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Vanishing Questions

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He waved and then POOF! He was gone.

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Heres chapter 5. reviews please?

Seth sat there shocked and just a little confused. Cassie had just yelled from on top of a chair to the entire cafeteria that she was gay and proud. Seth wondered as to why a normally cold place was gradually getting warmer. He looked up at the heating system, it didn't sound like it was on. He scanned the room, checking to see if maybe somebody accidentally caught something on fire. Nothing, he mused why was it getting hot?

When Seth saw Keagan grab Cassie and pull her towards the door, he quickly got up from the table. Seth quickly looked at Micheal, who was ignoring Seth, regretfully then hurried towards the door and his friends. Keagan grabbed his arm as she rushed by him, pulling him out of the cafeteria. Seth was dragged down the hallway along side Cassie.

Cassie's face was flustered. Seth grinned at her, “ So when did you decide you were gay? And let alone proud of it?” Cassie shyly smiled back, “Oh it was sorta a split second...” Keagan covered Cassie's mouth with her hand, “You wee lassies will have to gossip later. I need some information here” Cassie and Seth looked at each other, confused, then at Keagan.

A light dawned in Seth's eyes, “Do you mean the weird random heat that filled the cafeteria?” Keagan nodded sagely and turned toward Cassie, “Is there something you want to tell us Cassandra?” Cassie became more confused, and looked from Seth and Keagan, “No.” Keagan took a step closer to Cassie, “So you had nothing to do with the air getting warmer?” Cassie stammered, “What do you mean? The air got warm?”

Seth frowned, “Wait, Keagan are you saying Cassie caused the cafeteria to get so warm? Is that even possible? How can a person make air feel like its burning?” Keagan nodded, “Yes Sethrey a person can. And if said person who can warm the air isn’t in control they could do a lot of damage and even hurt somebody. Now Cassandra I need you to be honest with me. Did you have anything to with the air getting hot? Even accidentally?”

Cassie’s eyes grew huge, “Wait... What? I didn’t even notice this whole heat changey thing! So how could I have caused it! And you know what! I don’t appreciate this...this interrogation especially from someone who is supposed to be my girlfriend!” She turned in a huff, and started to walk away.

Seth looked from from Cassie to Keagan, “Girlfriend? When did this happen?” Keagan shook her head, “Not now Sethrey...Cassandra wait!” She ran after the upset girl and grabbed her arm, turning Cassie towards the Scot, “I wasn't trying to interrogate you my A ghrá. I want to help you. I really think it was you changing the air temperature. If it was you and I really think it was then you need to gain control before the ability explodes out of you.” Cassie sighed and closed her eyes, “How can I make the air warm without knowing it?” She then looked into Keagan's eyes, “How could you help me Keagan if it was me? I don't want to hurt people.”

Keagan sighed and raised her hand to cup Cassie's cheek, “I can teach you to control the energy through meditation. And how to use the energy in a positive way.” Cassie leaned into Keagan, “How do I even know it was me? That I was the one that changed the air temperature?” Keagan let her hand fall and wrapped her arms around Cassie's waist, “Come to my house tonight A ghrá. I will have everything set up.” Cassie nodded her head, “What time will you need me to be there? I have to study with Seth after school.” Keagan looked over Cassie's head towards Seth, “You normally eat dinner at Sethrey's right?” Cassie nodded. Keagan continued, “Hows this then, when you are done you call me and I pick you up and take you home after?” Cassie nodded again, “I will need to tell my mom but it should be ok.” Keagan took a step back, and smiled, “I cant wait then my A ghrá.” She looked at the clock on the wall in the hallway, and sigh, “I need to head towards my class love.” Cassie looked at her watch, “Me too.” She looked back at Seth and blushed, “Umm...Seth we should head that way too.” Seth took the few steps towards them, “We probably should. See ya Keagan.” He then looped his arm through Cassie's. Cassie smiled at him.

