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Finding what's out there...

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Shockwave's POV.

I came back to the park today without Eric and sat on the bench and waited, waited for the mysterious Party. It was a lot warmer today and I was grateful for my white uniform. I'd tried rubbing off some of the blood from where father had hit me and caught me with a studded ring on the lips. But it had already stained the white with vivid spatters of crimson.

I supposed I was rather hoping for this Party to take me away from here, father had overdosed me on pills again and I was tierd. I swung my legs vigilantly waiting for Party. Suddenly, a man appeared from a hedge,

"Psssst! Sara!"

I jumped up and hurried over but stopped before I went to hug him,
"You're not Party, where's Party?" He smiled, pearly white teeth flashing in the sun,
"I'm his brother-"
"Oh. Hello Party's brother!" I hugged him, if he was related to Party, then he was deemed safe. In fact, much like Party, this man felt familiar. Images flashed through my mind, breaking through the toxin created wall the mind control pills had constructed. But they were clouded and all jumbled up, however, I KNOW this man somehow. His blonde greasy hair was swept back from his face, his hazel eyes shaded by his prominant forehead and cheekbones and framed by long, dark lashes. His pale lips were soft and pastel pink which collided with his scarlet cheeks from running.
He had a sharp jawline which cast a dark, evenly shaped shadow on his pale neck.
His waist was so thin I could wrap my arms all the way around him with no difficulty. I could feel his ribs protruding underneath the thin layer of skin that covered them. He felt like he hadn't eaten in days and certainly looked like he hadn't slept in weeks judging by the large bags underneath his eyes. He smelt of strong, spiced cologne and a faint essence of booze and sweat. I didn't recoil at the smell, I breathed it in deeply, each intake unlocking more memories. He patted my back fondly, resting his head on top of mine as he kissed my hair softly.
He sighed,

"Shockwave, where did you go?"

I pulled away to look at his face,

"Where's Party?"

He looked away,
"Party's ill and we don't know if he is gonna get better or not. We need you back, Party needs you back, Sara." His eyes started to well with tears and I stared, shocked,
"What happened to Party?" I asked, realising that I was crying too but God knows why. Party's brother took my hand and lead me to a tree,
"I'm Kobra by the way, I don't expect you to remember me."

He grabbed his hand onto the nearest branch and heaved himself up, I followed after him, clambering through twigs and leaves until we reached the top of the leafy canopy. I gasped.

A beautiful sea of red and orange stretched out into the horizon, mountains stood in the distance. The sun glimmered in a clear blue sky. I closed my eyes, taking it all in.

Memories flashed before me, sharper and clearer than their predecessors. A car, a white car, filthy with graffitti and caked in years of sand and dust.
"Trans Am." I whispered.
Kobra snapped his head to me,
"What did you say?" His eyes shone with hope.
"Trans Am; Party's car...Oh my God! I remember! Party, Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Doctor Deathdefying! We were gonna leave for your hideout and then...FUCK! Party! He got hurt!"

I looked at Kobra's overjoyed expression,
"We have to leave, I have to help him. NOW! And God help any motherfucker that gets in Shockwave Current's way!"

Kobra grinned devilishly,
"That's the Shockwave I remember."
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