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Very first date

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It's the next chapter!! This one is written by me (@imharkmoppus) so i hope you like mine and Megans combined writing efforts!

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Brendon knocked on the door of young Cloud's house in a rhythmical fashion, and bounced on the spot while smiling until someone answered. He could hear the band playing without him, so decided to step up the knocking volume. 
KNOCK KNOCK. "guys?!" KNOCK KNOCK. "Guuuyyyys!!!" Brendon continued his revolutionary knocking technique until the band hit the last note and the door swung open. It was Zack who finally opened the door, drumsticks in hand; Brendon's smile grew cheesier and cheesier and Zack's turned into more of a grimace until he dared to ask what was up. 
"You made it, finally" Zack commented, closing the door behind Brendon and watching as Brendon practically skipped in and threw himself at the sofa; somehow retrieving his guitar in the process. 
"I was working, in your shop! Anyway, its okay cause I have a date" Brendon chimed, tuning his guitar and swinging his head back and forth in some kind of celebration. 
"you trippin bro?" Young Cloud responded, leaving his bass on the floor by his mic as he ran over to sit next to Brendon and Zack on the sofa. Young Cloud had recently been caught watching 16 and pregnant, and had soaked up some of the hipster lingo they used. Tifa was not amused, as she flicked Young Cloud's ear and sat in the armchair by the door. 
"for the last time, you're a pasty White kid, start acting like one!" Tifa spoke, rolling her microphone in her hands like a cat rolls wool. Young Cloud shrugged and turned to face Brendon. 
"so, what's he like?!" he asked excitedly. 
"yeah Brendon, tell us about this guuuy!" Zack added, drawing his sentence out as he sat down and leaned his head on Brendon's shoulder. Brendon laughed and shrugged Zack off. 
"well, he's got brown hair, and he likes pokemon!" Brendon smiled and sat back, thinking he'd said enough. 
"what else then?" Tifa asked, getting up and placing her mic in it's stand. Brendon bit his lip and racked his brains for something they might want to know. 
"well, his name is Ryan" Brendon said, looking down at his guitar and brushing it off with his sleeve.
"anything else?" Zack asked almost impatiently, moving in even closer to brendon and bouncing in his seat, making Brendon and Young Cloud scowl at him until he stopped.
"well, umm, oh! he knows our band!" Brendon half exclaimed, standing up and slinging his guitar strap on his shoulders. "we should practice now" he added. 
"that's awesome!" Zack shouted. "we have faaaaans" Zack laughed almost disturbingly as he made his way to the drumkit. Young Cloud picked his abused bass up off the floor and then almost dropped it; he was the klutziest person to ever walk, no, stumble on the earth. Tifa laughed a bit then grabbed her mic, and they unleashed pure awesomeness in the form of Double Standards. 

some time later 

"good practice guys" Zack called from the drumkit, getting up hastily and stretching his arms. Everyone "whoo-ed" a bit and plonked themselves down on the sofa. 
"so, where are you meeting Ryan for you daaate?" Young Cloud asked almost mockingly, Brendon scowled a bit at Young Cloud then launched into telling them in full description (not likely) 
"the rockit!" he exclaimed,  leaning back into the sofa and relaxing himself for a bit. It was weird for him to relax because Brendon was the most hyper person ever. 
"wow, are you going halfsies? It's expensive there" Tifa spike all too knowingly. Brendon nodded then got up, retrieving his drink from the table by the door. He took a gulp then grinned. 
"don't you think halfsies is such an awesome word?!" he laughed, venting out all the idiotic thoughts he had to keep in earlier. 
"yeah, along with amazeballs!" Young Cloud added, rummaging through his backpack to find his DS. "I caught so many pokemon earlier!!" he grinned, flipping open his DS and showing Brendon. A grand total of 4. 
"I caught loads at the shop earlier, I'm way ahead of you" and Brendon started up the argument of who was the best pokemon trainer around. A few minutes later, after heated discussions of why all Magikarp should die and who was going to do this, Young Cloud and Brendon were now battling to the death and Zack was fishing for his DS in his 'man satchel' he carried around with him. Tifa smiled a bit and pulled her DS out from her pocket, joining in.

