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forbidden love

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"i hope you guys are playing nice up here"
Otosan walked pass the living room, i was on top nii-san trying to get the remote but each time he manged to keep it away from me,
"what are you too doing?!"
"he started it!"
"no, you stuffed a pillow in my face!"
"only,because i was watching something and you changed it!"
"yeah, because sailor moon is a way girlish show!"
"that's the whole point it's a girl show!duh,BAKA!"
"thats way we weren't watchin' it"
Otosan got a head ac and a said"okay okay, chill, how about this?1 show at a time?"
"what NO!"
"please daddy! i had the TV first!"
"no!you know what you guys are non-stop!GOD!HELP US!"
me and my brother think alike i wanted to be the bigger person but so did he.
"sorry, here i watch tv in my room"
"no, you can watch your girlish carp i'll wait"
"no, you"
i saw smoke coming from our dad's head, he knew we completely hopeless and walked away.i got up and went to my room and plopped down on my bed and inhaled and exhaled , i remembered the other day at the water park , it worried me he said he hates me but he did that i mean if you hate some one you should of pushed me into the pool and pick me up again and throw me non-stop in the pool, not seduce and then push me i knew itachi when never do that,so why would the brother that i hate do it?and he hated me back!i don't get it ,maybe he just wanted me to be worrying about until i finally go off my rocker and he loves that, he always try's to get me pissed but that way? come on.........oh.......his did feel a little good and his breath was so smooth,i put my hand on where he kissed my neck i may hate him but damn who knew you could be so lovestoned by just that little ol' seducing ,but gotta remember his my brother i mean i know were i got my seducing-ness from i mean kiba was easy his wanted to get in my pants for the longest so not that hard and naruto please! his such a meat head he doesn't even know when a girl is flirting with him, that is what you call a test of how good of a seducer you are.i herd some one come in my door and i looked behind me and there was king idiot in my door way, i rolled my eye'sand turned my head i didn't feel like seeing him,

"are you still thinking about the water park seduce crap?god,i told you it was nothing pink freak"
"nope , i'm so over that, i'm thinking about something else you chicken butt"
"hn. sakura i think i'm one of the few people in your annoying little life you shouldn't be lying to because i'll know"
"and if i don't want to?then what ?"
"i'll fight you out"
"really?"he said having a eye bow up and a evil smirk
"REALLY NOW GET THE FUC-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he ran to me and picked up and thew me over his shoulder,
"HEY!!!put me down!"i started hitting his back and kicking
"what you said really clear that you'd fight me out of your room , so do it"
"i!"i got me i didn't really mean it,but what ever"your cheating!"
"and how is that?"
"your using size over matter"
"nah, i think it's called being picked up"
"whatever! pick me down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"find a way out,what if someone picked you up like this?"
"DAMN IT NII-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!"
i L-bowed him in his face and kneed his back and pushed his face away,he put me down on my bed and moaned while holding his face.
"ow!!!damn it i hate you!!!"
"sorry, but i told you to put me down!"
then i felt wight on me and i opened my eyes and sasuke was over me holding his right eye then put his hand down when he looked in my eye's , right then and there i noticed how ravened his eye's were, they near to beautiful , and i found my hands on his chest, i guess fast thinking and making sure he didn't fall on me all the way.his body was so well fit then i felt a grip on my hands and he pinned me damn i can't believe i fell for it i could of got out when he pulled me hands over my head but i didn't stop him i let him pin me,soon after i snapped out of it, and started fighting to get loose.
"get off!"
"try to get me off"
" you know it baby,i love you too"
"sasu,saku,tachi!foods ready!"okan-san yelled through the house and then passed my open room door and saw me and sasuke.
we looked at her i was still fighting
"we, uh, we were uh um-"
"horse play, and as you can see okan-san i'm kicking her ass"
"well you guys still do that?"
"well,don't kill each other and don't break anything, and foods ready so come down and eat"
"yes ma'am"
sasuke got of me and helped me up.
"beware of me after dinner"
"oh, really?"
"whatever"and i started to walk away but i felt something pull me back , sasuke kissed me on my cheek and walked out
"what is with you?!"
"nothing i just like ticking you off"
"fuck you!"
"you know you liked it if yah want more after your ass kicking after dinner, meet me in my room"he smiled
"you nasty ass-hole!"itachi walked by and exhaled
"god,now you guys have gone to name calling ,way don't you guys get along any more you used to fallow him around-"
"nii-san, shut up"
"hn....."i gave him a cold stare
"you know i don't like talking about it" then i walked passed him down stairs
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