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The Make Up

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Make up make up, oh he wears it so well :) R&R PLEASEEEE xx :D

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A/N:Hey guys :D i'm sorry i couldn't post this earlier, i was going to yesturday but i had editing to do and had to add bits to it and i just wasn't motivated. I have had a really bad tooth ache so i didn't feel like doing much yesturday. I DID go to the dentist today and cuz my stupid dentist did my filling wrong i had to go to another one and they numbed my tooth so all my cheek was numb and i was speaking like a spacker on the one side of my moutth haha like billie joe and Gerard XD hey hey anyway i chatter too much. It's here now so i hope you enjoy it and thank you sooooo much for the R&Rs it means so much that you have made all my chapters go green its really just amazing you guys are really awesome i can't thank you enough i will just keep getting better and better for you guys :D love you all >.<
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“Yeah, awesome, meet you outside then, okay cool bye,” I said to Mikey then flipped my phone shut. I squeezed it into my pocket and sat on my bed while I slipped on my black docs and tied my laces. I folded my black skinny jeans that had faded in the knees, and a couple of rips and tears here and there up a little bit just showing more of my Dr Martins. I then got out my black misfits t-shirt that had the blue, green and little bit of red design and plopped that on along with my dark green button shirt but with the buttons undone, and then my denim jacket. I added some chocolaty scented cologne that mikey had brought me last year for my 16th and sat on my bed waiting for the bathroom to be free. (A/N: Don’t worry Mikey brought Gee more, he isn’t a complete cheapskate XD)

Its Friday now and Frank hasn’t spoken to me since Tuesday night, it’s really quiet strange and one another thing that’s strange is Frank seems to take forever in the bathroom. I don’t know why, he always looks good, wait is that right for me to say? Ugh well whatever he is doing he needs to hurry up; I would like to get to this festival on time not next Christmas.

“Ahhh fuck,” I heard Frank shout from the bathroom. My head spun to the direction of his yelp making my legs seem to take quick steps to the bathroom door.

I knocked on the door and cleared my throat before I spoke. Wait what am I going to say, I didn’t think this through really did I? “Urhh Frank everything alright?” I asked, then immediately mentally slapping myself as I sounding so stupid. I then slapped myself on the forehead and shook my head at my own stupidity, a metal slap wasn’t good enough. Of course he isn’t alright he just shouted out in pain, duh. “Umm you need any help?” I asked recovering from my dumbness.

“Umm no it’ shouldn’t I do...umm ok,” he hesitated but soon accepted my help.

Once I got his reply I turned the silver doorknob which glistened but soon made me shiver from the coldness. I opened the door hearing it creak rather loading as I did so, and entered the bathroom. When I had entered the sanctuary of the bathroom my eyes instantly grew wide when I saw him. I don’t know if this is something that your average everyday teenage boy would think but Frank really looked stunning. This is the boy I hate and get vexed and annoyed whenever he is around and now I’m shocked and taken back by his good looks I never really considered before. The red side of his hair was spiky and his dark brown bangs on the other were nicely ruffled but smooth at the same time, almost enticing me to feel them. He was wearing tight jeans with an army patterned t-shirt, that was much like my jacket that I had hung up. It also had a long sleeve black top underneath topped off with a pair of air walk. One other thing that I noticed was his pink belt was misplaced with a dark brown belt.

Wow that just totally sounded like I was checking him out, but no, another guy can say that another guy looks umm handsome can’t they? I mean sure I don’t like him but it’s just natural common sense if a person looks good you just notice that in your head and make nice comments. I don’t even know why I’m helping him I just suppose you do when someone is hurt, I mean it’s not like I would want him to get hurt because he has never hurt me so I should help. He hasn’t been completely horrible or am I just being too nice?

I Shook the thoughts out of my head and made my way over to him before he thought I was a psycho Gaylord who was checking him out... which of course I wasn’t. Man, I’d feel sorry if someone invented the ability to read minds. I then sat on the edge of the bath next to him. I instantly caught a whiff of his caramel scented hair that smelt divine, as he was there holding his hand whilst wincing in pain.

“I don’t deserve your help, for how I’ve treated you and...”

“I’m hardly going to just l...leave you when your hurt,” I said cutting him off wishing I didn’t, as I could immediately smell his sugary coffee tainted lips filling my nose making me crave coffee, so nice I could almost taste it. I then saw a little smile tug at his lips as I said this and then he lifted his head up to meet my gaze “Thanks,” he spoke softly, allowing me to once again smell his sweet breath.

“It’s alright. Let me see your hand,” I commanded with a small smile inhaling the addictive smell, I really do drink too much coffee, I’m now getting addicted to the smell...and it’s not even from a cup of coffee. Frank then gave me his hand and I took it into mine, they were cold and shaky and when I took his smooth slender hand into mine I felt a small electric bolt pulp through me, strangle erupting tingles out of me. I flinched my hand away slightly.

“Umm I’m just cold,” he spoke nervously, very unlike him.

