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As I neared the school I saw one of best friends, Taylor, running towards me. She looked pretty freaked and I saw why. The "popular" girls, aka the snobby preppy bitches, were chasing after her again. I sped up as she continued to run towards me faster then ever. I parked my bike and took me helmet off and waited. When Taylor made it to me I stared at the bitches running after her shaking my head and they backed off. "Thanks Ashkie. They were really going to hurt me that time," Taylor said sincerely. I nodded and took of my body suit. Then I got all of my stuff together and headed of to class listening to My Chemical Romance.

Gerard POV (Three days before)

"What!" screamed my younger brother, Mikey, and I. "Gerard when you were 4 and Mikey 3 I had a baby girl. Your father and I weren't expecting to have a baby and we sorta had our hands full with you two; so we put her up for adoption. Ok I really have to go now you're father and I are going to be late for our flight to New York. Love ya kids," our mom explained calmly. I couldn't believe this! Mikey and I had a little sister that our mom never told us about.

We both agreed that we had to find her so we thought we'd head on over to Belleville in about 3 days. Which turns out to be not to far from where we live in Newark. I still can't believe our mom would keep this from us, but at least she did leave some information. So Mikey and I headed over to Ray's house to meet with the guys and tell them our plan.

Ashkie POV

With the last day of school finally over I got my bike and started to head home. That was one crazy year full of drama and disaster that I don't plan on having next year. You see the preppy girls are transferring to a, lets see how to put this, a more preppier school. As I neared home I saw a black escalade in my driveway and thought of who I knew that owned one. I then saw my mom talking to two people who I could have sworn were Gerard and Mikey Way.

Gerard POV

When we pulled into the driveway Mrs. Sage greeted us and told us Ashkie would be home from school soon. Just then we heard a motorcycle coming up the street and Mrs. Sage said, "That would be Ashkie. Now she doesn't know that she's adopted so let me explain that first." Mikey said ok and I just nodded as I thought, I wonder why she doesn't know. That's something that I wouldn't keep from my kids.

I watched as Ashkie pulled into the driveway on a motorcycle and parked it. She took her helmet off and stared at Mikey and I. Mikey and I both gasped because she looked exactly like us and there was no way you wouldn't notice that. She just stared at us as she pulled her bike into the garage and her mom followed her in. I could her some low murmuring and a loud I knew it as Ashkie walked back out to us.

When she came back out she wasn't wearing the black body suit, but a pair of white skinny jeans, a black veil brides tee, and black converse. She looked at us and then said, "So I'm related to you two?"

I smiled and said, "Yeah you are. We didn't know we had a little sister until about 3 days ago." She smiled just as I did and said, "Wow, I can't believe I have two older brothers and they're the lead singer and bassist of My Chemical Romance, Mikey and I laughed saying "I'm guessing your fans of ours?" Mrs. Sage nodded and said "You have no idea how big of fan she is."

Mikey smiled saying "That's great! It would of been sad if our little sister didn't like us." She laughed saying, "I don't think that will ever happen" I looked at Ashkie and smiled. I loved this girl; she's the little sister I've always wanted! I wonder if she would like to live with us? I'll have to ask.

Ashkie POV

I can't believe this! I'm adopted but I sort of guessed this since I didn't look like anyone in my family. Now I know why people always said I looked like the Way brothers, I was related to them!

I looked at my two new brothers and hugged the. At first I felt them both tense up a bit, but then they both hugged me back. I excused myself really quick and said "I'll be right back. I want to get something to show you." They nodded and I bolted up to my room.

I took my room apart in order to find the picture of Gerard and Mikey that I had drawn. When I finally found it I climbed out of my window and onto the roof, which just so happened to be over where they were standing. I put the pictures in a pulley and lowered it down. Then I looked down at them to find them looking up at me. I smiled and jumped down in front of them. I could tell they were a little freaked out as I stood up and brushed some dirt off of me.
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