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befriending the enemy and his family

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going over to gerard's house what will happen and what was he drawing or who was he drawing...

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A/N before you get to confused yes every chapter starts with 'dear diary' this is because sashia is recording the story into her diary and is remembering what happened when she first started at gyle's high (fake school or is it) thanks for reading R&R amy beth

Chapter 5
Befriending the enemy and his family

Dear diary, When we entered Gerard’s house it was not what we expected it was light grey then dark grey in the living room “hello again Sashia, I see you and Gerard are friends now” Donna, Gerard’s mum said then Donald walked out of the kitchen and said hello to me as well and winked at Gerard and Gerard whispered to me “and you thought your mum was bad winking at you, have you seen my dad” then spoke louder so his dad could hear “Hey, Sash, Sully wanna come upstairs now and oh yeah dad, STAY OUT OF MY BLOODY HEAD, GOD” he said the last part with frustration then we ran up stairs towards the room Gerard pointed out and when we were all in his room he closed the door behind him and burst out laughing as did we then when we’d stopped laughing he said “see sash, at least your mum can only guess at what’s going through your head but my dad can actually see what’s in there and I’m guessing both of you are wondering what I was sketching before you snuck up on me, huh?” I sighed “actually yeah I was but sully isn’t really bothered because she said she already knew what it was because she had art with you last lesson today and that your assignment was to draw, paint or sketch someone that you admire” he paused getting his sketch book out to show us when I’d answered him then resumed after shuddering the thought away that sully already knew who he’d drawn then he passed the sketch book to me and said to turn to turn to the 3rd page when I did I sat there just staring at the intense beauty on the page and didn’t notice my mouth had dropped at the charcoal sketch of this beautiful black haired girl she looked my age had the same haircut as me and the same bone structure but it couldn’t be me could it because I didn’t look like that did I in his eyes maybe but those were love struck eyes not normal eyes after making myself deny that it was a sketch of myself I was looking at my worst nightmare came true as Gerard spoke “sash, it’s…I drew you.” Before I could say anything there was a knock at Gerard’s bedroom door “Gee, can I come in please mum and dad said some of the neighbours daughters were here and I wanna meet them please Gee I promise I won’t bite them” the childish voice gave out a little giggle as Gerard sighed and walked over to his door and opened it revealing mikey the skinny mousy Blondie Brown haired Vampire that was at the drum audition “hey sashia, hey sultra” mikey greeted us as he entered his brothers room then when Gerard was closing the door as a small foot wedged itself in the crack as the door was shutting and yelped “ow, Gee, that hurt let me in it’s me Frankie please let me in” gerard reopened the door to reveal little Frankie iero with his shoulder length black dyed hair and hazel eyes laced with thick black eyeliner “hey sashia, sultra” he greeted as he sat next to me and mikey had sat himself beside sultra “so sashia,” Gerard said as he sat back down on my other side “what do think of my sketch of you did I get it right I didn’t know because you’ve been angry with me until today” I sighed I loved it but it just wasn’t me it was too pretty to be me “Gerard, you are a awesome artist because you’ve made me look way too pretty” he sighed “sash you can’t see what you look like in other peoples eyes and expect to see what you see because I know most girls would think they look ugly after I draw them saying I made them look way too pretty but this is what you look like ask anyone in this room” he said taking the sketch book off me and showing to everyone the first person to speak was sultra “Gee, have you been stalking her this looks exactly like her you have to draw me” she said gob smacked at the sight of the charcoal version of what was supposed to be me then all mikey could muster up was “god, gerard you have to teach me how to draw like that, oh and yeah sash that is definitely you, Gerard’s right you don’t see yourself properly” I was surprised that everyone up to now was agreeing with Gerard “I think it’s you as well because well if it wasn’t Gerard wouldn’t say it was because he doesn’t lie” little Frankie finally voiced his opinion “I know what you all think and I think I can actually see it now” Gerard’s face lit up when he knew that I’d admitted that the picture was me, after 4 hours of studying with the Way brothers, Frankie iero and Sultra.D frank got taken home by his mum then Sultra’s dad came round to pick her up then Donna came in while I was helping the way brothers in kitchen with their cooking assignment even though they had been messing about throwing flour at each other and when I tried to stop them they threw flour at me and it turned in to a full on flour fight , she took me aside from the boys and said “sashia, your mum rang she’s fell down the stairs and your dad is working overnight, but don’t worry Donald is taking her to the hospital and Gerard told us about your mom’s little sign in sign out thing and he’s signed himself in and out and signed your mother out as well they are on their way to the hospital now” I started to cry then Gerard saw me crying “sash, what’s wrong?” Donna explained what happened and Gerard whispered to Donna she nodded “my mum just said that you can stay over if you want or you can ring Sultra and stay at hers or…” I cut him off by hugging him and crying into his shoulder as mikey wandered over asking Gerard what was wrong as Gerard answered mikey I cried harder and Gerard put his hands on my head and back to reassure me that everything was going to be okay then he pulled me away slightly “so, I’m guessing you’ll be staying here so I can keep a eye on you then, eh sash” and let out a laboured chuckle showing that he didn’t find the situation funny but wanted the humour in his revelation to show through I just nodded into his shoulder as I sobbed then he carried me up stairs and guided me to a room and said “you can stay with me in my room or stay in the guest room and we’ll go over to your house to pick up some of your things a bit, ok” then started to walk back to his room to see what I would do if I would go forward into the spare room or follow him to his room “Gee, wait I