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Moving Out

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Gerard POV

I was really surprised when Ashkie hugged us since we sorta just met each other and all. Then she disappeared of to her room to grab something that she wanted to show us. I looked at Mikey who nodded and then said "Mrs. Sage we were wondering if it would be ok if Ashkie came to live with us?" She smiled at us and said "It's fine by me; it's up to Ashkie. I want her to be happy and I'm pretty sure she'll say yes." We both thanked her and smiled as brightly as we could.

Soon after Ashkie appeared on the roof in front of us. I looked at her confused thinking, What the fuck? Why is she on the roof? What is she gonna do? Just then she smiled at us and jumped off. My eyes widened as she landed in front of us and brushed some dirt off. She smiled at us again and gave us both a piece of paper saying, "Um these are two drawings that I did of you two. I had to draw something for school so I drew portraits of the members of My Chemical Romance." I looked at them in shock because she was really, and I mean really, good.

Then Mikey cleared his throat and said "Uh...Ashkie we were wondering if you would like to move in with us? Your mom said its ok, it's just up to you." I could tell she was thinking deeply and I started to worry that she was going to say no, but then she smiled. Next she said, "Fuck yeah, I would love to!" I smiled and hugged her as hard as I could until she laughed saying I can't breath.

Ashkie POV

Holy shit, I can't believe I am going to live with them and they actually asked me too. Soon after we started the long grueling process of packing up all my stuff. I dragged Gerard and Mikey up to my room and they both gasped. I wasn't too surprised since I had hand painted and designed my whole room so it looked amazing. I smiled at them and said, "Ok the boxes are over there. Do I need my furniture? Gerard you can start with my closet, Mikey my desk, I'll do my dresser and my bathroom, and then we can all do the garage."

Finally Gerard said "Nice room. We'll have to get some paint for you so you can do your room. Nope, you don't need to bring your furniture, we got you some." I smiled and went over to my IPod and turned it on to My Way Home Is Through You. The smiled when they recognized there song as I sang "Gonna take of all my skin Tear apart all my insides When they rot from within Mom, I don't think you'll be saved They never had the time They're gonna medicate your lives You were always born a crime We salute you in your grave"

I stopped when I noticed Gerard and Mikey both staring at me with their mouths wide open. I looked at them with nervous eyes and said "What?" Gerard looked at me and said, "No it's not bad. You just have a really good voice. I know Mikey is thinking the same thing I am so I'll just say it. Would you like to be in the band, singing with me? We would be honored to have you. You could come out at the end or something and sing a couple of songs with me." I couldn't believe this! They wanted me to be in their band, all I had to do was say yes. I smiled at them and said, "I don't know. I'll have to think about it." I could see Gerard's disappointment and I laughed saying "Gee of course I'll be in the band. How could I say no to my brothers!" Mikey laughed and Gee said "You had me thinkin you were gonna say no. You're a little trickster, I like that." I smiled as we all continued to sing.

Gerard POV

I can't wait for the band to meet Ashkie! When she started singing Mikey and I both knew that she had to become part of the band. I wonder what all of our fans would say about our new little sister. Oh well this will be so much fun since there will be 3 Way siblings in the band. After we loaded the boxed into the moving van that pulled up Ashkie took us into the garage to pack that up. I gasped as I saw a pitch black four-door Jeep Wrangler sitting in there along with a black Agusta motorcycle. I looked at her in astonishment and said, "These are all yours?" She nodded and started to load the bike and the gear into a trailer that was hooked to the Jeep. She looked at us and asked "Are you ready to go?" Mikey and I nodded and got ready to leave.

Before we left Ashkie said goodbye to here mom, dad, and little brother as Mikey and I figured out who would drive our car and who would ride with Ashkie. In the end Mikey was driving our car in front of the moving van and I was riding with Ashkie in her car behind the moving van. Once Ashkie got into the drivers side I realized I could ask her anything now.

"So Ashkie", I began, "What's your favorite band besides us?"

"Uh.. Besides you it would have to be Green Day or… damn that's a bad question to ask me. I have like a million and two favorite bands. Like… Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, AVA, A7x, Escape The Fate, BFMVT… Um basically a lot of rock, screamo, metal, and alternative bands. Next."

"You know Billie Joe Armstrong and I are pretty good friends I'm sure you could meet him. Favorite color?"

"Really, sweet! Tie between Black, Red, and White. Yours?"

"Black and Red. Movie?"

"Uh.. That's a really hard one. I love any horror movie or action movie. Yours?"

"The City of Lost Children for sure. Favorite TV show?"


"The Catcher in the Rye. Food?"

"Cheeseburger with fries in it."

"What? I have never heard of anyone doing that! Mine is definitely Pizza. Drink?"

"You haven't! My friends and i do it all the time! Ummm.. Starbucks, Mountain Dew, or some energy drink."

"Same here. We really are related."

"Yea. Speaking of Starbucks there is one over there."

"Well then Ashkie lets go get us some coffee!"
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