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Chapter 1

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It was an agreement, an agreement that wasn't suppose to go any farther. I had set my mind about boys like him a long time ago and it wasn’t going to change.

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I use to walk down the halls of my high school every day not really caring about the weird guy by the water fountain or the one who stood by the Ag door every day. There were the groups of friends huddled together gossiping about the crazy weekend or their latest drama. I didn’t need that. I could be inside my own world and not give a fuck about anyone. I was content though, so don't give me pity. I need anything but pity.

Then for some reason my senior year came along and things changed. I changed, and everything I once knew changed. It was never suppose to end up this way. It was an agreement, an agreement that wasn't suppose to go any farther. I had set my mind about boys like him a long time ago and it wasn’t going to change. I was strong, responsible and I was planning bigger things, but that's getting ahead of myself.
Let's start at the beginning...

I moved past the mobs in the hall, all of them too busy in their drama-zoned lives to care about me. The bell sounded and most students hurried away. I headed for the library. It was where I spent all of my lunches and spent most of my time. I liked my little hideaway not just for the peacefulness but for the hidden secrets it held. There were the dusty books in the back that no one had read in years and the forgotten town newspapers that contained history forgotten. I guess you could say it was my escape. Here the characters in the stories could be just like me. I took my usual table towards the back and pulled out my books and lunch bag. I started working on my extra credit book report as I munched on my granola bar. I had just finished my character analysis when I heard voices enter the library.

"I don't see why I had to come," a boy said angrily.
"C'mon, be a friend," a different male voice answered.
I moved my chair closer the edge of the table so I could see past the bookcase that was blocking my view.
"Why are we even here?" The first one asked.
"Because Ray swore to me there was a science book in here with all the answers in it."
I let out a sigh and shook my head knowing there was no such book. I had spent my entire high school career in this library and if there was such a book I would've stumbled across it sooner or later.
I recognized the boys though now that I could see them. The dumb founded one looking for the book was Frank Iero. There was something about his jet black hair and lip ring that made some girls crazy. Well, the girls that liked Frank usually had gotten around a bit and shared his lack of ambitions in school. I had overheard a group of girls once saying he was a sex god and knew his way around the bedroom. I highly doubted that. He was their only idol just because he played the guitar.
His slightly taller friend was Gerard Way. A loud kid by nature, Gerard was dumber to Franks dumb. I remember once a teacher telling me Gerard had all the abilities to be brilliant, but he didn't apply himself. I had shaken my head at another lost cause.
"C'mon Frank, what do you need the answers for anyway?" Gerard said trying to protest.
"Because Gerard," Frank answered emphasizing his name. "I need to pass science this year otherwise I can't graduate."
"Psh, graduate," Gerard said leaning against a nearby bookcase. "It's over-rated."
"Not according to my parents."
"Hey I have an idea," Gerard said straightening up. "Just get one of your girlfriends to do the work for you," Gerard said moving between Frank and the book case.
"Gee, you know the girls I go with. I 'm surprised they can spell their own names," Frank responded pushing Gerard aside so he could continue to look for the non-existing book.
"Then get a smart girlfriend," Gerard suggested not giving up. He slid between Frank and the book case again. He clamped Frank on both shoulders and stared at him. For I second I thought Gerard was going to give Frank and hug and maybe a peck on the cheek but instead he leaned forward to whisper in his ear. His softened voice made me lean forward a bit eager to hear their conversation. "C'mon Frank, you could have any girl you want," he coaxed.
"Ha!" I said and as soon as it escaped I knew it had been too loud.
Frank and Gerard's heads shot over towards my table and I ducked back so I was blocked by the bookcase. My heart was beating so hard I swore they would hear it and appear in front of me at any minute. I prayed though and soon heard their voices return.
"You're right, Gerard," I heard Frank say.
"Don't you wish that could solve all your problems," Gerard answered.
I dared and peeked around the book case again. Gerard had slung an arm around Frank's shoulders and was laughing and leading him out of the library. I watched them go and shook my head.
"Arrogant jerks!

“So X2 multiplied by X3 will be X5."

I listened to our Algebra teacher drone on about multiplying powers when I had already mastered it the week before, and since our school didn't offer advanced courses I had to sit through it again. My teachers had always praised me on my work ethic and encouraged me to do advanced courses on my own which I did whenever I could. My work ethic was solid, and it was going to bring my great things for my future.
"Frank!" Our teacher yelled waking the sleeping Frank in the corner.
Frank shot up fast and stared at the teacher with an expression that said he hadn't been sleeping at all. "What," he managed.
A few students snickered including Frank's friends who all sat around him.
"Frank can you tell me the answer to X6 multiplied by X2," the teacher asked clearly annoyed by Frank's disruption.
"Uh...12," Frank came up with quickly.
The whole class fell into laughter again, and the teacher shook her head.
"Miss Miller," she said scaring me with the sound on my name. I straightened up to look at her terrified I had done something wrong now, but she just sighed and went on. "Can you tell everyone the answer?"
I hated showing that I was a know-it-all, but I couldn't do anything now that the teacher had called on me.
"It's X to the power of 8," I answered making sure to keep looking straight at the teacher.
"Very good, Vita," the teacher announced turning back to the board.
I smiled and looked quickly at the corner where Frank was. To my surprise he was looking back at me with a shocked expression. I quickly looked away embarrassed that our eyes even locked for a minute.
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