don’t wanna be on my own” I said as I ran after him god that boy could walk fast then he stopped and I walked up to him “ok, but let’s go get some of your things so you can get a shower or you can shower at your house it’s up to you” then I just nodded and walked down stairs and we went to my house signed in and went up to my room my bedroom door was dark purple with a pile of skulls painted on the bottom of the door as I opened the door I could smell the fresh vacuum smell my mum must have vacuumed in here I grabbed a bag and gave Gerard a list and told him to leave the underwear because I’d pack that because knowing my mother she’d of bought me some Victoria’s secret’s lacy crap while I was at the Ways but I didn’t tell him that bit, yeah I would wear that sort of stuff I just didn’t want to risk Gerard seeing it so I grabbed a towel and fresh set of clothes and underwear tossed Gerard the bag and walked of to the black and white tiled bathroom and slipped out of my flour covered clothes put them in the hamper and locked the bathroom door and turned the shower on brushing my teeth while waiting for the shower to warm up then got in and had a quick 15 minute shower and put my fresh underwear and clothes on and brushed my hair then unlocked the door and walked through to my bedroom to find Gerard waiting for me to finish my packing and then I realised he’d found my sketch book I tried to pick it up from beside him but he just picked it up with one hand and me with the other and placed me on his knee “shall we see what you’ve been drawing then, sash, I was waiting for you to come out to ask if I could look” I was anxious I always thought I was crap at drawing and my mum and dad were always too busy to look and tell me whether I was right or wrong about being crap I just nodded I had ripped out most of them anyway but as he opened the book I remembered what I had recently drawn yesterday and tried to snatch the book back but he kept hold of it and opened the book to reveal a picture from the nightmare I’d had it was a picture of him and Frankie as broken corpses on the floor in the biology lab with my elegant script written across the bottom “my nightmare 30/05/17 Gerard way and Frankie iero dead which I hope to god doesn’t happen in real life” “you draw your nightmares” he asked shocked “yeah I know it’s weird but it let’s me remember what happened so I can look out for it happening in the future and try to prevent it from happening” he just let his arms go limp and dropped the sketch pad on the floor and let me jump down and finish packing then he was in a crumpled ball state I put my hand on his shoulder his head popped up “sash, please don’t let that happen to me” I could tell he’d been crying I sat next to him and gave him a hug “things like this always happen in my dreams I watch out unconsciously for people who are dying or going to die but sometimes they are just red herrings and I think…no I’m sure that this is a red herring, so you’ve got nothing to worry about” he looked me right in the eyes he kissed me on the cheek I flinched back not expecting it and he apologised “sorry sash I didn’t mean to I got so overwhelmed please don’t hate me, I” then he was cut off by me giving him a kiss on the cheek to reassure him everything was fine “that was so you would stop apologising it’s starting to get on my nerves” then gave a sarcastic giggle then got up and picked the sketch pad up and before he passed it to me to pack it away he noticed the pad was on a different page from the other picture and this new picture was of me and my cat and it was what I had drawn the day after my nightmare “sash, did you draw this” gerard said holding the pad up to me “maybe” I said with a smirk of appreciation on my face “if you did its amazing, well it is amazing the cross hatching is brilliant” I smiled and he realised that it was me that had drawn it then when we were finished packing my things I ran downstairs and grabbed a few things out of the kitchen and then Gerard and I signed ourselves out and went back round to his to drop my things off then he said I could call sultra if I wanted to tell her what had happened I just agreed it was the best thing to do but I knew I wasn’t going to call Alice off of his house phone because she already knew my house phone number and my mobile number and would sense something was up and I would be forced to tell her that I was at gerard way’s house and I didn’t really want to do that I was thinking this while I dialled Sultra’s house number it took two rings for her to pick up “hello,” “hey, sully it’s me sashia” “oh hey sash what’s up this isn’t your number this is Gerard’s number what’s going on” “long story short my mum’s in hospital and I’m staying with the ways because even though my dad is only working overnight he’ll just come home and go out again because he’s got a training day tomorrow and Donna has already phoned him to let him know what’s going on” “ aww, you poor creature, do you want me to ask my dad and you could ask Donna and Donald and obviously gerard if I can stay over with you so your not being mauled by the way brothers and I think I heard mikey say that Frankie was gonna stay over tonight as well and that he only went home to get some things from his house” I giggled “yeah sure you ask your dad and I’ll ask the ways” “ok, hang on a second then,” “same with you sully” just my luck gerard had just walked back in the room with two cans of pop “gerard, can sultra stay tonight because she’s worried about me and she heard mikey say that Frankie was coming as well and didn’t want me to be the only girl apart from your mum of course” he just nodded then sully’s voice was back on the other end of the phone “hello sash you there,” “oh yeah sorry sully just asking gerard if you could stay he said yes what did your dad say ?” “he said that it’s ok as long as I stay in the same room as you not Frankie or the way brothers” she squealed with delight so much that I had to hold the phone away from my ear and gerard had to cover his ears then when she’d stopped I said “ok then I’ll see you in a few then” “ok, bye” then I hung up and took the can of pop off of gerard and opened it and gulped it down then gave him a hug for letting sultra stay as well then we went up stairs to sort things out for our sleepover seen as frank and sultra were coming as well now then in the middle of planning what movies we were gonna watch I said “huh, I wonder why frank wants to come now as well, hmm” then we both just laughed suddenly Gerard’s door bell rang “you coming with or do I have to put up with the we heart sashia fan club down stairs on my own” I just giggled.
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