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Memories are a dangerous thing

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Gee and Frankie have hit a snag in their shot marriage. Just not in the normal sense.

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Frank's point of view

It's official. Gee's lost it! We went to our room to do homework and he put the date as 9/08/1943 on his English paper.

Good thing he had me read it first or our teacher would've sent him to the nut house. I changed it to the right date and handed the paper back to him. He stopped and thought about it, his eraser over the date and he dropped his hand.

“Gee? Baby are you okay?” He didn't look at me. I touched his arm and he gasped, his eyes meeting mine. “Gee?”

He sighed and put his hand over mine. “No, Frankie, I'm really not. If I tell you something, promise you won't think I'm crazy?” his eyes bored into mine. I smiled a little.

“We're married, love. And I already think you're crazy.” I teased him lightly and took his hand, playing with the ring on his forth finger. He laughed and kissed me.

“Well, you remember my daughter from this morning right?” he asked, laying on the bed. I laid next to him, nodding. “Apparently her mother, my wife from another life, killed her. I don't know why. I think I was already dead.” I flinched as he said he'd died. He went on. “I had a dream last night, about my life before this. Melody was there, and Molly, her mama. We were happy. Molly's brother was coming home from World War Two. He was about two years younger than Molly. I remember her telling me he thought if he went to war it was gonna be girl central.” he rolled his eyes.

I nodded. “We were all sitting down when the alarm clock went off and I woke up. Frankie, babe, you might not like this, but I need Mels to put me back to sleep again so I can find out what happened.” I cringed at that.

A sigh erupted from my lungs and he looked at me. “I don't like it. But if you feel you need to know what happened, I'm gonna be with you every step of the way. Ans so you know, I don't find you the least bit crazier.” I smiled and kissed his hand.

He ran his thumb over my cheeks, his eyes met mine as he called out his daughter. “Melody? Sweetheart, come here.” A moment passed before the air rippled by the side of the bed.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the pretty little miss appear next to us. As I looked, I noticed that her hair was a shiny gray, the color that come from a blond and a black mixing together.”You have your daddy's hair and a little of your mama's don't you?” I whispered without thinking.

Gee smiled and let go of my face a little wistfully. Melody was looking at me with sad blue eyes. Her eyes and her hair fight each other, color-wise.

“Glad to see you two are getting along a little.” Gee startled me out of staring at his daughter. “Melody, this is Frankie, my husband. And Frankie, this is my little tigress!” he smiled at her and she gave a ghostly giggle. I smiled softly and she sat on the edge of the bed. The three of us formed a triangle; the past, the changed past, and the present.

After we stared at each other in awkwardness for a moment, Gee cleared his throat. “Melody, my little miss, I need you to show me what happened after dinner that night. Can you do that for me?” She nodded and shot a wary glance at me.

I sighed. “It's okay. I won't yell at you this time. You just scared me before.” I touched Gee's leg protectively. He smiled at me and then to Melody.

Melody sighed, causing the papers around the room to ruffle in the soft breeze she seemed to carry with her. She leaned forward and I took Gee in my arms. I looked him in the eyes.

“I love you.” I whispered. He smiled, his eyes flashing.

“I love you too, Frankiebear.” he kissed me and nodded to Melody, who touched his cheek. A shutter passed through him and his eyes rolled back in his head. I held him closer as he passed out.

Melody looked at me and back at Gee in my arms. And the waiting started.

Gerard's point of view

I got the feeling that I was close to the ground. When I looked down, I saw that I was in a tiny dress. Am I seeing this through Melody's eyes? that was answered when my old body walked over and scooped me up. I lost control and Melody's past actions took over.

“Ready for the parade, my little miss?” I didn't realize how close my bodies were to the same. This one even had my green eyes and black hair. I nodded and answered in a high voice.

“Yep! And Uncle Thomas will be there, right Daddy?” I didn't think of him as me, or even as Tim. In this mind, he was Daddy. Daddy nodded and kissed my cheek.

“He should be.” he carried me to the stairs. “Molls! Are you nearly ready?” he called up to Mommy. She came down, playing with her pretty hair. She shook her head and gave up, letting it fall around her shoulders.

