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What about a father?

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Gee's nightmare was a reality at one point in time

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Gerard's Point of view

I was in the hallway, hanging my jacket on our coat rack. Melody came running from the stairs and jumped into my waiting arms. She laughed and squealed as I picked her up and spun her around.

“Daddy's home! Daddy's home! Mommy!” she ran to the kitchen after I put her on the hardwood floor again. I could hear Molly in the kitchen, laughing as Melody kept saying daddy's home. I could practically see her pulling on Molly's sleeve and jumping before I even rounded the corner.

Molly looked from our daughter and smiled at me. I crossed the room and put my arms around her waist, kissing her softly. “Welcome home, dear.” she smiled into the kiss and pulled back. Molly was still hanging from her sleeve and Molly gave me a distressed look.

I grinned and sat at the table. “Melody, let your mother cook, kiddo. Come here.” I patted my lap and she bound across the floor and jumped onto my knee. She looked at the newspaper on the table.

“Daddy, what's that say?” Melody could read, but only little things like 'the' and 'smile'. I picked up the paper and held it in front of both of us. I read the title to myself then out loud.

“'The troops are on their way home from Europe, filling boats and plains with happy, playful men, ready to see their families. It's official folks! World War Two is at an end and we can all settle into our normal lives once again. A welcome parade is scheduled for this Friday afternoon to bring our troops home in style and fashion. We hope all the citizens of New York will attend, ticker-tape in hand.'” I looked at Molly, who had stopped stirring the soup.

“Molls? Did you hear that? Thomas is coming home!” Melody looked at me and smiled. “Uncle Thomas?” she asked, slipping onto the floor. Molly turned and her face was red. “Mommy?” Melody asked, tugging on her mother's sleeve again.

A sob broke from Molly's chest and I stood, putting my arms around her and rocking us slightly. “Are you happy that your little brother's coming home, Molls?” I whispered in her ear. She sobbed again and nodded. Melody pulled on my slacks and I looked down at her.

“Daddy, what's wrong with mommy?” she asked, tilting her head. I smiled at her, feeling my eyes stinging a little. “Nothings wrong, Mels. It's good! Mommy's happy.” a tear escaped my eye and rolled down my cheek.

Molly cried in my arms for a good hour until she was able to pull away and shake her head, tossing her hair over her shoulder slightly. “Well, dinner isn't going to make itself now is it?” she smoothed out her sun-dress and took off her top jacket, tossing it on the couch.

“Do you need help, dear?” I called after her. She paused and smiled at me. “No, I got it. It's only chicken fingers and mashed potatoes and gravy. Thanks though, love.” she turned and went into the kitchen. Melody bounced down the stairs from her room.

I pretended to not notice her and she snuck around to the back of the couch, getting ready to try to scare me. I heard her giggle slightly and she pounced, jumping over the back of the couch and onto my lap. “Rawr!” she yelled. Landing in my lap.

I smiled and started tickling her. “Molly! Theres a tiger in the family room! And its ticklish!” I shouted over my little girls' shrieking laughter. Molly popped her head in from the kitchen. “What? Again? We need to get insurance for ticklish tigers, Tim!” she walked out quickly and leaned over the couch, helping me tickle Mels.

After a few minutes, Mels was in tears and Molly and I were laughing about as hard as she was. The smell of chicken floated in the air and Molly sighed, fixed her dress again and went back into the kitchen. “You two get washed up! Dinner's nearly ready!” she shouted.

Melody flipped backwards off my lip and stuck her tongue out at me. She ran into the kitchen and washed her hands. I followed after her, and once the sink was free, I turned the water on and stuck my hands under it.

Molly surprised me, kissing my neck and weaving her arms around my waist. Melody laughed and took her place at the table. Without drying my hands. I turned and put my arms around Molly, picking her up and holding her in the air.

She giggled and pulled away, letting me press my lips into her neck. “Tim! My dress!” she chuckled and I set her down. I grinned playfully and whispered in her ear. “Sorry, you did start it though.”

That earned me a playful smack on the arm and a laugh. Something started beeping and I looked around the room. Molly was setting my plate in the table and melody was looking at me. “Daddy?” she asked and Molly looked at me too.

