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Gerard POV

I answered it and said "Hello?"

"Hey Gerard, is it true you have a little sister and she's in your band?"

"Yeah it's true Dan, but how'd you find out?"

"Frank texted me. You know that's great because you have a tour coming up in three days and she could totally attract more fans. Does she look anything like you?"

"Oh really? Where are we going this time? And Dan yeah she looks like us."

"Well you get to do one close to home in Belleville. Uh one in Orlando, Billings, and Salt Lake City. Um there's others, but I can't remember the city only state."

"That's fine. Wait did you say Belleville?"

"Yeah why?"

"That's where Ashkie lived. I wonder if any of her friends are going. I'll have to ask her. Ok well what are the other states?"

"Ok well lets see. There's New York, Georgia, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, and Massachusetts."

"Wow Dan! Ten cities. Ok well we can do this. This'll be a lot of fun. Ok well I got to go Dan. See ya."

"See yea Gerard."

"Who was that?" Frank and Ray asked at the same time. "That was Dan and he said that we have a 10 city/state tour in three days." Ashkie looked at me and said, "Really! I am so excited! How come i feel so hyper all of the sudden?"

We all laughed and Mikey said, "Uh can we go back to practicing?" Ashkie said sure and we sang Teenagers, The End, and Cubicles. By the time we had finished everything it was 5:30pm and we were all hungry.

Everyone started to debate about what we should do. Ashkie, Ray, and I said we should go to a movie; Mikey, Bob, and Frank said that we should go out and spend the night in town. Ashkie looked at them and said, "Let's go see a movie! I want to see something scary like maybe Case 39 or i know! Lets go see Paranormal Activity 2." She gave them her puppy dog eyes and Bob said, "Ok ok! We'll go see a movie! Just stop with those damn puppy dog eyes! Lets go see Paranormal Activity 2."

Frank and Mikey glared at him and Bob said "What! Did you see her face! How could I say no to that?" They laughed at him while Ashkie ran up to him and tackled him. He wasn't expecting it so he went down with a thud. We all started laughing as we piled into our truck. We fit Ashkie, Bob, Frank, and Ray all in the back seat with Mikey and I up front.
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