“It’s okay, this looks pretty did you do it?” I questioned him. He looked up to me from his air walk almost in a daze.

“What?” he asked.

“I said, how did you do it?” I repeated.

“Oh umm you see that piece of wood sticking out that cupboard,” he said pointing to the cupboard beside the door with the sharp wood sticking out.

“Hmm,” I said nodding while looking in the direction.

“Well I was on my way out and cut myself on that sharp piece of wood,” he finished.

“Ouch, that must of been painful,” I said looking his way once again.

“Yeah it hurt like a bitch,” he giggled quietly. I looked at him and quietly giggled along with him only then noticing how gorgeous his eyes looked. They looked Smokey and rusted as his eye lids were rimmed with black eye liner. They were done to perfection. They were smudged lightly not looking sharp or rough just looking soft yet out going not too much or too little, just right. Laying inside them perfected lids were two glossy cinnamon eyes that had swirls of brown streaming in the iris. His dark spiky lashes complemented his eyes even more, focusing on them enchanting eyes I couldn’t seem to tear my gaze away from. I was close enough to see a few little freckles that were scattered just beneath his eyes but not noticeable to see from afar. Franks new found behaviour was almost comforting but weird also, he looked well himself but he looked very upset not just the cut but there was something laying behind those eyes, something else I couldn’t quiet make out, but they seemed mysterious and seemed to be hiding something. I have a feeling there is more to this boy than I first thought.

I looked at his hand once more to examine the fresh cut that started from his knuckle to his wrist.

“Umm,” I thought, looking around for anything to clean the cut with and so on. I scratched my head and searched the bathroom until I came across a first aid kit. “Aha,” I said probably sounding like a fool but oh well at least I found something that will for definite help.

“Here this should help,” I spoke as I held the first aid kit and sat back beside him.

“Thanks,” he said while I started tending to his hand. I didn’t even realise I was this good at this kind of stuff. I don’t think I would want to take nursing as a profession though.

“It’s okay, well it’s all done now how does it feel?” I asked standing up and pulling my shirt down as it had rose slightly.

“It feels good thanks,” he said looking at his now banged hand. He smiled as he examaned it carefully stretching his fingers lightly and using his uninjured hand to gently glide down his bandaged hand.

I walked back into the bedroom and ran my fingers through my unmade hair remembering I still had that to tend to before I left.

“Hey G...Gerard,” he called stuttering at the use of my name as he came out of the bathroom. It was very weird hearing Frank talk like this almost like a young man unlike a little immature kid, and I was even more surprised that he called me Gerard without his venomous cheeky behaviour.

“Y...yes,” I replied still wildly miffed at his new found behaviour. I turned round to face Frank who was standing by the bathroom door.

“I...I’m really sorry, for everything I’ve done,” he said looking very nervous as he looked down at his trainers looking up at me sheepishly while fiddling with his hands.

I just stood there very shocked. I could tell he had not been himself lately but that, I was not expecting. I almost felt like hugging him and congratulating him on doing something probably even god wouldn’t have thought he would do, but yet I was still quiet unsure.

“R...really?” I asked with my mouth slightly a jar.

“Y...yeah I mean, I started it all so I should finish it. We can’t keep fighting like this we need to get a long at least for the rest of the week. What kind of holiday would it be if we didn’t, right?” he said walking a little closer to me, speaking...almost pleading. He looked at me worried but at the same time hopeful.

I bit my lip and frowned slightly, should I forgive him? I mean I want to know why he did this, as much as he has pissed me off he seems interesting to me I want to find out what are behind them eyes of his that has me so entranced. After all he looks honest enough. He could be playing a trick on me but if it means that we will just get along for the rest of the week, why not.

“O...Okay I forgive you,” I said, half-happy with my decision.

“Thanks, I mean just a little more than a week, just get a long be civil, you don’t have to talk to me or anything when we go back to school. I won’t bother you anymore,” he said looking up to me almost asking for permission.

“Yeah,” I said smiling, half wishing Frank didn’t say his last words. I wanted to know why he disliked me so much and why he was acting so strange these couple of nights I needed more time than a little over a week could give me. Any normal person would be glad to have someone annoying off their back but I don’t. Then again I’m not normal am I?. There is something wrong though I can just tell, I’m just itching to know, my curiosity is once again getting the better of me. However, now is not the time to ask, I need my hair sorting out, pronto.

“Well, see you later then,” he said as he was now by the doorframe of the hotel room.

“Oh yeah cya,” I said and waved a little as he left the hotel room, causing a breeze smelling of coffee and caramel both combinations I loved as he left.

I was still a little shocked from his quick change of personality, it was almost as if I was talking to someone else instead of Frank. Well maybe he has changed, even if there is something not right maybe he isn’t so bad, but let’s just hope that it stays that way.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this and there is a lot more to come so don't worry :p so pleasee carry on with being amazing stars and R&R like you have been doing :) it really does make my day, it's really great to have your support :) so tell me what you liked and so on :)
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