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First kiss turns bad

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When Matt kisses Valary, Valary can't handle it and runs.

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Chapter 3

Valary sat there in shock "Mom I'm not kidding it was me naked...Ew he's my friend". Her mother sighed "Honey it could've been somebody similar too you and you need to understand as well that every boy has a fantasy and girls as well and yes they can be sexual fantasy's maybe Matthew fancy's you in a different way than what you think". She sat there "But mom he's like my best friend has been sense we were little". She kissed her head "Honey talk to him he's going through a hard time probably because he likes you and sees it the same as you and doesn't know how to talk to you about it". 

She leaned against her "I know mom but it's weird" "Oh calm down you know he's a cute boy" she blushed and raised up "Mom!". Her father looked up from the paper he was reading that he didn't get to finish at breakfast. She looked at her "What I'm just saying he seems your type" "No mom we are just friends and it's staying that way". She got up and she left the house walking halfway down the block on the other side to Matt's house. 

She heard music playing as she got close she went up to the door and knocked. She took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly Matt came to the door in boxers and a tank top that was white. He had a bowl of Mac n cheese in his hands and some in his mouth "Hey" he swallowed. He backed up an she came in and closed the door "What are you doing here? You don't ever come over". 

She smiled "Just wanna hang out" "Hang out?" she nodded "Can't we?" "Mmhmm". He looked around "So can we go upstairs?" he guided her upstairs to his bedroom. He sat the bowl down and started picking up "Sorry" he grabbed some pants and put them on he sat down. He continued to eat "So uh what have you been doing?" "Doing guy stuff" "Like?" "Nothing you'd like".  

She nodded "So uh how are you today?" he kinda lowered his head "What do you want Valary?". She looked at him "I just wanna talk about what's going on with you" "Nothings going on!" "Well obviously your drawing me and jerking in detention what the fuck Matt?". He looked at her "I don't wanna talk about it" "Matt I'm not mad I just wanna know whats up". He got up and sat down next to her "Will you be mad if I do something?" "No". 

He looked at her and grabbed her hands he leaned in and kissed her on the lips her eyes were wide with shock. She liked it tho she felt like they were more than friends when with him. His lips were soft and wet she closed her eyes he pulled her over he hands slowly explored he deepened the kiss it was juicy and passionate. He moved up her stomach to her boobs she pulled away he looked at her innocently. 

She shook her head "I'm sorry I can't do that" she got up "Valary I'm sorry I'll do whatever please forgive me I didn't mean it". She started crying "I'm sorry I cant" she ran out leaving him alone in his parents big house. Later that month Matthew took a turn for the worse and wasn't on a good path. Matthew still couldn't get over how Valary barely talked to him and just wanted her nobody else to love. 
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