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chapter eleven

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Make a saint of me!

chapter eleven

Mikey rolled off me and put his arms around me, i snuggled into his arms. "sleep Jasey, its late" he whispered kissing my neck "what time is it?" i asked kissing Mikeys arm and bringing them tighter around me "just gone one am, go to sleep you must be tired" he said laughing a little, we had been doing it for a while well since around ten pm. i giggled "love you Mikey" i rolled over and kissed his cheek "love you too Jay" he kissed my forehead and shut his eyes as i rolled back over and fell asleep in his arms. when i woke up i was alone and i panicked for a moment where was Mikey?, i grabbed the top Mikey had been wearing the night before it was huge on me and i put on my joggers. i never got a chance to wear my pyjamas which kinda made me giggle. i walked to Mikeys bedroom door but it hit me in the face as someone opened it from the otherside "shit oh my god, honey im so sorry" Mikey panicked and set something down on his bed side table. "im fine Mikey" i lied my nose was killing and i think i had bit my tongue because i had the taste of blood in my mouth "i was bringing you breakfast" he mumbled biting his nails and making me sit down on the bed, i watched as he picked up the tray. he had done the works the whole eggs and bacon everything "Mikey you shouldnt have" i said throwing my arms around his neck almost spilling food on him. i sat next to Mikey eating my breakfast he was so lovely and i couldnt help but wonder what ive done to deserve him, it was all too quiet though soon there was a knock on the door. "hey can you two stop fucking so i can come in?" Gerard teased opening the door "oh good youve got clothes on" he mocked "what do you want Gee?" Mikey grumbled and i slipped my hand into his and squeezed it. "just thought id come say hi" Gerard smirked "well youve said hi so you can leave now" i said speaking before Mikey could "ooh stressy are we?" he laughed leaving the room. i set the tray down and started to kiss Mikey. 

when i returned home to Bobs apartement he was sat drinking a beer on the sofa, i skipped over amd sat next to him. "so howd it go?" he asked still concentrating on the TV "are you asking 'cause you wanna ask or 'cause you wanna make conversation?" i said grabbing myself a beer from the fridge. "your right i really dont wanna know, just as long as he didnt fuck you around" he said but then paused and realised how it sounded, i laughed as i started to drink my beer. "oh well he fucked me alot but mainly in the same place" i said continuing to laugh hysterically "i didnt mean it like that" Bob was trying to keep a straight face but gave in and we both sat laughing on the sofa "ive got work tomorrow" i smiled "im actually excited i hope i get maturnity ward again" Bob looked at me confused as i said it "you want to be around babies?" he asked raising an eyebrow "well yeah i chatted to quite a few new moms last week and the newborns were just so cute" i was starting to sound like a normal person "wha-" Bob was cut off as my phone rang i looked to see who it was, i was hoping it was Mikey but it was my mom "hey mom" i said trying not to sound too disappointed "Jasey i havent seen you for a week where are you?" she asked sounding drunk she had probably just been with a client "mom ive moved out, im sorry i should of told you but i couldnt, sorry" i said starting to cry but i didnt know why leaving home was the best thing ive ever done. "where are you? are you safe?" she was starting to sound panicky "yeah im safe im in Jersey with Bob" she went silent and Bob looked up at me after hearing his name "Bob? as in my brothers son Bob?" she asked. "well yeah" i answered but then she hung up, i cursed under my breath "im gonna go to bed" i said placing my beer can in the bin and retreating to my room "night" Bob shouted and turned back to the TV. 

the next morning it was rough to get up why had my mom rang me after such a good time with Mikey. i text Mikey asking to see him after work as i got ready for work i couldnt help but feel like it was gonna be a shitty monday then my phone rang i rushed hoping it would be Mikey but it was mom again. "what?" i growled down the phone at her i was surprised at myself i never really lost my temper "im so sorry sweetie, he wanted to see you" my mom cried down the phone to me "what mom?, who wanted to see me and what did you tell them?" i said,  my temper was getting worse as i growled at her. "Richie, i told him where you were and now hes looking for you" the shock hit me and i collapsed onto my bed crying. why couldnt god grow a fucking heart and let me be happy, i needed Mikey for fuck sake but i couldnt be near him not if Richie was looking for me. he wouldnt be able to find me at work surely but what if he came after Bob Richie was a pathetic low life but hes dangerous. 
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