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I'm so, so sorry...

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Bodies. So many bodies...And each one marked with my name...

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Shockwave's POV.

The corridor was dark and cold. Damp patches of moss clung to the walls and condensation dripped from the ceiling, splashing on my neck and making me shiver. The only light came from the gap underneath the heavy iron door.

The door was tinged with copper and green rust as I stepped closer, the wet for making my footsteps echo into the distance. Goose bumps rose on my flesh and I shuddered. My breath was visible in the cold air and the old, stiff door handle whined in protest as I forced it to give way.

I stepped into the cavern, the area bathed in a yellow glow from the lanterns all around but the floor was still slightly dark.

"Shockwave..." A voice whispered and I jumped in fright at the unexpected noise. My foot struck something on the poorly lit ground and I fell. I groaned as I sat Up and felt around me to find out what had tripped me up.

Suddenly, the lanterns flared up and I screamed in raw horror.

Fun Ghoul lay on the floor, his chocolate brown eyes glassed over and unseeing. His left arm was slung limply over Destruction Battery's corpse, her clod face still locked in a silent scream. Blood was pooled and smeared around and on them I looked down at their lifeless, pale bodies and saw their stomachs were slashed with my name in brutal letters.

I scrambled away from them, but only to collide with the empty shells that were Jet Star and Kobra Kid, they too were slashed with my name. I stood up, looking for escape, hot tears pouring down my face and I went to put my head in my hands but they were caked in crimson and dirt. I'd done this, I had murdered them all. This was my fault. I'm a cold blooded murderer. The dead body of Eric, my own dog, was curled in the corner also engraved with my name.

Everywhere I glanced there were just more and more bodies, women, children and men.

All dead.

There were bodies. So many bodies...And each one marred with my name...

There was a scuffling and I looked up, seeing Party at the end of a long corridor that lead to an open ledge. Relieved, I ran toward him over the cracked ground. However, his eyes grew wide with terror at my presence.

Violet Rage was clung to his chest tightly, she too was dead.
"Please, Have mercy!" Party sobbed, the moonlight glimmering off his face and casting dark shadows over his eyes, making his hazel iris's glimmer an emerald green like a cats'.
"What are you-?" I asked, but caught myself as I found my hand grabbing his throat and making him gag and rasp. Tears streamed down his face and a cold chill of hate ran through me and I began to delight in his suffering.
"I won't need to put a name on you, you're already marked." I growled, an evil smirk tugged at my lips as I pushed Party to the floor, pressing ever harder on his windpipe. He began to turn red as he strained to bring in air. He thrashed against me but I was much too strong.
"P-please...stop..." he choked, and he tugged pathetically at my wrist. I just laughed at him.

I snatched the blade up from where Violet lay and slashed the bottom of his shirt off and cut his jacket to tatters that swirled around us in the light, bone chilling breeze.

I loosened the grip on his neck slightly and he gasped greedily, lapping up the air in lungfuls. I straddled his chest and pinned down his arms with my knees. I forced his chin up with my thumb and pressed the tip of the knife ever so gently to the exposed flesh. Party's breathing hitched and he began to hyperventilate madly.

Without warning I thrust the blade in. Blood spurted. Party screamed, then began to gurgle as the blood filled his mouth and seeped out from the corners of his lips, running rivers down his jawline.
I cut into the artery and he hurked, his torso bucked underneath me and his eyes rolled back, misting over and reflecting the few lone stars in the sky as he 'ahhhhh'ed sonorously. I leanded forward and kissed him on his still warm forehead,

"I love you, dad."

I jolted upright, a green battery symbol flashing in the corner of my vision to say that the bars were full. But the only way that could of happened was if...
I looked down and realised that a slot was open on my forearm and an electrical plug running into it.

Oh shit. They read the booklet. They all know.

The more people know, the more danger you put you and your loved ones in.
The words Nite Killer had spoken ran around in my head. She was right, my dream had only backed her up. I was terrified at what I had saw and I knew that I couldn't put them all through that. I am a cold blooded killer. I could murder them all so easily; it was what I was designed for in the first place.

I sat up, whirring and beeping ringing out from my joints and I stifled a moan. I tugged the plug out of my arm and found that I was hitched to an old car battery. I slid the panel back over the socket and it clicked into place, a blue light glowed around it and once it had faded, looked like normal skin once more.

I got to my feet and slid into my boots, I grabbed my jacket but stopped when I saw Party curled up awkwardly on the end of my bed, the instruction manual clutched weakly in his hands. I took the booklet, careful not to wake him up and located a pen in the sea of mess that was the bedroom floor. I scrawled a note all the way down the front cover and tucked it back under his arm then placed a blanket over him. I looked sadly at him for the last time and tears spilled down my cheeks,

"Goodbye Dad. I love you."
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