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I love concerts.

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"Do you think he'll like it?" Mia asked in a nervous tone.
"Of course he will, you worked for weeks on that thing." ashley replies as she is rushing to change.
"What if he doesnt like it" mia snaps back.
"He'll like it fine, now lets go before the stadium fills all the way up."
"Does my makeup look okay?"
"I'm going to leave you here if your not in the car in five seconds."
"fine, fine." Mia grabs her bag, keys, and of course the present.

"So what do you think he will be like?" Mia says while staring blankly at the desolate countryside. "I'm not sure, but from what i've heard, he's very nice, and the sweetest one." "Ash,"
"do you think he will see me as another insane fan?"
"of course he will."
mia sighs
"but once you talk to him, he will think of you more highly."
"do you really think so?"
"yah, I mean most fans are just crazy because they think gerard is sexy, but they have brought you up through your darkest times, they saved your life, in more ways than one."

As they approached the parking lot, they could already tell that it was going to be a full house. Ashley couldn't find a parking spot in the front and ended up having to go to the back. She put the car in park and then froze.
"what?! is something wrong??"
"no, look" ashley points in front of the car and mia's jaw drops.
"so I guess this is the tour bus parking lot eh?"
"Im thinking so, ash."

Mia and Ashley sat in the car for about 30 seconds just taking in the moment. They parked right behind the my chemical romance tour bus. But soon enough they jumped out of the car, grabbed their stuff and looked around to see if there were any artists back there to schmooze with. Realizing that everyone was already inside they ran around to the front doors and entered to the excrutiatingly loud noise of moshers and rockers alike.
"Im glad we got here before they went on"ash shouts into mia's ear.
"yah me too. We should probably make our way to the front before they go on so we don't get caught in the madness." Ashley leads Mia snaking through the crowd trying to make it to the front. Suddenly they hear the beginning of Give 'em hell kid and look up promptly to see they are standing right in front of gee. They begin to sing along and headbang to the sweet music blaring in both ears.
Mia is picked up and someone starts her croud surfing across to the right of the stage. She is dropped in the very front landing on her head. She sits up and touches her head only to find red on her fingertips. 'it can't be that bad' she says to herself. Without notice, a hand pulls her up and as she begins to regain consciousness she feels a brush of lips on her cheek and all she sees is hair. Her eyes widen and realizes 'that was Ray Toro!'
"are you okay" says the cool voice in front of her.
"yah, im fine. thanks ray."
"that's what im here for"
she blushes and shyly smiles at him then turns around to find ashley standing right behind her.
"are you okay?!?"
"now I am" big smile
"oh I see how it is" ashley says playfully.
"It really wasn't that big of a deal" mia says as her face turns bright red.
"sure, okay then, "Mrs. Toro""
"haha real funny."

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