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Chapter 1

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Scarlet warms up to Frank

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Another Chapter I really like this one for some reason! R&R Enjoy!

I heard a knock at the door. I opened it slowly.
"Fancy meeting you her Scarlet!" He giggled. His laugh was so cute but I still didn't like him.
"So this is you pad for two months. I'm sure we will have lots of fun together. And the accent is a nice touch." I rolled my eyes and went down to sit on the bed. Frank walked around the room for a while taking before sitting down beside me.
"So Scarlet I see you like Green Day." Frank questioned pointing at my t-shirt. "Yes." I didn't look at him just answered bluntly.
"AWSOME! Do you like the misfits? I love the misfits, they're from Jersey! What about the Smashing Pumpkins they're great too." The list of endless bands went on and on.
"Frank!" I cut him off. "Sorry." He put his head down and began to swing his legs.
"It's just I don’t have many friends and you seemed pretty cool but if you don't want me around I'll leave." Frank got up and walked towards the door with his head down. He was so cute I felt sorry for him deep deep deep down.
"Frank I didn't mean it in that way. I'm just really jet lagged from my flight. You can stay if you want I suppose." Frank lifted his head up, I suddenly noticed his eyes they were beautiful.
"Scarlet?" I finally caught a hold of myself.
He did not just catch me looking into his eyes! What was I doing looking into his eyes in the first place?
"Sorry, is there anything fun to do around here?" I knew I wasn't here to make friends but I needed to get to know Jersey.
"Em let me see" Frank pondered for a while. "We could go for a walk in the park?" I suppose a walk wasn't too bad.
"Ok, just let me tell my aunt I'm away." I ran down the stairs followed by Frank. "Aunty Lizzy?" "Yes dear?" My aunt, uncle and parents were sitting in the kitchen.
"I was wondering could I go to the park with frank?" My aunt smiled, "Well if is ok with your parents I don't see why not?" My mum nodded in approval but by the looks of things my dad was less happy. Despite my dad I took it as a yes.
"Have fun!" My aunt shouted. "I think someone has found a new friend well maybe more." I overhead my aunt whispering to my mum. I just shook it off.

"So Scarlet fancy this? Me you, alone?" He smiled smugly as he always did.
"I know out of this world, who would have ever thought the town pimp lived next door to my aunt and uncle?" He just laughed with his adorable laugh.
"Scarlet you amuse me, very much!" We walked in silence until we reached the park.
"So this is the park bla bla bla. Swings, Slide, Trees it's a park there nothing else to be honest." I laughed at his sarcasm.
"Come here!" He grabbed m arm and pulled me under a tree.
"What's wrong?" I saw a bunch of tall muscular guys walk into the park.
"They are the jocks." He answered in a whisper.
"So?" I questioned. "Listen Scarlet if they see me they will come over and start mouthing off, then they will probably ask who you are, and everything will end up very bloody. Now follow me!" He replied quite seriously.
He grabbed my hand a brought me out of what looked like a back entrance.
"Well I'll bring you back and then I have to go in for my dinner." I just nodded in reply.
We walked in more silence until I finally noticed we were still holding hands from the park. I didn't want to be rude so I just decided to stay there until I reached the house.
"Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Frank said Finally filling the silence
"Yeah you could show me around some more." I responded
"Yeah that would be cool I'll call round tomorrow then." He said approaching his house.
"Okay, bye!" I said walking up to the front door.
"Bye" Frank said with a smile.
I finally got into the house. I ran up to my room and opened my dairy.

Dear dairy
Today I met this boy called Frank. He was quite cocky and annoying at first but he's actually sort of a sweet guy when I got to know him. He brought me to the park were we just walked around for a while. Anyway we ended up holding hands which was pretty awkward. I don't think I have feelings for him but I wouldn't know since I've never really had feelings for someone before. He has beautiful eyes, beautiful dark brown eyes they are so dreamy. And he has a great taste in music. So he's good all round, I really think we will be good friends but for some reason I hope we don't want to be because then I'll have to leave him in two months. Anyway like I said before there is no point making friend because everyone disappoints you in the end. I get to see Frank again tomorrow so I'll see if he is the same.

Thanks for reading! R&R please :)
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