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"And that’s why I smile. It’s been a while Since everyday and everything has felt this right And now You turn it all around And suddenly you’re all I need The reason why, I smile"-Smil...

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August 2005

"Errrrahhhhh!!!" I said after knocking into a counter for the millionth time while getting up from our little dinner table. "If I don't get off this bus soon I'm just gonna go insane!!!" Yes, I loved being here with my favorite people in the whole world, but this tiny bus was killing me. There was no room anywhere!
"Let's stop to a hotel,then." Frankie said.
"No, I don't wanna slow us down."
"Well, we are a bit ahead of schedule until our next show anyway," Ray said "I wouldn't mind going to a hotel."
"Let's go then." Gerard said.
"That's going to be a lot of money," Bob said "For five rooms."
"Who said that we were gonna get five rooms? We could just get two rooms." Gerard said "And get two beds in each room,"
"But...that's only four beds, we have five people." I agreed with Bob. How was that gonna work out?
"Aria can share a room with me and Frankie or someone." Gerard gave me a huge smile.
"Well," I said, sharing my two cents ",One-I am not sleeping on a dirty hotel floor. Two- if the room smells like cigarettes then I'm coming back here. Three-I'm not gonna sleep in those weird hospital bed things they roll in. And four- I don't wanna steal any one's bed. So...-"
"You can share a bed with me." Gerard smiled again while all the other guys looked like they wanted to shout "WHY DONT YOU TWO JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY!!!???" Well, I was gonna suggest that I would just pay for my own room, but Gerard's idea was much better!
"You sure?" I asked.
"Of course," he smiled and I felt like once more I had went up to Heaven.

I walked into the room first, with Gerard and Frankie behind me. Well, no cigarette smell, that was good... I went straight into the bathroom to get into my PJ's so I could go to sleep. It was only 9:30, but I was exhausted. I got into the bed by the window and closed my eyes. And even through Gerard and Frankie's conversation and the bright,loud TV, I was able to fall right asleep.

I woke up suddenly. I couldn't remember if it was a dream or even if maybe an atomic bomb had went off or something. I noticed Gerard's arm was over me. I got my own arm and brang it out from under the blankets so I could hold his hand. Through the open curtain, i saw that the sun was just beginning to rise. The sky was still a deep purplish blue, but over the distant city there was a orange glow slowly getting brighter and brighter. I just stayed there where I was. It seemed perfect. Gerard having his arms around me while I watched the sunrise. Sunrises were my favorite part of the day. Sunsets were pretty too, probably even prettier, but sunsets were for some reason always strangely sad. A sunrise was the beginning of a new day. Nothing sad about that...
I smiled. Smiling wasn't very hard when I was around Gerard, but it was normally when I had forgotten about my pain, but now I was fully aware of it. Now I was able to smile because I felt like everything would be okay. I rarely felt like that, so now I was going to take advantage of it. It was so great to actually be able to enjoy life. Which I had been enjoying life a lot more lately since I had been on tour with My Chem. But of course...that came with some problems too.
I noticed that I was crying. A tear dripped off of my face, I didn't want to move and wake up Gerard. I sniffled.
"You okay?" Gerard asked. I jumped, I didn't know he had been up with me all this time, or did he just wake up?
"Yeah," I smiled while a few more tears went down my face, "I am."

yayyyy for happiness!! xD

"Errrrahhhhh!!!!" roflz..
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