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I'd like to start off this chapter with: It's going to be very short. I feel so bad cause you waited all weekend D: Sorry, but I've had this one planed out for like ever so I'm truely sorry >.< At least you get to find out what he said! If you can put two and two together.... ANYWAY! here Is chosen wolf:

"No way! No fucken way! Aiden, right? Not that gram cracker kid right?!" Ron gaped.

I giggled. "Nope! It was all Aiden!" I smile, well, I never stoped smiling!

"What about the-?"

"He's in town with Dante right now! Don't worry, he's crazy about you, he wont try anything."

"Good to know. Anyways, Where is the-?"

"Right out here!" I squeal.

"When will-?"

"December! When I'll be 18!"

Ron looked at me and smiled. A goofy smile. One that told me he was so happy for me. And with a hit of "I'm going to cry." He noded as he started to tear up, opening his arms for me. I jump into them. "Oh Dylan! Your going to be a beautiful bride!"
BOO! So there you have it.... Again I am deeply sorry for it being sooo short. I'm the new JP! Besides that, how was your weekend? Mine half sucked. Drunken sister (Well I liked that part) Evil, bitchy aunt (Times....3) 15 pain in the asses. (no joke, 15) And my Drunk sister. Oh wait, I already said that! Sorry. I LOVE YOU ALL! (More then my aunt;)) Please coment! And thanks for reading my rant!
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