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Just a Boy, Not a Hero

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Gerard is undefeatable. He can't have Cancer. Life doesn't work like that.

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~Ray's POV~

It'd been a long night for me. That evening Gerard had come home with Frank, both soaking wet, crying and laughing. When everything calmed down Gerard told us the news. Gee had cancer. He was dying. As soon as he finished the word cancer Mikey and Bob past out and LynZ threw up.
We were all crying and shocked, as you would be. The kids didn't understand.
Well, they understood, they just didn't believe it.
I was feeling nauseaus but we helped clean LynZ up properly and got her some herbal tea.
She sat, hugging her knees and cried. Gerard scrambled over and started hugging her, talking in hushed tones. It was so sweet. They were so in love.
I waled over to Frank, Krista and Alicia and put my arm around my lovely wife and friends.
"It'll be okay..." I said, hoping I was right.
Bandit was in a state of shock. I got up and approached her. Jamia, Cherry and Lily were already there, hugging her. Frank, Krista and Leesh came over too. She went to sit on Frank's knees and cried onto my shoulder where I sat in front of her. She looked up and sobbed again, then leaned her head down again.
"Bandit, you're gonna be okay. And so's your dad." said Frank smiling down on her.
"Buh-b-b-ut he h-has cancer. H-he's gonna d-d-d-die!" She cried.
Gerard and LynZ walked over aswell. She was looking shaken but much better. We calmed Bandit down and hugged her and LynZ in time. Of course Gerard got loads of hugs too.
We heard moaning and Bob opened his eyes. He got up and pulled Gee into a hug.
Then he went and threw up.
About an hour later Mikey yelped in his unconcious state. Gerard went and bent over him, calling his name, shaking him. He woke up eventually.
After that it's a bit blurry but I think I roughly remember.
We were all crying again soon when Gerard told us how long he had or might have.
Soon he went to bed and so did Mikey.
Frank and I were the last ones up, watching Dawn Of The Dead, Scream 1, 2, 3, and on new release, 4. Then we watched Life On The Murder Scene, our own movie. Bob wasn't in the band anymore but we were still best mates. Unlike Matt.
Frank and I drank beer, ate chips, joked and cried. It was a nice time apart form the cyring.
It was all to forget the Cancer. Frank told me about when Gee had told him. I was right. He already knew. But that was natural. Gee and Frankie were best friends. Almost like brothers.
There are stupid things going round the internet about Frerard, Frikey, Waycest and Rayrard. I think there's a Raykey around aswell.
Then we did something unusual. We read our reviews. It was so weird. We watched some interviews too. With us. God, that's weird. Then we watched our videos. It was cool but WEIRD!
At three o'clock we decided to go to bed. It'd been fun, forgetting together.
I slipped in beside Krista, who was soundly asleep. I fell into a series of strange, non sensical dreams immediately.
I woke up at half six and immediately got up, dressed and downstairs to have coffee. I was wide awake and wouldn't get back to sleep today.
I sipped on my cup, thanking the coffee for the warmth that filled me. At around seven Frank and Bob arrived down and we went out on a walk for fresh air.
"It's a horrible day." I said dragging my feet.
"I know. I don't wanna get tanned. It's warm though. I like warm." Said Bob looking up.
"I meant like... Emotionally. Not good." I replied. "Frank you ok?" I asked.
He said nothing but kept walking.
We ended up on the beach wakling around aimlessly. It was lunch time when we got home.
Gerard and Mikey were up and eating pizza and sushi while the girls finished their lunch.
We all hugged Gerard. LynZ came down looking tired but alright. About ten minutes later Leesh, Krista, Jamia and Bethany wondered in.
"Hey mom!" said Cherry and Lily. Bandit looked up and smiled at the arrivals.
"Hey kids." Jamia looked tired but all in all okay.
I walked over to my wife and gave her a passionate kiss. She moved her hand to touch my ass.
"Hey hey! No explicit content in front of the kids!" Gerard laughed.
I blushed and Krista just smiled.
We were all in one big complicated jumble of love but in the end it'd be okay.
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