“Calm down, Tim! We still have an hour and a half before the parade even starts.” Daddy shifted me on his hip and put his are around Mommy's waist.

They were always making icky kissy faces at each other and now was no different. Daddy and Mommy kissed for a few seconds before I started laughing. “Let's go already! I wanna see Uncle Thomas!” I pinched Daddy's nose and squeezed. Mommy laughed and Daddy smiled.

“Now Melody,” he said, his voice strange from having his nose being held, “We're not going anywhere if I have to talk like this. I don't know, Molls, I'm a little hungry. I think I want a little......” he trailed off, looking at me. “Chicken fingers!” he shouted playfully and took my hand from his nose and kissing my fingers.

I laughed with Mommy. “Daddy! Let's go!” I whined loudly. He rolled his eyes and moved me to his shoulders.

He mock sighed. “Women,” he sighed. Mommy poked his arm roughly and laughed. We walked out the front door and Mommy locked it.

Daddy carried me on his shoulders the whole way to the parade. We walked under trees, and I had to duck my head or else I'd have taken a branch to my nose. Daddy was so tall that if I had lifted my arms up, I could have touched a pretty red bird in one of the trees.

“Look! There's the square!” Mommy pointed and she and Daddy took off running. My hair flew behind me and it felt like I was flying. Together, they pushed to the front of all the people.

I looked down the street. It went on for a long time. So I rested my arms on Daddy's head and leaned into him.

Before I could really fall asleep, Daddy bounced me and I almost fell off his high shoulders. “Here they come, Mels!” he shouted over the crowd. I looked back down the street and saw a bunch of scary looking people coming towards us.

“Okay Melody! Since you're higher than me or Daddy, you have to try to find Uncle Thomas too!” Mommy shouted, looking up at me. I nodded and looked for my favorite uncle in the waves of scary men.

Some of them had white stuff wrapped around their heads and others were on the walky-things. Mommy and Daddy huffed as the people behind us pushed. I rocked forward and looked closer for Uncle Thomas.

But I didn't see him. One all the men had passed, I still hadn't seen him. Mommy's voice was scared.

“Did you see him, Tim? What about you Melody?” she looked at me. Her eyes were shiny and I tear rolled on her face. My eyes stung and I started crying too. I shook my head and tears spattered from my eyes.

Daddy shook his head and Mommy fell. A broken sound came from her throat and Daddy slipped me off his shoulders. He sat me next to Mommy and helped her up.

“No! He can't be dead!” she pulled her arm from Daddy and threw herself on the ground.

I touched her arm. “Mommy?” Daddy sighed and sat next to Mommy on the ground. He pulled her on his lap.

Something started beeping. I looked around again, not understanding what was happening. There was a voice from nowhere; the crowd was gone.

“Shit!” Oh!!! Somebody said a naughty word! I blinked in shock at hearing the word.

There was a falling feeling and I gasped. I sat up in my and Frankie's bed. He was fumbling with the alarm clock on the table, trying to switch it off before I woke up.

I touched his back and he jumped out of his skin. “God!” he turned, holding his chest. I smiled and touched his face.

My hand was mine, long fingers, pale skin. I was me again. A breath of ease washed over me as he took me in his arms.

“What happened?” he demanded.

“Her brother died.” I murmured softly. He gasped and pulled away to look at my face. The room spun and my eyes went blank.

I couldn't see him, see anything. Then a flash over color burst in the black and I saw Molly in the living room. She had something in her hands.

As I got closer, I saw it was a gun. I gasped and she turned, trying to move it from under her chin. She did, but it turned to me and her trembling hand clenched, pulling the trigger.

Pain flashed in my chest. I gasped and fell to the floor. Melody came running in. the last thing I saw was her blue eyes filling with tears.

I blinked rapidly as I tried to get away from the blackness of my head. After a few minutes, things started cleaning up. The first thing I saw was Frankie, his face a mask of fear and shock.

“She-she killed me!” I sobbed and buried my face in his shoulder, the tears running freely now.

Sorry it took so long, guys! I have like seven tests coming up AND finals in all my classes. Anyways R+R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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