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Frankie has a bad feeling about Samantha's sudden reconnection with the Way's

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Frank's Point of view

After Gee and I had taken the night thinking of what to do next week, we settled on a net trap. Once Mikey and Emily had gone to take a 'shower' we set it up over their bed and rewired the remote to this trap.

Because of my skills in building traps, you couldn't even tell there was anything there. I doubted Emily would even notice it. We snuck back down to our room before they had even gotten done in the shower.

I looked at the clock on the bedside table. 12:25 was in bright red letters in the dark room. Gee giggled again and kissed my neck. “Think their gonna be surprised?” he whispered against my collarbone.

His face was lit by the clock, his pale skin glowing an eerie red. I nodded and he smiled, the light gleaming off his teeth. He bit my neck softly and I sighed.

Of course we had school later. There didn't seem to be a balance between our love life and our school life. Something always interrupted the other and just made things all the more annoying.

At least Spring Break was coming; a blissful two weeks free from school, teachers and boring subjects. And, two weeks to do whatever we wanted, now that he was eighteen and I was seventeen. Our moms gave us complete freedom.

I fell asleep with Gee already asleep on my chest. He was so cute when he was asleep. Like nothing had happened and he was still innocent.

Nope. I'm not gonna think of that. Not anymore. He told me to just leave it alone.

Gerard's Point of view

I woke up to the annoying beeping of my alarm clock. A vague part of my mind noticed that Frankie was under me as I reached for the clock. Doing what I usually did, I threw the clock at the wall. I'd done this so many times that it was a bad habit.

Frankie stirred under me when the clock hit the wall and stopped beeping. He lifted us up before I could lay back down on his chest and go back to sleep.

He groaned and stretched. “Come on love. Don't you wanna get some coffee before Mikey's fat ass drinks it all?” he asked, putting his hands on my shoulders. I sighed and nodded, letting him pull me from our warm bed and into the cold air of the stair way.

A breeze touched the back of my neck under my hair and I stiffened. Frankie stopped and went rigid as well. He looked at me with wide eyes.

“Did you feel that?” he asked quietly. I nodded and relaxed. “Our room's haunted, remember?” I asked and shook my head slightly. He gave a nervous laugh and we started up the stairs again.

“Well, thats not creeperish at all? Having ghosts watch us have sex.” he laughed again and I stopped him, pushing him against the wall, nearly at the top of the stairs. “Not really, its just a bit awkward when they join in.” I laughed and pressed against him.

He put his arms around my waist and kissed along my jaw. A gust of wind from the bottom of the stairs startled us and we looked at where it had come from.

We froze again as we both saw the little figure if the girl at the bottom of the stairs. She was looking up at us and frowning. Then, she was right next to us, two steps away.

Her head tilted to the side and she smiled. “Be careful who you let in our house, Gerard.” she whispered. She had a light soprano voice. Frankie flinched next to me but didn't scream.

I didn't hesitate. “Who are you, sweetie?” I asked the little girl. She just turned her head to the other side and I saw the hand marks on her neck.

She giggled and pointed at me. “You know who I am. You can feel it.” she laughed and flew down the stairs and into our room.

I looked at Frankie and his face was very pale. He looked like he was about to pass out. So I pulled him up the last steps and into the kitchen.

Sitting at the table again was Sammy. I smiled at her and plopped Frankie in a chair. “Is he okay?” Sammy asked quietly. I nodded and went to the get coffee for us.

“You're visiting awful early Sammy.” I stated. She smiled at me and shrugged. Her hair was straight and she had eyeliner on.

“I'm actually going to start school with you guys today. I told mom that you guys still lived here and she thought it was a good idea for me to live close to friends. So she moved us over here so I could be closer to you.” she frowned slightly when she spoke.

There was a quiet giggling in the back of my head and the same soft voice floated in my mind. Be careful who you let in our house, Gerard. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise a bit as I tried to shake the little ghost off.

I looked at Frankie as I set his coffee on the table. He'd gotten some of his color back and was leaning against the table. His back was a little stiff though, like he'd heard the girl again too.

Not gonna think about it. But something stuck on me though. How did I know that girl? She was so familiar that I didn't even feel like I was talking to a stranger.

Nope! I'm done thinking about ghosts!

Frank's Point of view

Something was wrong here. When Gee sat me next to Samantha and she told us about why she was here, I felt like she was lying. Then the ghost's voice whispered in my head.

Be careful who you let in our house....

Was the ghost talking about Samantha? Or somebody else? Either way, I was so happy when Gee set my coffee in front of me that I nearly cried.

I didn't want to go back down to our room, but we had to get dressed and get our things. Gee still had to drag me down the stairs. Nothing had changed.

That was what I thought until I saw that the clock was back on the table and the bed was all made. Gee tilted his head to the side a little and shrugged. As he turned to the closet, a blast of cold air blew our hair forward.

I turned and saw the girl standing by the TV. The TV was flicking, but no sound was coming from it. It was just on.

And the girl looked mad. She rushed to Gee and stood in front of him. He didn't flinch, didn't blink.

“Don't act like you don't know me, Gerard Way! You know me!” she yelled, sending another blast of air around the room, making papers bend and posters dance on the walls.

“I don't know you!” he shouted back, but it sounded like a whisper in the hellstrum she was making. To my great horror, she reached out to him and touched his cheek lightly.

A tear rolled from her eye and the wind stopped, leaving the room suddenly very warm. Gee gasped and fell to his knees, now the girls height. She smiled and nodded. “You remember,” she whispered.

He nodded, his cheeks a bright red and his eyes gleaming with tears. Her grin got wider and with that, she vanished. Gee collapsed onto the ground backwards, his heels touching his shoulders.
Gasping, I ran to him and helped him sit up. She was still out, though, so I called up the stairs for Donna. She came running down and looked at us then around the room.

“What the HELL?!” Emily and Sammy followed her down and both gasped. Donna crouched next to me and Gee. “You two are staying home. What happened?” she touched Gee's head and looked at me.

I shook my head, not sure what to tell her. Hell, I wasn't even sure what had happened myself. Donna tried to help me lift him into our bed, but he was easy enough for me to lift myself.

Once the blankets were pulled over him, I turned to Donna and the girls, making motioning them to go up stairs. I followed, wanting to get a wet cloth for Gee. Sammy kept looking back at me and past my shoulder down the stairs.

Mikey bustled down the stairs that led to the second floor. When he saw the girls' white faces, his grin fell and he looked at the window by the door. “What happened?” he asked tensely.

I sighed and patted his shoulder. “Gee blacked out, is all. We're staying home today. Put the shackles down, tiger.” I passed him, heading to the bathroom to get a washcloth. I stopped in the kitchen to get a bowl and some water.

When I made my way carefully back down stairs, the girl was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at Gee. I tried to ignore her as I walked to the bed and set the bowl on the table, but she looked up at me and I saw her neck.

It was white with purple marks running across her throat. They looked just like fingers. So that was how she died.

“I'm sorry.” she whispered. I looked at her face and she had tears rolling from her blood-shot eyes. And she flicked somewhere else for a while. Either that or she just went invisible. I honestly didn't care.

I started wiping Gee's face with the wet cloth and his eyelashes fluttered a little. He sighed and rolled over, pinning me with his arm. I didn't try to get out from under him though. I just laid down next to him and fell asleep before I knew I was even tired.

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