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Chapter 2

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I opened my eyes and sat up, my notebook fell on the floor. I must have fallen asleep while writing last night.
I looked at my watch, it was only 7:00am but I decided to get up and showered before everyone else.
Grabbing a towel and some clean clothes I hoped into the shower and began to clear my head. Frank was nice infact he was more than just nice he was amazing, even though we didn't get off to such a good start I'm looking forward to seeing him again today.
I finished off my shower got dressed and made my way downstairs.
"Up early my dear?" My unlce questioned me overlooking his newspaper, "I couldn't sleep anymore so I decided to wake up." I rumaged my way through the cupboards trying to find something "breakfasty" to eat.
"Second cupboard to the right." He said placing his newspaper on the table and putting his feet up on the oppisit chair.
"Thankyou!" I managed to blurt out through my cereal bar.
"Have many dreams of Frankie boy last night?" My uncle laughed. "No, I don't think of him that way." I continued eating.
"I believe you my dear, I believe you, haha." He strolled out of the kitchen and to the livingroom.

Few hours later

I sat on the door step watching the world go past.
"Well hello there" My head snapped round.
"Oh hey Frank!" He climbed over the fence and plopped himself down beside me.
"So kid wanna meet the crew?" I gave him a questioning look.
"The crew?" Oh cringe, I sound so English!
"Yeah me, Mikey, Gerard, Ray and Bob, You are gonna love them I can tell."
He gave me his hand and pulled me up and before I knew it we had arrived at a house. Frank knocked the door.
"Hello Frank and.." I women with a pink apron stood before me at the door.
"Scarlet." She smiled. "MIKEY, GERARD!" She shouted all over the house. Mikey and Gerard stood at the door within a few seconds.
"Hey Frank, who's this?" A boy with glasses and fair hair asked.
"This is Scarlet." Frank told the boy, and gave me a wink. My cheeks went warmer and warmer until they were burning hot and butterflies began to fly around in my stomach. I think I have a crush on Frank Iero.

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