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nightmare sleep over

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a sleep over at the ways house after sashia's mum goes into hospital and scary movies and makeovers what will sashia do?

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Chapter 6
Nightmare sleepover

Dear diary,
After my mum’s accident I decided to stay with the ways because they live next door and I’ve made friends with the way brothers now me and gerard made our way to the door to greet one of our two guests when gerard opened the door it turned out it was both of them frank and sultra were stood excitedly which we were expecting but what I wasn’t expecting was Alice and Vlad stood behind them Alice giggling at the fact that I was standing next to one of the vampires that fancied me gerard had let sultra, frank and Vlad in but because of my expression he didn’t let Alice in “what…why are you and Vlad here Alice I didn’t call you” she giggled “no you didn’t but sully did” my head whipped round to sultra “WHAT” I was getting angry because Alice was gonna make my life a living hell tonight I sighed “just let her in Gee” crap I used his nickname I should not have done that Alice will be asking me loads more questions now, great “Oh so it’s Gee is it,hmm” Alice said then giggled as she walked passed gerard tapping him on the shoulder as she passed then came over to me and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “aww so cute he he” then let go and walked past me and stood next to Vlad then gerard shouted up the stairs to his brother “mikey frank and sully are here and so are Alice and vlad come down here now” then all I heard was a low thump and then running until I saw the gangly vampire running down the stairs then stop right in front of gerard then turned round to everyone else nearly blocking gerard from view except gerard is slightly taller than mikey “hey, everyone here and everyone ready then follow me” he said like a human tour guide and everyone followed him upstairs and into Gerard’s room and as like earlier gerard and frank sat flanking me on both sides and sultra was flanked on her left side by mikey and Alice sat next to her on her right side whilst also sitting next to vlad then as gerard was gonna get up to put the first movie in I put my hand on his shoulder and when he looked at me I whispered “I’ll do it it’s ok you just relax” then did a little fake giggle I wanted to put the movie in because I wanted to get some time even if it was a couple of seconds away from being surrounded by vampires that were crushing on me, crap did Vlad just hear that after I slipped the disc in I turned to look at Vlad and he nodded I walked over to him and said “please don’t say anything” he just nodded had Alice pulled out his voice box after yesterday he shook his head he was starting to get on my nerves with this mind reading thing I just turned away and sat back down in the middle of frank and gerard when the start menu came up for saw 4 I stole the remote off of gerard and pressed play then giggles started erupting from the other girls in the group and chuckles from all the guys even gerard apart from one Frankie who was fuming but calmed down then when the scariest part of the movie came on I shot out of my bone white skin and grabbed the cushion from behind Frankie’s head and smashed it against my face it smelt of coffee and Gum and smoke all of a sudden two arms were round my shoulders but from both sides not just one so I moved the cushion down slightly to see that gerard was staring at me as was Frankie with concern and that both of them had put their arms round me to comfort me I shrugged out from their arms and went to sit with Alice and Vlad then Vlad whispered in my ear “they were only worried about you, you looked really scared, go back and sit next to them they were only being nice” I now felt really guilty if I weren’t such a coward this wouldn’t have even happened so I wandered back to my previous spot and snuggled up to both of them they seemed really happy with what happened then my head was on Gerard’s stone hard shoulder he smelt like coffee, Gum and smoke it strangely smelt really nice then when movie had finished gerard whispered to me “are you gonna put the next one in or am I and for your own sake don’t choose one you know will freak you out” then chuckled darkly as I got up to put the next movie in but first I stood up in front of everyone and said “Sweeny Todd anyone” then laughed and they all shook their heads when Frankie said “go on then just don’t nick my cushion again” then he chuckled as I put the DVD in then when I got back to my seat I flicked Frankie on the nose “bitch” he nearly yelled then playfully leaped at me knocking me to the ground with a low thud then Frankie leaned in to kiss me when gerard leaned down and picked him off me and said “whoa, calm down Frankie let’s watch the movie, yeah” then Frankie just sat back down and gerard helped me back up off the ground and passed me the remote to press play then we all just sat there watching the film then when Alice saw all the blood gushing from people’s necks she cowered into Vlad but I was okay with it I just sat there admiring Sweeny Todd’s handy work “wow, I wish I could be so fearless when I get my first job to kill someone next year, he he” gerard shivered at that thought after the movie was finished sully and Alice decided it was time for makeovers I tried to opt out but they wouldn’t let me “don’t put too much on her she’s beautiful enough as it is” I turned to see that it was gerard that said it I knew it would be but I turned