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onyx and franks birthday and "she'll love it"

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what will happen now that there two ieros that are born on halloween and who is frank talking to on the phone when onyx, amber, mikkey and Alicia walk back into the living room

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A/N just so you know i forgot to mention earlier i do not own any of these guys i wish i did but i don't so please don't sue and onyx is a made up person but i can really relate to her and where she comes from R&R plz MCRFREAK1996 x (a.k.a amy x)

I was woken up by my uncle Gee and my dad jumping on me “urgh…get off me,” I realised something else was wrong “…umm, Gee?” he chuckled “yeah?” I nearly screamed “your fucking ass is in my face get off” he moved and we all laughed as they sat on the edge of my bed “what the hell guys,?” they laughed and pointed to my calendar holy shit I completely forgot “happy birthday onyx” I realised now why my dad bought me the guitar because today was my birthday and also it was his “happy birthday dad” he laughed then they ran down the stairs to let me get changed I put on my personalized t shirt I got off amber and dale two years ago it still fit it has the word’s ‘normal people suck, that’s why I’m born on Halloween’ written across a crucifix on the front and on the back written on a gravestone ‘Onyx Mortisha Ryte born 31st October 1996 – died… she never lived’ I laughed when I saw it again then I pulled on my skinnies from the other day and put my misfits hoodie on not bothering to zip it as always then grabbed my guitar picks and looked through them till I found the one I was looking for one- I’d got amber to take a photo of me and my dad and told her to go to the photo shop and get them to put it on a purple guitar pick with the words happy birthday dad love from Onyx x in scripted on the back- I grabbed it and put it in the little black box I bought for it, it had a skull and cross bones on it I ran down stairs and sat next to uncle mikey across the room from my dad, he had the large guitar box with the purple bow on next to him I smiled then mikey pushed me off the couch and gerard did the same to my dad and we sat in the middle of the floor awkwardly then I passed the box to my dad when he opened it I gasped and grabbed me into a tight bear hug “that’s awesome sweet heart” I giggled “look on the back of it” he flipped it over and read the back and grabbed me back into the bear hug “that’s even better” then gave me a quick kiss on the forehead then let me go in order to give me my presents “here you can use it today, this one is off me and mikey” my uncle Gee said as I opened the present that was wrapped in purple tissue paper it was a purple guitar strap with black stars on then in the middle of it said ‘My Dad’s the rhythm guitarist in MCR’ I loved it because it was purple and the statement was true I started crying with joy I opened my arms to hug them and my uncle Gee and Mikey hugged me then ray cleared his throat I let go of Gee and Mikey then Ray passed me his gift and said “this is off me and Bob because Bob spent all his money on lending your father money to pay his cell phone bill” he then chuckled I took the present off him and opened the long box it was a choker necklace with 4 white guns hanging on the strap and 1 red one that was hanging from the letters MCR I practically knocked them down by jumping on them attacking them with hugs “thank you, thank you I love it” then it came to my dad he came over and passed the large case to me I knew what I was already but still opened it then my mouth fell to the floor as I stared at the gorgeous purple Stratocaster in front of me “look on the fret board” my dad whispered I looked up at the gem incrusted fret board and noticed a small piece of plastic slid between two of the strings I removed it and saw a picture I didn’t recognize it was of a young man and a small child both with shoulder length onyx black hair then I realised it was a picture of my dad and me when I was 1 before he left that’s all it took for me to start crying my uncle Gee and my dad caught me in a awkward 3 way hug “don’t you like it? It was Gerard’s idea” I giggled when we pulled away and my dad was scowling at Gerard “what’d I do now?” I giggled even more “no it’s awesome it’s just it reminds me of the day you left but it’s awesome all the same” he hugged me tighter “I’ll never leave like that again” then kissed my forehead then the door bell went amber went to answer it “hey your mikey way’s girlfriend right?” I heard amber say shocked then mikey jumped up and ran to the door shouting “ALICIA” 5 thousand times in the same second as she walked through the door and then all of a sudden she was knocked to the floor by mikey full pelt, poor girl “hey you must be Alicia, I’m onyx, franks daughter I’m guessing he doesn’t always greet you like this or you’d be black and blue” then I giggled slightly helping her up after mikey moved his skinny butt she giggled “hey, onyx your dad wouldn’t shut up about you whenever he was over and now I know why you’re a exact copy of him if he were female” I giggled “thanks, I love your hair” she giggled then mikey grabbed her hand and dragged her through to the living room while me and amber just walked back slowly giggling to ourselves when we got there my dad was on the phone to someone “yeah in the next 15mins nice one I owe you big time, yeah she’s gonna love it, gotta go see you in a bit she’s gonna be so surprised hah ha see ya” I was confused who was coming over how did he know I was gonna love this surprise he was setting up “who was that dad?” he just chuckled and shook his head “curiosity killed the cat you know onyx so just be patient please sweet heart” he added the last bit because I had started to glare at him he knew I didn’t like surprises or secrets just like he didn’t so why was he doing this
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