in the bathroom mirror my hair was still looking alright and my makeup was fine i was feeling confident. but when i walked back down the stairs i was shocked to see the slutty blonde flirting with Mikey she was all over him like a rash i watched as she laughed and twirled her hair but then she stepped close to him, too close. Mikey was trying to get away i could see it but he had stayed in our corner like i told him to. she was just about to make a move when i stormed up to her. "excuse me the strip club is down the street sweetie!" i said pushing her out my way and taking Mikey by the hand "come on Mikey!" i stormed upstairs Mikey still holding my hand i knew what i was gonna do, i needed to prove my point Mikey was mine!

i growled a few times out of anger as i searched for Franks' spare room, when i finally found it i sat Mikey on the bed and started kissing him all over. he kissed back and i pushed him down so i was lying on top of him, i started to calm down and stopped taking things so fast i still wanted to prove my point but i wasnt going to do it angry. i slowed down and stopped kissing Mikey so harshly the best thing about us was the innocence of it all and i didnt want to let it go completely. "Jay are you okay?" he asked as i continued to kiss his neck, "yeah why?" i responded between kisses. "well are you sure wanna do this?" he stroked a finger on my arm and i looked up at him, in a way i was relieved he knew where i planned on going with it. "your my angel Mikey and i love you i dont care what anyone else thinks, i love you!" i put my hands around his face and kissed him. "Jasey i love you too but i dont want this!" he put his hands on my wrist pulling them away from him. 
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