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The Wake Up Call

by cup-full-of-blood 13 Reviews

Another one of Franks pranks, Gerard on his man period, and a bitchy argument haha enjoy and remember to R&R pleaseee xxx

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Humor - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2011/03/20 - Updated: 2011/03/24 - 2506 words


  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) CourtneyAlerion 2011-03-20 04:24:08 PM

    Good job Gee you hurt Frankie :p
    can't wait for next update! I hope it's soon

    Author's response

    Hehe lol i know but hey he is just too nice :P
    And i will try :) thanks for readinf and reviewinh
    Xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) PatrickIsTheSex 2011-03-20 05:08:04 PM

    Hehe XD
    Gee's on his MANstrual cycle yes?
    Aww, poor frank. He only went into the bathroom cause I'm in there and gave him a blow jo- imma stop there. -b. Okay there.
    Aww, I bet gerard wanted to hug his little frankie!
    Um, I don't mean frankies dick btw.
    Or maybe I do O.o
    What time did u upload this? Seriously? I've wrote you a poem. It's in here
    oh and go and read my profile. I updated the info. The picture is the best though, bitch.
    Mrs Beth Armstrong.
    ^ Fuck Yeah, Shit Happens!

    Author's response

    Hey hey ΛΛ lol
    I know he sure is mwwaahahah
    Umm no more like i was in there and we went in the shower and ummm yes haha XD
    Yeah stop there biatch hahah
    Yeah he wanted to hold his aahamm
    No meme i wanna lol
    And i posted this last night around 10ish hehe
    And awww i know lol i have to read, i will tonight :) and look at ur profile cuz i love u
    O'm in IT and this girl is wooping this boys ass, his like a girll haha
    Bye and thanksd for readinf and reviewing
    Mrs coralie bennington Niel
    Haha oh yeah and sex happens lol woah i write loads
    Threesome XD xx
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) annabel-lee 2011-03-20 05:41:02 PM

    Great! And funny too. Frankie isn't in there cutting right? Poor Frankie. Gee hurt his feelings.:( The chapter was great though! :)

    Author's response

    hehe awww thanks :D
    XD ummmmm welll i havn't got that far yet haha
    i know gee is very confussed at the momment
    more soon
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) RebeccaRevenge 2011-03-20 06:01:17 PM

    Either I'm real tired or real mean cause I just laughed when Frankie got his feelings hurt >.> Lol am I a bad person? :p Update soon!

    Author's response

    awwwww you can't lol well yeah i sometimes laugh at stupid things XD
    haha no your not, your reviewing after all hehe so thank you for that
    more on the weekend :D
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) Mcrfan789 2011-03-20 07:34:33 PM

    As poor Frankie! Update soon please

    Author's response

    thanks for reading and reviewing :D
    more soon :)
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) shortygirl 2011-03-21 09:02:39 AM

    Awww poor Frankie. Gerard hurt his feelings. I wish I was in the bathroom with Frankie.... Update soon

    Author's response

    i know, he will be alright soon enough though :)
    haha lol i wish i was in thier to haha can only imagine :/
    thanks so much for reading and reviewing :) more soon
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) XFrankIeroismyheroX 2011-03-21 10:24:04 AM

    Poor Frankie! And poor Gee! Great chapter pleaaseee update sooon!!

    Author's response

    Thank you soo much :)
    I'm happy you think so and i will try and get it done this saterday or sunday, though i havn't started on anything yet XD lol
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) CosmicZombie 2011-03-21 12:55:21 PM

    omg, AWESOME chapter :D poor Gee with all Frank's teasing...even though it is kinda funny hehehe xD felt really sorry for Frank at the end though...even though he seem's the kind of 'i dont give a fuck' character atm, i have a feeling he's a softie at heart...he was just too cute at the end there- i wanted to give him a huge hug haha! yeah...looooved this chapter, and pleeease please please update soon!! xD i dont know if i've told you, but your writing just seems to get better with each update :)

    CosmicZombie xo

    p.s. i know i really need to stop telling you about my stories in these reviews, but if youre interested, i've just posted a new story (dunnoo if it's a oneshot or not yet) called 'someone save my soul tonight', if youre interested in reading it, it would be awesome xD
    oh my god, i seriously think this is the longest review i have ever goven! sorry!! :/

    Author's response

    hehe thank youuuu i love your reviews ahhhhhh i have said it so much but i just love em XD hehe
    yep i know and thanks i try XD
    awww thanks you will soon know more about frank in lets say maybe in two chapters time :)
    i really will try i have been so busy wuth school, but i will do my best.
    wow thats really nice, thank you >.< that is really nice i'm blessed.

    okay i will, when i get time cuz i have been so busy but i will promise. I love your stories it's to keep me updated haha
    well its really nice of you :)
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) iFreak_YouOut 2011-03-21 09:36:27 PM

    'Kay. So, just found this story today... And I love it. The whole idea is different than all the other high school Frerards (not saying there anyway wrong with those...).
    But seriously, you're killing me. Make them like each other already! Eep.
    I just want Gerard to go after Frankie and like hug 'em.
    Anyway, please update soon.

    Author's response

    really? awwww
    hehe ^^ thank you it really does mean a lot :D
    thank you, its really nice to hear what you like about it and all
    yeah this is much better than my hold your breath lol
    haha sorry, not trying to rush things but they will soon :)
    haha he willl
    i will try asap
    xx coz
  • Happiness or Misery?

    (#) Keep-it-Ugly 2011-03-22 12:57:52 AM

    What's wrong with Frankie??? Hm... Gerard and Frank should just get to the good stuff! LOL! They should skip all this "I don't like you and you don't like me" type relationship thingy they have going on!
    Update Pwetty Pwease! ;)

    Author's response

    haha you will have to find out :D
    lol yeah sorry they will soon i promise :)
    hehe anyway i will try my hardest to :)
    xx coz

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