just to be sure Alice just laughed at him and dragged me and sully to Gerard’s bathroom taking our pyjamas with us for something to change into when we got in there I put my favourite pyjamas on, black with purple skulls on and with a hood on the shirt and I put the hood up to cover my long hair because it was now in plaits thanks to Alice and I had blood red nail varnish on I made sure she wore gloves while she did my right hand or at least let me rest my hand on the side so she didn’t have to touch it but that’s all she did to me apart from putting little tiny purple gems in the corners of my eyes as well as a fire red one on my tooth which felt weird then I got told to go back but I said I’d wait with them until they were done because the reason they were here was so that I wouldn’t get surrounded by boys when Alice and sully were finally done with the makeovers we went back but I never took my hood down so no one knew what Alice had done to me then all of a sudden the was a tiny second of pressure on the top of my head then a growl I knew belonged to Frankie so gerard must have kissed my head then when I saw Alice get annoyed and Vlad looked at me strangely then motioned for me to go over to him and when I did he whispered in my ear “gerard and Frankie both wanna see what Alice has done to you so take your hood down” as he said the last part he tried to pull my hood down but I made sure it stayed up then when I got back to my seat I could tell they’d planned something and Vlad knew that as well because he had a smirk on his face the all of a sudden the second of pressure was back and when I turned to look at gerard Frankie pulled my hood down and gerard gasped and I ran out of the room straight to the guest room down the hall and a few seconds later I heard a knock on the door “sash, can I come in please I wanna talk to you about my bro gerard” I screeched after I heard his name I knew it was mikey because he said the words bro and gerard so I jumped off the small comfy bed and walked over to the plain wooden door and unlocked the security chain to let mikey in “hey, sash you ok, I’m so sorry about my brother and frank they just really like you and really wanna get your attention like two naughty human teenagers trying to get their hot new supply teacher to notice them, do you understand what I’m trying to say” I just nodded then said “I wasn’t bothered by that it was this I was worried about people seeing” I took my hood down to reveal my makeover then mikey reassured me by saying “no matter what you look like my brother will all ways like you, Frankie on the other hand I’m not sure but my guess would be he still likes you so come on let’s go back and show them ok I won’t force you to but if I’m sure if you don’t come back with me you’ll get dragged back by Alice or gerard and frank will come down here so come on” I just nodded and followed mikey back to Gerard’s room before I walked in mikey made me wait outside “Gerard, Frankie look who I brought back with me” then pulled me by my arm round him and into the door frame my hood was still down and the plaits were to my knowledge still in my hair, the gems were still in the corners of my eye’s and on my tooth as I smiled they both gasped “wow, sash you look more gorgeous but I prefer your natural look” gerard said I just laughed “gerard, that wasn’t natural I was wearing eyeliner” I laughed even more I felt my ears hurting with the pressure on my lungs “ha hah, I made you laugh target met ha hah” I raised one eyebrow then just shook my head dismissively then I said “ shall we sort out sleeping arrangements then coz sully is only aloud to stay if there’s other girls in her room and she’s not staying with all boys” then I just giggled slightly then mikey being the organized one amongst us all he sorted out a list of the people that were staying then he told us which room we were all staying in “ right, Gee and Vlad will stay in Gee’s room, Myself and Frankie will stay in my room and that means that Sashia, Sultra and Alice will stay down the hall in the spare room shall we go to our assigned rooms and use my walkie talkies to keep in touch with each other” we all laughed at the mention of walkie talkies then gerard spoke “ no mikes, and sash said she wanted to stay with me so I could keep a eye on her,” I cut him off to save myself the embarrassment from Alice later “actually Gee I’ll stay with the girls now if that’s ok with you” he just nodded I think he just wanted to chat to Vlad about me now as me and the girls left the room I whispered but almost shouted “ok, get these bloody plaits out of my hair NOW!” they just giggled until I started to take my right glove off then they started taking the plaits out automatically then I started to relax when the walkie talkie went off in my hand it was Gerard’s room “hey it’s Vlad anybody there” “yeah, hey it’s Sashia, how are you two doing on your own” then laughed down the walkie talkie “we’re doing good Gerard’s asleep already I think, so I’ll tell you one thing he really likes you and misses you very much” then chuckled I groaned and then Vlad sounded like a teenage girl “o my god you feel the same way don’t you ?” “Maybe ... ok yes I do” then the walkie talkie was snatched out of my hand by Alice “Vlad wake gerard up and tell him how sash feels but tell him I told you and that she wants to go out with,” Alice was cut off by me “Vlad don’t I know what am doing let me do this my way” “don’t worry I hardly ever listen to Alice really” I stuck my tongue out at Alice “ok vlad we will let you get some sleep now, bye”.
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