She faced Keagan, rested the hand not looped with Seth’s on Keagan's shoulder, and stood slightly on her tip toes. Her face expectant. Keagan smirked and leaned the rest of the way in to press her lips to Cassie's in a chaste manner.

Cassie was tugged back by a grossed out Seth. He made a gagging noise, “Now that was just plain eww. I mean one girl kissing a guy is icky but two kissing each other each other is practically puke worthy. I don't understand why straight guys find it so hot. Blech! Come on Cassie I cant be late to the homophobe's class. Especially after your little spiel in the lunch room, which was awesome by the way!”

He waved at Keagan, who looked at him like he lost his brain. Seth turned, pulling a somewhat upset Cassie, and headed towards the math section of the building. Cassie looked back over Seth and her shoulders, only to catch Keagan standing there staring at her ass. As if she knew Cassie caught her, Keagan's gaze snapped up and she gave Cassie a sheepish grin. Keagan saluted Cassie and turned to leave for her class.

Cassie, with her head still turned, tripped over something, causing not only herself but Seth as well to fall. Seth sat up, “What the frack Cass? To busy checking out the back of Keagan's kilt to watch where you were walking?” Cassie sat up, trying to control the embarrassment burning in her face, “That is beside the point! And she was looking at mine first!”

Seth snorted, “Whatever.” Cassie started to untangle her limbs from Seth's, “Hey now! You fell too! So don't blame this all on me!” Seth pulled one of his knees towards his chest, examining it through touch, “I am so going to bruise.” Cassie poked Seth, “Hello? Earth to Master Klutz!” Seth smacked the offending finger, “I'm the master klutz! Your the one who was looking behind you! And the one who fell! Pulling innocent me along for the fall! If anything you are the master of all things klutzy.” he mutters to himself while rubbing his knee, “Causing me to bruise. I just got rid of the last set of scrapes.” Cassie shoved the 'bruised' knee, “You didn't stop me from tripping!” Seth glared at Cassie and proceeded to stand up, “That's because there was nothing to trip over! Miss two right feet!” He held his hand out to help Cassie up. Cassie quickly accepted his help, “I thought the phrase was two left feet?”

Seth hmpfted, “Why does it have to be left? I don't like left. Left reminds me of turns and left turns make me think of NASCAR. And when I think of NASCAR I think of the fans. And when I think of the fans, I think of rednecks. And rednecks make me think of homophobes. And homophobes remind me of all the jerks who made my life a living hell. So pardon me if I want to say right feet! Plus it makes you seem like you are right, instead of wrong.” He picked up his bag an looped it over his shoulder. Then crossed his arms and pouted at Cassie.

Cassie stared thoughtfully at her friend for a few seconds. She nodded, “Your logic makes complete sense. I totally understand. Two right feet it is. I think I like that better anyway.” She bent down and picked up her bag, “Who even came up with the phrase 'two left feet'?” Seth shrugged and finally looked around for the real culprit of their fall.

His eyes resting on a boy behind them. The boy was sitting on the floor, leaning against the lockers. His arms behind his head acting like a pillow. Seth pointed out the odd looking boy to Cassie, “I think I found what tripped you.” Cassie frowned at him, “You fell too!” She looked to where Seth was pointing, “Oh wow has he been there the whole time? How did you manage to not see him? I mean look at him!” The boy smiled at them, “Hi.” He waved and then POOF! He was gone.

Cassie looked at Seth just as he looked at her, boths eyes were huge. She glanced back to where the boy had been, “Am I seeing things or did he just disappear?” Seth nodded, “I saw him. He even spoke.” They looked at each other again. Seth shook his head, “Man today has been weird.” Cassie nodded her head in agreement. She glanced again to where the boy once was, filing him in the back of her mind to bring up at Keagan's house. Suddenly the warning rang, causing both to have to rush off to their respective classes.

Neither looked back to see the mystery boy watching them thoughtfully as they hurried not to be late.
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