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1 + 1 doenst always = 2

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It was the boy. The boy who tripped Cassie and him. The boy who caused his bruised knees. The poofing boy.

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Heres chapter 6 please review and such! Please?

Oh and I dont own the character Xavriel. hes a friends, Im just playing with him for a bit!


Seth gave Cassie a quick hug before sprinting down the hall to his math class. He just made it in the door when the late bell rang. Mr. Forthwood stepped into the room, right behind Seth. He slammed the door behind him, “Nice of you to join us Mister Mathews. Take your seat.” Seth nodded, “Yes sir.” He made a rushed beeline to his seat in the back corner, adjacent to the row of windows.

Seth almost made it to his desk, when one of his genius classmates stuck out their foot, tripping Seth. His bag fell open. Books, pens, and other random objects escaped and scattered everywhere. The whole class laughed, even Forthwood. No one made any moves to help Seth. As he started gathering his recently liberated supplies, he muttered under his breath, “Stupid idiots. Oh lets trip the gay guy as he walks by. So funny! Assholes.”

Mr. Forthwood must have heard the boy because he glared at him, “Is there something you wish to share with the class, Mr. Mathews?” Seth stopped picking up his school stuff and looked at his teacher, “No sir. I don't believe I do sir.” He went back to grabbing his things off the floor.

He heard a sigh and out of the corner of his eye saw someone slide out of their chair to the floor beside him. He looked over to see Michael start helping gather the bright colored objects and shove them back into Seth's bag. Seth glanced up at the teacher, who was still glaring while also looking like he was going to wring Seth's neck.

Mr. Forthwood opened his mouth, most likely to make some cutting remark to Seth. Before he could get the remark out, the door flew open again, causing a loud BANG against the wall. Mr. Forthwood turned his glare to the invader of his room. Seth quietly thanked Michael and quickly slid into his seat.

He pulled out the necessary materials for the class on his desk. He learned early to always be prepared for this particular class. The last time he wasn't, Seth was kicked out of the class and told not to return until he had everything required.

Seth mentally went over his checklist.
Notebook: check.
Graph paper: check.
Text book: check.
Binder: check.
Red and black pens: check.
Pencils, sharpened: check.
Calculator: check.
Homework, done: check.
He double checked his little list, reorganizing everything to its proper place.

He looked up to see Mr. Forthwood arguing with the assistant headmaster. Seth's eyes were drawn to the windows near his spot. 'Ugh' he thought 'Only Mr. Fucktard would have such ugly curtains hanging in his classroom. Probably from the home educations teacher. The ass probably wants in her pants.' He let his mind wander,wishing he was outside with his soccer ball.

Seth was brought out of his pondering when the person in front of him kicked the front of his desk. He looked in front of him to see Michael nod his head to where Mr. Forthwood was arguing. Seth slightly frowned, but looked towards the door. It seemed Forthwood had lost the battle because the assistant headmaster looked smug.

Seth tilted his head, observing the man who spent years serving as the schools assistant headmaster. Mr. Clark seemed content where he was. He was more of the second-in-command kind of guy, preferring to be the headmistress's right-hand man than taking the coveted spot for himself. He could take anything that was thrown at him, though he didn't look like he could. He looked like a mouse of a man, short and slim.

Mr. Clark wore his usual outfit, a black, short-sleeved button down shirt tucked into slacks. He had converse with R and L on their respective foot. His glasses looked like they came from the seventies. Mr. Clark even had the token pocket full of various pens and a little notebook as well as a bow-tie. Today’s bow-tie was florescent orange. Seth couldn't help to smile. Mr. Clark was the only guy who could dress so wacky and willingly go to work in a high school full of teenagers.

Mr. Clark may have looked gawky, but when he opened his mouth to speak, the most awe inspiring things could come out. Mr. Clark could argue with the best of them. And usually he was the one walking away with the victory in his pocket protector. At the moment the debate master looked like the cat that not only got the mouse but the cream too.

Mr. Clark motioned to someone in the hallway, clearing his throat, “Alright children. We have a new student. He's part of a foreign exchange program. Everyone be nice to him now. His name is Xavriel Monteguerro.” The boy took a few steps into the room to stand next to the assistant headmaster. Mr. Clark smiled and put an arm around the unsure boy, “He's from Brazil if I am correct.” The boy smiled and nodded.

Seth froze, eyes slowly widening. It was the boy. The boy who tripped Cassie and him. The boy who caused his bruised knees. The poofing boy.
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