The beeping continued and I blinked.

I was in my bed. My husband was next to me, still asleep. The alarm clock on the table was going off, the same beeping that had pulled me out of my past. I reached over, and for a second, didn't know how to turn it off. What day was it, anyway?

Frank stirred next to me and sat up. “Gee?” he asked, stifling a yawn. Gee? Oh yeah that was my name now. I looked at him and smiled.

He took my face in his hands and looked at me closely. “Gee are you okay? That little thing touched you and you passed out on the floor. Donna kept us home from school and the girls went with Mikey yesterday.” Everything he was telling me didn't really touch me except for when he said 'little thing'.

I put my hand to his mouth to quiet him and looked around the room, our room. “Melody?” I asked softly. She poked her head through the door and Frankie pulled away from my hand and shouted at my daughter. “Oh no! You get out of here!” he started to get up but I held him down.

He looked at me like I was crazy and I shook my head at him. “Its okay, Frankie. She's my daughter.” I smiled at Melody and waved my hand for her to come forward. She smiled back and took a few slow steps and stopped, sitting on the floor in the middle of the room.

“Melody, kiddo? What happened to you and mommy?” I asked her softly. I don't remember them dying, so I must have gone first.

Melody's smile faltered and her eyes looked sad. She tilted her head back and showed me the hand prints on her neck. “Who killed you?” I asked, getting angry that I hadn't protected my daughter.

Frankie was silent next to me now, looking back and forth between me and my little girl. Melody shook her head sadly. I leaned forward.

“Come on, you can tell Daddy. You know you can tell me anything, little tiger.” I said and patted my lap. She looked at me and stood slowly.

I patted my lap again and she bounded across the room and onto my lap. I didn't feel any weight, but my skin went frigid, my whole torso turning to ice.

“Now, little tiger, who hurt you?” I asked her softly. She bit her lip and whispered in my ear. “Mommy,” I gasped and pulled back. Melody vanished from my lap. Once she was gone, my body got far too warm.

I looked at Frankie, my mouth hanging open.

Frank's point of view

Gerard had a daughter? What? When? And why hadn't he told my about her?

She sat on his lap and leaned toward him. I don't know what she did but he gasped and she vanished. He looked at me and his mouth was hanging open.

“What? Gee what is it?” he continued to gape at me until a knock on the door made us both jump. Gee screamed and threw a pillow at the wall. He didn't sound scared, he sounded pissed beyond anything I've ever seen from him.

I flinched and the door opened. Mikey poked his head in and looked at us. “You two coming today?” he said as Gee seethed next to me. I shrugged and Mikey nodded, closing the door.

Gee was snarling something under his breath. I think he said something like 'how could she' and 'that bitch'. I touched his shoulder and he turned his glare on me. “Who killed her?” I asked softly. His lip curled and his nostrils flared.

“My old wife,” he growled. I tilted my head in confusion. He shook his head quickly. “I'll tell you later, okay? We need to get ready.” he climbed out of the bed and strode to the closet. I nodded and followed.

We pulled out random clothes and got dressed quickly. He was wearing a pair of black slacks and a button up shirt with his black converse. I pulled out a pair of skinnys and a smashing pumpkins t-shirt.

As we made our way up the stairs, we weren't hit with any wind or shouting. He sat at the table and looked around the kitchen, like he had to get used to it again.

Mikey came down the stairs and looked at us. “What's with Gee?” he asked, looking at his older brother. Gee looked up at him and smirked. “What's with you?” he punched Mikey in the arm and tried to act normal, but I could see in his eyes that he was confused.

Emily came down next then Donna. We all sat at the table and Gee looked at all of us, studying our faces.

At school, he looked around every room we went in, making all the teachers yell at him. He was getting a little better at lunch, but when he saw the pizza on his tray, he went back into the cycle of asking questions and looking around.

A car passed us as we were walking home and he stopped and stared at it. It was a bright red mustang and had a yellow spider painted on the hood. We've seen it before and he was just fine.

What was happening to my husband?

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