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The Wake Up Call

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Another one of Franks pranks, Gerard on his man period, and a bitchy argument haha enjoy and remember to R&R pleaseee xxx

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All day long I had to suffer Franks constant ranting to his friend with the mushroom like head. Most of his bickering was about me, all insults of course as they always are. Although I told myself to ignore it all, it didn’t go according to plan.

Firstly we started our day just touring around London, seeing all the sights and getting ourselves familiar with our new habitat for the next two weeks. It was nice seeing all the different shops, scenery and just everything. We started at a rather fancy museum, but as much as I love art, the museum was really tedious, so I was glad to finally get out. Everything in their was so boring and I just felt like going to sleep, fortunately me and Mikey were able to sneak out and sneakily have a little fag outside. Then we went to Covent garden to eat and shop, though I didn’t buy much, all I brought was a sandwich and a clock. Hopefully when I hide it from Frank he won’t find it and I will be able to actually get up on time and not get another mouthful from Mrs Smith. The place was so expensive and it was really a shame, as there were some awesome shops there.

After that it was heading on for 3:00, and we were just looking around London, at a more cheaper venue. Mikey and I caught our eye onto a really cool shop, full of the most extraordinary and wackiest sweets you could find, we made sure to buy a bag full of sweets and other bits and bobs there, keeping us occupied and very high for sure.

It was now 4:00 and we were now making our way back to the hotel and that was when Frank was at his worse. The teachers didn’t tell us what was going to be happening later, but something better than today at least. I can’t even remember all the countless times Frank had to torment me. Every now and then he would glance over my way, and instantly shoot his head back round sniggering to that sidekick of his. Whispers were thrown back and forth to one another, and a few pushes and shoves were received to Mikey and I. Of course not taking any of his shit, so we pushed back twice as hard, besides Mikey’s skimpy arms.

It seemed to aggravate him more, though he soon let it slide and made his way to the front. I had feeling that he was up to something, I mean boy I was happy that they had moved and the taunts were at a halt, but I couldn’t help but feel that he was up to something.

Just then I heard bickering and laughter behind me, I turned around searching for the source of laughter ,believing that it was Frank and well I’m going to stick with tree, behind me but when I turned around I was faced with two twin girls, covered in orange fake tan. They then erupted with very high pitched squeals, that boomed right down in my ears. I immediately spun my head around and rolled my eyes at their childlike behaviour.

Seriously, what was their problem? I mean sure enough the whole school hates me and really disapproves my taste in clothes, but they should be used to it by now. Most of the students in this school now don’t even bother, they merely look at me and roll their eyes, the only person that does bother is Frank, and that is just because I am apparently so amusing to him.

I looked behind again, as their laughter still filled my ears. I gave them a puzzled look which soon made them stop. I turned around and shrugged my shoulders, obviously they have found my flaws and decided to exaggerate them more and make fun of me, as their small pathetic life wasn’t good enough.

That was what my Mom would always...what!

Seriously there still laughing? I know I’m nothing special and not some jock they wished had come to the trip and my clothes may be a bit distracting but come on.

I turned around once more, with yet again another confused expression plastered on my face and my hands raised, asking what they found so funny using my body language. They kept quiet, and once again ignored my actions.

I faced the front again and huffed to myself, before facing my very occupied brother next to me. “Dude, what’s wrong with me?” I asked now in a pretty grumpy mood. Mikey on the other hand was completely oblivious to me, just like everyone else was, but that was because his eyes were glued to his phone. He wasn’t registering me that seemed to be so funny to the smudged face slags behind me.

He tore his eyes away from his phone that he seemed to be so engrossed in, after a couple of waves in the face from me.

“Huh?” he said dumfounded ,with his eyebrows knotted together, not keeping his gaze on me for long as his eyes were fixed once more to his phone. I found it astonishing how a phone that small can be of so much interest to a person. Then again, my phone might as well be a brick, as a flip phone was just as bad, they were both on par.

“Ugh, I said, what’s wrong with me?” I grunted, glaring at my converse.

“Ohh...everything,” he smiled not looking like he was much in though before his reply.

I sighed and rolled my eyes at my brother’s great explanation.

“Ohh that was great help,” I said sarcastically whaling my arms in the air and then clapping enthusiastically at his exhalant choice of words.

He just shrugged and carried on staring at his small screen on his phone. Might I add a much up to date phone than mine, thanks Mom.

“They just keep giggling at me, and I’m curious to know why, you would know more than me, they are in your year. Is there another rumour going round about me again?” I asked raising my eyebrows.

He looked up to me and then peered his head around to look at the two orange twins, who were still giggling and pointing at me. I huffed and carried on walking and stuffed my hands in my pockets, trying to blank out their pathetic laughter.

I could see Mikey look at the girls and back to me out the corner of my eyes, and soon enough he was joining in with their laughter. He placed his hands on his mouth, trying to contain his laughter.

“Oh Mikey, don’t tell me, there’s something on my back?” I asked looking very un amused as I carried on facing the front.

