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When Cancer is the biggest killer..

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~Frank's POV~

I walked back from the press conference, a broad smile on my face. Gee was out of hospital today, they needed to run a few tests. It would all be okay. Suddenly my smile turned into a frown. I rememebered the moment I'd been trying to forget for the last four hours. Gerard had phoned me earlier to tell me something. He said he wanted, well, needed to tell me something. I hoped it was good news.
When I got home I got out of my Media clothes and into my scruffies then sprinted the distance to the tree. It was mine and Gerard's special tree. We always went there, mainly when something important happened. Like when his and Mikeys grandmother, Helena, died, we sat there for about two hours, talking about her, the things she did... And when Mikey tried to stick a fork in the toaster that was still plugged in and we made the oath never to let him live on his own. The others didn't know about the tree. It was ours. For our private conversations only.
It was in a quite corner of the beach, in a valley, between two sand dunes. An unusual place for a tree to be honest. We liked it there- It reminded us of ourselves, out of place, odd, doesn't quite fit in. But when we're together we couldn't care less.
I slowed down when I saw Gerard's face. He obviously hadn't slept much. It showed on his face.
"Gee!" I yelled. When I saw his face my grin disappeared.
He had deep frown lines, red puffy eyes and messy, tangled black hair.
"Frank. I-I-" He began a lump in his throat, "I can do this," he said to himself, "The doctors finished their tests yesterday. I have cancer."
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