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The desert plains were huge, they always have been, red and orange yawning out as far as the eye can see all around you. It just showed you how small and insignificant you really are to the world. If one was to use their binoculors then they would see the dark shadow of Battery City on the horizon. The ground was uneven, crimson dunes jutting high and pround from the dusty plains.

It was upon one of these dunes I was sat, watching the sun rise slowly in the methane polluted sky. You couldn't see the methane, but you sure could smell it. Fun was asleep in the car as was Grace, both were shattered from the scavenging expedition we had completed only a few hours ago.

There was the padding of soft little footsteps behind me,
"Daddy!" Grace cried, flinging herself onto me and gripping tightly. "I had a nightmare! Korse! He...he...Oh dad!"

"Hey, shhh now. It's okay, I'm here, daddy's here, you're safe now."

Oh how I regretted saying those words.

There was a gunshot and Grace screamed as we both turned,
"Fun Ghoul! NO!" I screamed.

Grace's dream was real, Korse was there,
"What? How did-?" I stammered, Korse gripped Fun's neck tighter. Fun chocked and gagged as the fingers were pressed into his throat, his face started to pale.

"Leave him alone!" Grace shouted, hands on hips."You're just a bully!"
Korse laughed cruelly but stopped when Grace spat at his feet.
"You filthy brat!" he snarled, Dracs grabbed my arms and dragged me from Grace.

"Grace, run!" I yelled in frustration as Fun slowly began to turn red, his eyes rolling back as he gasped for breath that just wasn't there. The dracs slammed my back down harshly onto the metal of the Trans Am and I twisted but they forced me down harder. Another drac came over with rope, chain and duct tape. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Korse fling Fun aside. Fun rolled, semi concious and disappeared over the ledge,
"NOOO!" I wailed then my mouth was sealed with duct tape, clamping my lips shut. My arms were bound by the ropes and chains that were tied to the wing mirrors, making me lie in a crucifix position over the bonnet.

"And now for you, you annoying bitch." Korse spat, grabbing Grace as he dragged her over,

"PARTY!" She shrieked, terror in her eyes as Korse raised the pistol to her temple. She began to cry as did I. I wanted to speak but I couldn't. Korse sneered,
"Tell her you love her more than any father could love his daughter and I'll let her live."

What a bastard, he knew I couldn't talk. I tried but only muffled grunts could be heard, God knows I fucking tried, I really did but it was impossible; like trying to crush a rock with your bare hands. Korse smiled crudely as he turned to Grace,
"Time's up sweetie. He doesn't love you."

He pulled the trigger.

Grace stiffened and crumpled, hitting the car bonnet as she struck the floor. I closed my eyes tight, trying to block out the vicious laughter all around me.

Korse leaned down, his face right in next to mine, he smelt of peppermint and a weak cologne; an innocent smell for a guilty man.
"I'm gonna kill you, Party. I'm gonna kill you nice and slow. I want to see your blood when I kill you, I want to see the fucking light leave those eyes."

My breathing quickened as he unsheathed a blade. He had killed Grace, an innocent child with so much to live for was cruelly taken from this world for no reason at all. I didn't even tell her that I loved her, what kind of a father am I?

Korse sliced my shirt off, exposing the bare flesh but he didn't start cutting there. Oh no, that was for the finale. I looked away as he pressed the dagger to my arm and I saw her in his car. She was small with dyed blue hair and her eyes were a stunning yellow. She was crying and slamming her fist on the window, begging to be let out.

I saw Fun Ghoul heave himself from the ledge, his face cut and bleeding, his arm obviously broken as he passed out into the dust. The blade graced along my arm, blood already spooling, my screams muffled out by the tape.
Korse's yellow eyes bored into mine as he made the final move.

He plunged the knife into me and I felt the cold metal slide in and out. My eyes widened as he rammed it in again and left it there. He grinned and spun on his heel, leaving for his car, he opened the door and the girl inside lunged for him,

"Dad! No! Why?"

"I had to."

"But why the girl?!"

"She wasn't important, Sara. The world won't miss one little girl and two arrogant men. Let this be a lesson to you; NEVER be a killjoy."

Sara shook with anger,
"I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!!!!" She screamed, my vision began to blurr but I saw him punch her round the jaw. Her head snapped back and she began to cry.
She flung her car door open and she got out, closely followed by a boy that mut have been her brother.
"I HATE YOU!!!!" She screamed again and ran, fleeing for her life. I watched her go through my teary, fucked up vision.


He drove past,
"Oh yes," he said stopping for a minute as he looked at Grace's corpse by my feet, "Happy tenth birthday, Grace." He pulled the tape from my mouth brutally, ripping the skin and blood trickled out. I coughed and spat out blood also.

Two Dracs cut the ropes and chains and I slid off the Trans Am, collapsing to the floor, screaming as the blade pushed deeper and grinded against a bone. The bald motherfucker had killed her on her birthday and that pained me more than the stab wound ever could.

"H-h-happy b-birthd-day, Grace. I'm sorry i-it wasn't a-a g-good one."

I looked at my reflection in her glassy eyes as I brought her into my lap, my blood dampening her frizzy hair so it plastered to me. I closed her eyes with shaking hands, my breath ragged and my chest rattled with each painful intake of air,
"I love you." I whispered, stroking her cold cheeks, I held her up in my arms, ignoring and gritting my teeth as the blade again scraped against the bone. I began to sing;
"When the lights go out,
Will you take me with you?
And carry all this broken bone,
Through six years down the crowded rooms
And highways I call home?
It's something I can't learn till now,
Till you pick me off the ground.
With a brick in hand,
Your lipgloss smile,
Your scraped up knees and,

If you'd stay,
I would even wait all night,
When or until my heart explodes,
How long until we,
Find our way,
In the dark and out of harm?
You can run away with me,
Anytime you want..."

I broke down into tears, then the blade twisted where it wasn't supposed to and everything went dark.The lights really did go out... but there was no one to take me with them.

I jolted awake, a cold sweat all over me and stared at the calander on the wall,
Sptember 1st...

...Grace's birthday.
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