He looked up to me and nodded, still in his laughing state. He then peeled, what sounded like paper from my back, as I could hear the crunching and rustling while he removed it. When it was In Mikey’s hands, he showed it to me, trying to keep a straight face as he did.

“I need my ass wiped,” It read in scribbled big letters written in black biro. The handwriting was childlike, yet the sentence wasn’t. However, it was still immature and I had a good idea as to who it could be. “G...Gerard just chill, stop being such and girl and worrying about everything,” Mikey said beside me as his laugher had now subsided, finally.

“What?” I scoffed. “I don’t, and who’s the one who straightens his hair and uses all my gel?” I asked seeing Mikey expression change as he was very well aware whom I was talking about.

“Hey let’s not forget who uses, eye shadow and eye liner,” he smirked.

I growled at him and gave him a glare. “Fine we’re equal,” I grunted in a joking way.

Just then none other than Frank walked paste me, so conveniently . He looked over his shoulder, looking straight at me. He began to open his mouth to speak but as soon as he did, he burst into laughter, doubling over with his eyes scrunched, trying to stop his laughter, as I was sure he was reading to say more insults to me. After more snorts and hiccup like giggles from Frank, the pair finally shut up, and Frank straightened his face to stop looking like a deformed Chihuahua.

“Took you long enough,” he said before walking off, in more fits of laughter with the tree.

Giving me enough evidence that it was him. Like it wasn’t obvious.


“You fucking turd, what are you a girl?” I questioned, as I slammed the door shut just before he came in, slamming the door on in his face.

“You little shit,” he mumbled as he was now faced with the door instead of me. He then flung it open, entering the room, ready to shoot something back at me.

“Me a little shit, ha talks the walking garden gnome,” I spat at him, just beating him before he gave me another remark.

“Hey, well at least I don’t have some girls period stain at the back of my head,” he shot back.

I glared at him stupidly after those words left his mouth, then laughed at his dimness. He obviously had forgotten about his hair, which was surprising, as I can just bet that he looks in the mirror more than he does speak, and that is shocking.

“Well so do you, moron,” I pointed at the spiky red hair at the side of his head.

“Fine truths,” he raised his hands and then flipped onto his bed.

“Oh my god, thee Frank Iero is actually backing down from an argument?” I questioned him.

“Well I would, and I would start off by saying that you need to get a nose job, because the Michel Jackson look is just not working out, but I just can’t be assed,” he smirked with a cheesy grin that I was so familiar with now.

“Yippee great one Frank, well you need to another 5 foot, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers,” I spat back, pretty pissed off at his remark, even though I knew where this argument was going.

I would lose like always, and wish I had never stepped foot in his trap, yet, there I go, not backing down as usual.

“Shut up, at least my balls have actually dropped,” he said putting on another cheesy grin.

As much as I loathed him, I couldn’t seem to find anything else to say to him . There wasn’t much to insult him about. There wasn’t really anything wrong with him physically, in fact there wasn’t anything at all. He may be small and all, but he was in a way, how I wished I could look like. I was kind of surprised he wasn’t some sort of jock he had the looks and the attitude for one, though he didn’t have the muscular body and the tanned too clean cut features. However, he had the looks more than me for sure. Fuck, I’m standing here almost checking him out, that’s not good in any way.

He carried on smirking at me until I just had to say something back.

“Well at least I don’t go raiding through my mom’s draws. That would explain where the pink belt came from. Mommy’s boy,” I shot back, not really knowing what to say. I then kicked off my converse, and slipped out of my jacket and jumped on my bed.

His face dropped after those words escaped my mouth. I was expecting another quick witty remark, but there was none. His smirk was scene no more and his facial expressions had changed to almost sad and partly shocked. He looked a bit taken back, and hurt. Could I have said something bad?

He bowed his head down and adverted his gaze to his hands, as he was picking at his chipped and bitten nails. He didn’t say anything back, he didn’t even shrug or grunt my insult off like it was nothing. He actually looked hurt, but what have I done, was it the mommy’s boy insult, should I feel this bad?

Nah he is getting a taste of his own medicine, but why do I feel bad? Somehow deep down in the pit of my belly I felt for him, maybe I was coming down with something? I couldn’t have said something that bad, he has insulted me bad enough.

I just... this is way to confusing, why do I always have to worry and stress so much, if I’m not supposed to feel guilty, then why do I? Maybe I am just itching to find him out too much, wanting to know why he is like this.

Then again, why? Yes he is horrible to me but maybe...just maybe he isn’t too bad. Maybe I said something to much... no no way. I think I’m coming down with something, if there is a such thing as a man period I defiantly have it. Forget about him, I shouldn’t feel any pity for him.

He then got up from his seated position on the bed, then made his way to the bathroom quietly and locked the door.

My lips automatically dropped, and I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. For some strange reason I felt bad for my foolish insults and as I saw him leave for the bathroom, I regretted all of them straight away, why? I do not know. Deep deep down inside, I think I liked the attention he gave me, even if it wasn’t the right kind. He notices me.

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