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The ignorance

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Franks doing the ignoring trick now, but whats worse ignoring or annoying Gerard?? pleaseee R&R cuz the next chapter is going to be good :D xxx

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“No... No ... NOO!” were the first words I heard when I woke up from my peaceful slumber. I jumped up from my comforting spot in shock and instantly whipped my head around facing the direction of the noise. My eyes found Frank who was sitting up straight in his bed, the look of horror plastered on his features, with sweat running down the side of his face. He looked around the room breathing heavily until his eyes caught onto mine. Our eyes locked for a split second before he got up and sprinted into the bathroom.

I then sat up and leant my head on the wall, staring at the now ruffled sheets and imbedded dip made by Frank sitting and then letting my eyes scan the bathroom door.

What was up with this kid, he really confuses me, there must be something other bothering him besides my last remark I threw at him. The question is what

I huffed and ran my palm across my face and then ran my fingers in my tangled dark hair, letting my fingers get lost in the woven strands. I let my now very awake eyes wonder to the curtains, seeing no course of light apart from vaguely seeing the dim lights escaping the lampposts. I doubt very much it’s morning. I leant over my bed and reached my new clock that was snuck underneath my bed. I brought it up to my face and read the time. The red digits read 1:09 AM and just ticked to 1:10 AM. Oh man I can’t believe its this late, I don’t even feel tired, so how the hell am I going to go back to sleep?

Hmm I could do some drawing, maybe I will become tired that way. Moreover, I haven’t done any drawing for ages, it may put my mind to rest and off him.

I got up from my warm comforting bed and steadily made my way to my suitcase in the nearly pitch black room.

“Ouch,” I hissed. I stubbed my toe on the leg of the bed and held my told while hopping back over to my bed, scrunching my face at pain. Maybe it would help if I turned on the lamp.

I carefully leant across the bed using my hands to guide me to the lamp, I was then able to flick the switch giving me a nice glow of light that was just enough for me to see where I was going. I was then able to get to my suitcase and retrieve my sketch book and pencils. I think getting back into drawing would be good right about now. I really should put my clothes away before they get creased, though is it really safe putting them in the wardrobe with Frank here, then again it didn’t stop him from snooping in my own suitcase and taking out all of my clothes. I don’t know what he is up to, but I will sort out my clothes at some other time.

I got into my cosy bed and tucked myself under the covers and placed my sketch book in front of me. I then collected my iPod from the draw which was one of the few things I kept in there. I plopped them in suddenly hearing Alice in chains blast down my ear full volume. I jumped a little and then turned the volume down.

I changed the music to something more relaxing and soothing. I normally listen to Lifehouse or Smashing Pumpkins when drawing, It really lets your mind run free and do whatever you want so either one of them will do. I decided on Lifehouse and then began to draw. I don’t exactly know what, but just letting my hands do the work. Music filling my ears. That was always a good thing to get me in the gist of art, it would take me away, blocking everything and placing me in a world where nothing could disturb me and everything is perfect. It’s like a trance, I never realise what I am drawing until it’s done and that’s normally how I like it.

Except this time my mind wasn’t completely focussed on drawing or in my own little world. It was elsewhere.

My pencil dropped from my grasp and I looked down at my final piece. The page was filled with question marks and a small black figure in the middle. The silhouette appearing to be male. The only bit of detail on the silhouette were the eyes. They were full with much detail and precision. The eyes were like two honey coloured rings and in each pupil was a question mark. Swimming round in the iris were flecks of brown, shining brightly into me, almost as if it was twinkling from the small glow of the lamp.

I gazed down at the drawing and then flipped it down on my lap. My eyes then skimmed the drawing and landed directly on the bathroom door.


I’m crazy, I really am. Why is this getting to me so much. I didn’t think him ignoring me would affect me so much than him actually annoying me. I suppose it’s become such a pattern that I have become so used to and now it’s just like a routine I need and...

“Whoa,” I yelped. Then stumbled over slightly but fortunately two hands caught me before I fell. I shook my head from the shock and looked up to whomever I bumped into.

“Hey I’m so...Bob?” I questioned. I looked up to him in shock as he held onto my solders.

“Well yeah, that’s my name the last time I checked,” he smirked as he answered in his sarcastic tone. Then letting his grip off me and scratching his head.

“Bob, you’re always doing that you’ll give me a heart attack on day, you know that?” I told him while folding my arms.

“Ha-ha sorry,” he laughed.

“Anyway, what are you doing here, I mean It’s not like I don’t want you here because I do man I...”

He then cut me off and raised his hands on my shoulders.

“Gerard, calm down. Anyway I asked my dad if I could come. He said yes and the school said I could come as long as I could make my own way here,” he told me then releasing his hands from my shoulders to pull his rise against beanie over his hair.

“Wow awesome I’m glad your came, but have you ever I don’t know maybe used a cell phone and actually called me to say you were coming instead of giving me a heart attack?” I explained stroking my chin then raising my hands at my last sentence.

“Aw but it’s not funny then,” he grinned.

We then started talking and laughing about funny things or just laughing at peoples miss fortune because sometimes we were cruel like that. We didn’t need drugs because when we were together we were just high on air.

The day went well, much better than yesterday (Tuesday) that’s for sure. Mikey, Bob and I just hung all day in the theme park that the school took us to. It was really good we had such a good time going on as many rides as we could. Mikey acted more like a 15 year old girl than a 15 year old boy, he was petrified of going on one of the really big rides but we soon enough got him on it and he surprisingly loved it which was awesome so we went on it again. We went on so many rides until we felt pretty dizzy and sick, demolishing nearly all the sweets in one of the shops probably wasn’t a good idea either. It was a lot of fun anyway especially when we people watched or more like freaked watched. We pointed out all the abnormal passersby and it was hilarious seeing all the people dressing like nuts or just acting like complete plebs. We saw this one kid with his hands in his pockets while running, I mean how stupid can you get and you can imagine what happened next. Yes, he fell, but not straight away, he seemed to coble over his feet but then try to recover and then he fell straight to the ground, it was so funny.

On the other hand Frank has completely ignored my existence, not a comment, or snigger or even a glance. He was ignoring me just like all the other students do. I didn’t want to show that it was getting to me, because really it shouldn’t but for some unknown stupid reason, it is.

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