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Chapter 12 (How Do I Not Know You?)

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Brynn smiled and felt her lungs tightened. He was so close to her and he was only moving closer.

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The fall air hit Brynn and she pulled on her dress as she walked down the sidewalk with Brendon. He led her into a small gazebo that was placed in the middle of a garden. Brynn smelled the dying flowers of the summer and felt oddly sad. Brendon turned to her and smiled.

"How do I not know you?" He asked putting on his grin.

Brynn smiled and looked away for a minute. It was so hard to not come out and scream, YOU DO!

Brendon stepped closer and tried to catch Brynn's gaze. "But you know me, don't you?" He said.

Brynn looked up at him and saw his eyes gazing into her. "Yeah, I do," she said quietly.

Brendon smiled and stepped back again. "What's your favorite song?"

Brynn laughed and looked at Brendon. "Are you serious?"

"One thing I have to know about any girl," he said.

Brynn smiled again "Wake me up before you go go."

Brendon laughed and turned away. "seriously?"

"Gotta love wham," Brynn said smiling with him.

"Alright," he agreed taken aback by this girl.

"Favorite drink?"

"Another need to know about any girl?"


"Okay, anything orange soda preferably Sunkist."

Brendon nodded his head as if in approval. "Here's a hard one, favorite American Idol?"

Brynn laughed and shook her head. "You're right that is hard," she said. "Um...gotta be Kelly Clarkson. She has them all beat."

Brendon nodded and came closer to Brynn. "You're right."

Brynn felt hot from having Brendon so close, so she sat down on the bench and pulled her dress around her. Brendon sat down too and looked at her.

"So Ann," he said. "Anything you need to know about me?"

Brynn looked at him and smiled. No, she already knew everything about him. Brendon had been the perfect guy since the moment she saw him. But she did need to know one more thing. "How do you do it?"

Brendon smiled. "Do what?"

"Make every girl fall for you?"

Brendon smiled big and pulled back a bit. "Are you telling me you like me?"

Brynn blushed and looked away for a minute. What was she doing? It was so unlike her to be so open, but she wasn't Brynn tonight, she was Ann. She turned back and looked at him. "Are you telling me you're not falling for me?"

Brendon let out a short laugh and bit his lip quick. He leaned back in towards Brynn and whispered, "Yeah I am."

Brynn smiled and felt her lungs tightened. He was so close to her and he was only moving closer. His eyes darted from her lips back to her eyes and brought his hand up to cradle her face. Brynn stayed still enjoying the moment. He was coming closer and Brynn closed her eyes preparing for what she had waited so long for.

Suddenly the sound of the gym door opening broke them apart. Brendon didn't remove his hand but he pulled back and both of them turned towards the door. Roz and Brent came bursting out. They looked around and spotted Brynn and Brendon in the gazebo and headed their way. Brynn stood up and Brendon's hand fell from her face.

"There you are," Roz said gasping for breath.

"What do you mean?" Brendon asked assuming they had been looking for him.

"Not you," Roz said. "Brynuha..." Roz had stopped saying Brynn's name in the middle and had added her own syllables on when she saw Brynn giving her the nix motion behind Brendon.

"Her," Roz said trying to recover and pointing at Brynn.

Brendon turned around and looked at Brynn. "You know Ann?"

"Yeah Ann," Brent said looking very confused.

"It's time, Ann," Roz said.

"Time for what?" Brendon said being the most confused of the bunch.

"Crap," Brynn said realizing what Roz meant. "Um...I gotta go," she said quickly moving to pass by Brendon.

"Wait," Brendon said grabbing her around the wrist. "Where are you going? And how to you know Brent and Roz? Who are you?"

It was too many questions and right now Brynn thought it was too good to ruin. "I...I...I gotta go," she said wrenching her wrist from his grasp. In the process Brynn's bracelet came loose and fell to the ground, but she never noticed she was already through the door with Brent and Roz behind her. Brendon bent down and picked it up feeling it in his fingers. He flipped it over and saw BMD inscribed on the back.

"BMD," he repeated.
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