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the risk

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should he or shouldn't he ?

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okay i'm new at this, sorry if its rubbish. leave comments of how i can improve?

i woke up scream. another bad night's sleep. GREAT. if anything i needed my sleep today. You see i've just moved house, so i have to go to a new school ( which sucks because my best friend is there Cat). i moved on friday, 2 days ago. so its monday now and its my 1st day. which should be fun.
i'm kind of an outcast, i have long black hair, and i like the "wrong" music (aka rock). i wear eye liner, which i think looks sexy on me, but girls dont seem to think so :/.
Oh well who needs them. As long as i have one friend thats all that matter.
SHIT. its 8:03, i was ment to be at school at 8. erghh. rushing to get ready, pulling some black jeans and a missfit top & a black hoodie from my chair. i ran downstairs, and looked at myself, i'm already late. i might as well look good when i go in. i put some red eye linner one.
"bye mum" i yelled, i knew she was asleep but i felt like i should, i mean normal kids do it. i think . not that i would know.
i run to school, good thing i live about 5 minutes away, well walking about 10 but running only 5. i get to a tall out building. it looks grey, everything looks grey. god this is going o be fun.
i go into the reseption, a small 20 year old women was sitting behind the desk. she shot me a look of discussed. something i am used to.
"hi i am a new student, where do i go?" i said trying not to piss her off. i didnt want to get teachers/staff to hate me yet.
"name?" she said coldly
"Gerard Way"
"hmm ... and why didnt you come here with your brother?"
"because he left without me?" i said feeling like i did some horriable crime or something.
"here is your timetable" she said handing me some paper.
i read the sheet great double maths. that should be
"you can go now" she said wanting to get rid of me.
"where do i go ...?" i said looking lost at the door.
she told me where to go. and i got there but late.
great all eyes are going to be on me.
i knock on the door and walk in ...

okay just to get things started, i know its short i will try and make the next few really long. i hope you like this filler, next one tomorrow or the next day :)
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