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The zillion exes

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A little fanfiction based on Scott Pilgrim. Writing with a friend. I have every even chapter number, so this one was written by (twitter name @yoshisnotponies)

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Yah, I'm doing 2 authors notes!! So to explain, this fanfiction is based on Scott Pilgrim, but you don't have to watch the film to know what's going on. Credit to Megan (@yoshisnotponies) for writing the first chapter xD hope you enjoy it ^_^

It was, to put it politely, a really fucking boring ass day. Chaos Theatre Records was deserted. Not a soul in sight. Except Brendon, the lowly cashier who had been conned into working the Saturday shift for more than two months.
Stupid Zack and his stupid idea of pulling stupid straws for stupid shifts.
The only benefit of wasting all of Saturday inside a stuffy record store?
Brendon had caught over 50 Pokémon in the space of four hours.
50 Pokémon. That's more than Cloud could catch in a whole weekend. Oh, he was going to be so jealous.
"Go, Shinxy!" Brendon cheered to his DS as his sprite representation threw an Ultra Ball onto the screen. Said Ultra Ball then released a large black and blue dog-like Pokémon. A Luxray, for those in the know.
"Excuse me? Is anyone here?"
"C'mon Shinxy, do not hurt yourself in confusion!"
"Um. Heeellllooooo?"
"You know, your Shinxy is actually a Luxray..."
"ARGH!" Brendon yelped and, showcasing his amazing reflexes, threw his DS across the room. He then looked up, in an attempt to see who had crept up behind him.
Oh. Desks are opaque.
A quick shuffle sideways, a large amount of scrabbling around and a small splattering of swearing was all it took before Brendon was on his feet. He once again scanned the area for the potential rapist/stalker/costumer.
He found him in the form of a skinny brown haired guy standing rather meekly a foot away from the desk. He was wearing skinny jeans, a loose fitting shirt and a rather elaborate scarf. He blinked at Brendon with brown eyes outlined with slight eyeliner.
"Oh. Uh, hi..." Brendon stuttered out, suddenly nervous around the first customer he had had in ages.
The customer smiled, and crossed his arms behind his back. "Sorry to interrupt, you seemed really busy..."
Brendon stared morosely at his DS, which sat in the corner, still playing the battle music.
He continued, "Well, anyway. I was just wondering if you had anything by Double Standards?"
Brendon stared at the costumer and made a mental list about why this man standing before him was pure awesomeness:
1) He knew the difference between a Luxray and a Shinx.
2) He hadn't made fun of him for losing against a level 7 Magikarp.
3) He was wearing skinny jeans. You gotta love a guy in skinny jeans.
5) On second thoughts, maybe he hadn't noticed Brendon was losing to a Magikarp..
"I said, have you got anything-"
Brendon snapped back to reality "Of course we have! This is the home of all things Double Standard!" Brendon let himself out from behind the counter and-resisting the urge to skip-led this fantastic customer towards the back of the stood.
"My name's Brendon, by the way." He said, trying to keep the conversation going. Not that he was desperate for a date-I mean, human conversation or anything...
"Ryan. My name's Ryan."
Brendon cheered to himself as he did a little dance within his head. First the name, then the number. Well, that's what Zack and Cloud both said. Tifa would probably be disappointed at him for being so shallow.
"Here you go!" Brendon stopped and gestured at the rather measly display of Double Standard merchandise and collectables. "It's not much, but we are trying to write a new album by the end of the year."
Ryan peered down and picked up an album and scanned the track listing. "We?" He asked softly.
Brendon was taken back. He said we? Oops.
"Urm, yeah. I'm the guitarist..."
"Wow! I'm a guitarist too... Could I come to one of your practises?" Ryan looked up at Brendon with bright eyes.
Alarm bells started ringing. Not the real ones. The metaphorical, mental ones inside of Brendon's brain. He wasn't even meant to have mentioned that he was part of the band.