The next day

Brendon frantically threw all of his clothes out of his wardrobe and onto the floor. Suddenly he had nothing to wear. He stood pretty awkwardly in just his boxers as he glared at the clothes which either didn't fit, were inappropriate COUGHpikachusuitCOUGH or he couldn't match up to look even remotely good as Ryan did yesterday. Brendon stopped to ponder how Ryan got to looking so good, but then looked down and groaned. 
"argh, I have no clothes" he said, pretty ironically as he had about a tonnes worth lying dismally on his floor right now. He sighed and dug through the mountain, eventually pulling out his nicest pair of skinny jeans. 
"they'll have to do" he sighed to himself and pulled them on. He dug even further and found his red shirt, slipping it on while gazing at himself in the mirror. It was most probably the best thing of his to wear. He moved his hair around a bit so it didn't look like a mass of uselessness and moved into the bathroom to brush his teeth. 
"there's no hope" Brendon looked at himself, wide eyed, and messed around with his hair even further. It looked no different, so he gave up and grabbed his toothbrush. 
"god, im so nervous" he whispered to himself, looking at his pale reflection in the bathroom mirror. Once he'd almost harmfully brushed his teeth, he grabbed his car keys and made haste to Ryans house. It felt like hours of nervous driving and more hair rearranging before he pulled into Ryan's driveway, trudged through the gravel and knocked on the door. Ryan opened the door with a smile and Brendon grinned nervously. 
"damnyoulookreallygood" Brendon mumbled too quickly for Ryan to hear. "hi" he spoke louder, smiling and leaning on the porch wall. 
"hey Brendon. You're a bit early, you wanna come inside and have a coffee or something first?" Ryan asked Brendon, smiling and moving aside so Brendon could get in. Brendon nodded and grinned stupidly, walking into the hallway and looking around. 
"the living room is just through here" Ryan stopped speaking to open the door on his right. "sit down wherever, I'll be right back" Ryan smiled at Brendon as he sat down before running upstairs. 
"wow, this place is nice" Brendon whispered to himself, looking around at all the pictures hanging on the Walls and sitting on the mantlepiece. The one that caught his eye was one of Ryan with a brown haired man. He looked really happy, the mysterious man hiding part of his face in Ryan's neck, with his arms around Ryan's waist. 
"I see you've found a picture of me and Spencer" Ryan said unexpectedly from behind Brendon. Brendon jumped and turned around quickly, his face darkening in a red shade. 
"uh, sorry, I was just looking" Brendon stuttered, slipping his hands in his pockets and biting his lip. 
"oh no, that's fine" Ryan laughed a bit. "I'll make coffee now yeah?" Ryan asked, smiling as Brendon's cheeks faded. 
"um, yes, please" Brendon smiled and sat down, watching as Ryan left the room. He'd gotten changed into skinny jeans, a tight top and a nice looking jacket. He looked amazing. Better than he did 5 minutes ago when he answered the door in just a lounge about hoodie. He sat back and looked at more of the pictures on the Walls. Quite a few of them were of him and that Spencer. "He must be an ex boyfriend" Brendon murmured to himself. Ryan came back into the living room moments later carrying two mugs. He set them down on the coffee table in front of Brendon and sat down. 
"so is Spencer your ex?" Brendon asked, picking up his mug and taking a massive gulp. He put it down hurriedly and gasped.
"umm, it's hot" Ryan bit his lip and watched as Brendon flailed his hands around his face. "do you want some water?" he asked.
"no. I'm okay now" Brendon laughed a bit at himself as he sat back into the sofa a bit. 
"oh, and Spencer is my ex, but I don't really want to talk about that" Ryan blew on his coffee then took a sip, averting his gaze from Brendon and to the pictures. 
"that's okay then" Brendon smiled at Ryan, bobbing his head like an idiot. He stopped and picked up his coffee. 
"I'm going to try this again" he Said cautiously, blowing then sipping on his coffee hesitantly. Ryan laughed his cute laUgh and Brendon grinned. he either likes me or he just thinks I'm an idiot Brendon thought to himself. He settled for the first and carried on drinking his mean coffee. 

So as you can see, we have also included characters from final fantasy xD YOU SHOULD READ MEGANS FF FANFIC ON FFNET (and her other one,she's called Catchingforrain) and even though I haven't read it yet I will soon xS I hope you like this and my other fanfictions and more to come >.< I'm going to start writing a peterick soon so stay awake :P thankyou for reading (and reviewing? Please? :3)
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