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There's just no love for anyone anymore...

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Party's POV.

Thankyou for everything; the hospitality, love and care.
But, by the time you read this I will be gone far away from here. I don't expect you to care, because you already know what I am. I had to leave and yes, it was for the best. The more you guys know about me, the more danger you are in. I'm designed for killing, I don't deserve friends like you. Look after Eric for me, keep him safe.

Love forever,
Shockwave xo

I read the note, over and over again, but the words just wouldn't sink in. I was too shocked to even cry, I just held onto Violet in the back seat of the Trans Am as Jet drove. Destruction and Fun were in silence, speechless.

Destruction pressed her forehead against Fun's and gazed at him with watery eyes.
"There's just no love in the world for anyone anymore." She whispered.
"There is for us..." Fun mumbled and closed the gap between their lips, holding each other tight.

I looked down at Violet. Isn't it funny how such an awful turn of events can bring people together?
"Yeah Party?" She met my eyes and held the connection. Her eyes twinkled in the slowly setting sun. I found myself getting closer to her.
"If we don't make it out alive Vi, I want you to know that I love you."
She smiled warmly,
"I love you too." She whispered, then kissed my lips softly before snuggling down to my chest.

I gazed out of the window, absent mindedly scrithcing my nails along the ridges of the scars through my shirt.

We are coming to get you Shockers. We are coming...

Shockwave's POV.

I looked up at the unnatural whiteness and cleanliness that was Battery City. This was it. The end of the line. No more pain. No more suffering. This is the place where I was created, and it will be the place where I am dismantled and destroyed.

I shivered invoulentarily. So this is what facing your death feels like, huh?

I strolled down the turnpike tunnel that lead to the entrance, forcing one foot in front of the other, dropping my weapons and Killjoy items to the floor. My mask, gun, blade, goggles and jacket all went, until I was left just wearing my black skinnies and yellow tank top. It was incredably dark, so I did as the instruction manual suggested; I blinked twice with force.

The whole place was lit up before me, my yellow eyes acting like torches.

"STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND RAISE YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM!" Bellowed a Drac as they saw me approach. I lifted my arms and held them high, clearly displaying the fact that I was totally defenceless. One came over with a wierd looking set of cuffs, but I still didn't flinch.

He locked the metal band around my waist and cuffed my hands into the rings either side so my arms were impossible to move.
"I know what you can do with those hands Metal Girl." He sneered. "And I don't fancy getting knocked on my ass anytime soon, you got it, you miserable lil' fuck up?"

I took the verbal abuse and didn't retort, what was the point in fighting a battle you've already lost?

A solitary tear escaped down my cheek as I was shoved brutally into the van.

Party, I'm sorry...

A few minutes later, the doors were flung open and I was dragged out by a pair of men in white lab coats. I glanced the building, it was dark and foreboding. It was a place of pain and death and I swallowed.

I'm really starting to regret this...

And I let them lead me inside.

Lead me to pain.

Lead me to misery.

Lead me to death.

Lead me to the end...
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