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Paise Oh You Are Lady

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I ran until I could smell my packs scent. It was so amazing to have something that hadn't changed. Dylan came into sight. She was calming down Allie who was crying. She will be a great mother.

Dylan's P.O.V.

"Shhh, sweetie it'll be okay." I say as I stroke her hair. She looks at me with her big brown watery eyes. They shifted to the side and light up. "AIDEN!" She squeaked. I turned my whole body 180 dagrees. Allie ran off the log we were sitting on. I think every one ran that way.

Aiden's alright! He's alive! He haves a few cuts and a scar on his rock...hard....chest.... What was I saying?

After I snap out of it, I join the others around Aiden. He looks at me then pulls me to him in a tight embrace. I tuck my head right under his chin. I feel his heart beating and I can hear him breathing.

"What happend?" I ask, not meaning to break the moment.

He sighs. "I-I killed him. I-I had to! He was going to kill me! I didn't- couldn't die! I had you a-and Allie to think of! I couldn't leave you!" He held me tighter, letting go with one hand to grab Allie. He held us close.

"Aiden, Grandma's hurt. I think you should come see." Allie said to him. His eye, already watered down, were now filled. Allie took his hand. She started to walk him away. His hand hooked on my waist and took me along.

We navigated to the stream. Cathy- Ah screw it, GRANDMA, laied by they water. Her hair and left hand was in the water. Ron sat there nursing her. He was mashing up some urbs that Dante was reading off to him.

"G-Grandmother?" Aiden whispered. Grandma gave a weak smile and motioned for us to come towards her. All the while, Allie was explaining to me what happend. "The other Alfa sent his hell hounds out after us. The guys had no souls. Just bleek eyes... And they got Grandma in the side. One just ripped open her side.." I was half okay with her saying it but when Aiden lifted the blanket she was under I teared up.

"Don't be sad my dear. It's all the circle of life, child." THE CIRCLE OF LIFE! I love the lion king! "I've lived my life and it's been a great one. Your the oldest women now, Dylan. You have to lead the pack with Aiden."

"And learn how to cook..."

"What was that?"


She turns to Aiden, reaching her hand out and touching his cheek. "You've been a great Alfa. I'm so poud of you. Now it's time for you to lead your self." She turns back to me. "Taker care of him." A smile as she closes her eyes drifting off. I hold Allie as she crys and Aiden holds me. I see Dante and Ron crying to each other off to the corner.


A few hours later and Aiden has taken my to a small water fall by the river. He whispers in my ear and I squeal. Hugging him Close to me.
Again you play the guessing game. Sorry but no new chapter for anything tomorrow. It's the sabbith and i'm going to my orthidox grandparents house...Let just go with I can't be on the computer. I love you all! Coment!
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