Brendon's brain did the only thing it knew how to do. It shut off.
Of course, when this happened, things occur that normally would not happen if Brendon was in control of himself...
"Will you go out with me?"
Ryan stared at Brendon. Brendon stared at Ryan and tried to understand why his body would let him down in such a crucial time. He was never going to get a date at this rate.
Oh. He rhymed. Brendon giggled uselessly to himself. Ryan mumbled something.
Brendon stared at the guy who was still looking at his bands CD. "What?" he said smartly.
Ryan stood up and caught Brendon's eye. "I said, yes." he enunciated clearly.
Brendon stared back and blubbed. He'd said yes. Wait. He had said yes?!
"You said yes?"
Ryan bobbed his head.
"You said yes to go on a date with me?"
"Well, yes."
Brendon's brain kicked back into overdrive. He picked Ryan up and hugged him closely. "I HAVE A DAAATE!"
He then quickly placed Ryan back on the floor.
"Do I still have a date after that?"
Ryan smiled cutely (Brendon's mind did a celebratory dance at the fact he was going on a date with the owner of the adorable smile) and chuckled, fiddling slightly with the CD case in his hand. "Of course." Ryan said eventually.
"So, when are you free? I mean, I'm busy tomorrow and I've got work most of the week and then there's band practise and oh God, I need to tidy my house..." Brendon caught himself, aware that he was now rambling.
"I'm free on Tuesday. Do you want to meet at the Rockit?"
Brendon checked his internal diary-I mean, man journal. Because men don't have diaries. "I think I'm free. So, shall I pick you up..? Oh..." Brendon realised an epic flaw in his plan.
"Here. It's my address and my mobile number." Ryan passed him a small piece of paper with an address scrawled neatly in rather girlish handwriting.
Brendon blinked at Ryan, who winked almost flirtatiously, and then watched as Ryan made his way to the exit.
Brendon watched him to the door before remembering; "You know, that's classed as stealing."
Ryan froze on the spot, glancing down at the Double Standards CD that he still held in his hand. "Oh. I guess that sort of ruins my awesome exit, doesn't it?"
"Kind of..." Brendon grinned, heading back to the counter to take Ryan's payment. He wasn't showing off when he flipped the card around his fingers in an elaborate fashion; no, that was just how he normally did things.
Except normally, he wasn't trying to impress the incredibly good-looking guy who he was going on a date with on Tuesday. No, he was not going to let anyone forget that fact. Oh, no.
"So, I'll guess I'll see you at the Rockit?" Brendon attempted to revive the conversation as they waited for the OAP card reader to wake up.
"Mmhmm." Ryan agreed. "Are you sure the Rockit is okay? It's really expensive-not that I'm saying you'd be paying for everything! We'd go halfsies!"
Brendonb blinked owlishly. indicated that Ryan should enter his card pin and graciously looked away. "The Rockit's fine. And halfsies sounds good."
Isn't the word halfsies amazing? Wait, no. Now is not the time to be admiring the English language!
"Right. Well. I'll see you on Tuesday." Ryan said, and once again headed towards the door. "I'm not stealing anything else am I?" he joked as he reached the door.
Only my heart, Brendon thought to himself before mentally doing a double take. Say what?
"Bye, Ryan!" he quickly called, and waved as coolly as possible as his soon-to-be boyfriend walked out the door.
Brendon watched him walk away until he could no longer see him. He stared wistfully outside for about ten minute, contemplating over the fact that he'd had a customer and gotten a date on the same day.
A smile graced Brendon's face; one of the first since waking up that morning. He bent down to retrieve his DS, glanced around at the shop, checking that no more potential customers were lurking. Finally, when he was satisfied that he was alone, he sunk down behind the counter once more to return to the world of his Pokémon.
Within five seconds he'd defeated that Magikarp.

Yep, it's a ryden! I'm writing the next chapter,so there will be some creative differences (lol) so thanks for reading!
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