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Chapter Two - Frank

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Unpacking usually sucks but not for the Ieros......

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I went to set on the couch when mom closed the door behind the boys. My arms crossed over my chest. “What's wrong, Frankie?” she sat next to me. “Mom, you know we have to lay low,” I started.

She cut me off. “No, we don't. We are supposed to blend in, Frankie. And locking ourselves in the house like freaks isn't going to help!”

I put my hand on her shoulder. “We're witches, not freaks. That's the werewolves.” she cracked a smile. Werewolf jokes always made her feel better.

I sighed. “Well, come on. We have work to do.” I snapped my fingers and all the boxes flipped open. Mom laughed. “What room do you want?”

A smile played on my lips. “The basement, of course.” I waved my hand at the door that led down stairs and it swung open. Flicking my fingers, I lifted my things out of the boxes.

I let it all hover there while I sent all the big items; bed frame, box springs, mattress, desk, shelves; down first. Once it all settled, I sent all my clothes and random personal items flying past me. Books and jars flew around me and down the stairs.

Mom was setting the kitchen up so I started the family room. “Hey Ma!” I called to her. “What?” she shouted over the closing drawers. “Where you want the couch? Here?”

She looked over the island that separated the kitchen from the family room. “No. There.” she moved it with a finger while pans flew around and settled into cupboards. “'Kay!” I set up the bathroom and she did her room.

I went down the narrow stairs and into my new room. All my little things were on the floor and my bed was against the wall, my shelves on their sides and my desk on its back.

With a sigh, I got to work fixing everything. I raised my clothes from the floor and set my dresser upright in the corner furthest from the door. Flicking my wrist, my clothes divided, the hanging ones darting to the closet and the folding ones hiding themselves in drawers before they slid shut.

The shelves went to the wall furthest from where my bed was going to be going. I ducked my head as book, knick-knacks ingredient jars whizzed past my head again and settled on the shelves.

My bed was simple. Flip everything and stack it right. I placed my desk by an outlet so I would be able to charge my phone.

And last of course, was my backpack. It was sitting on the floor where I'd left it. I bent over and scooped it up.

Stupid human school. I wonder if those boys next door go to the same school as me. Oh, Isis help me!

What did I care if they did? They're humans. Just stupid little humans.

“Frankie!” mom shouted down the stairs, making me jump. “Yeah?” I called back. “You hungry?” I smiled and ran up the stairs. Damn straight I was hungry!
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