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Not A Nightmare.

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It wasn't a nightmare. It was all very, very real.

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I woke up feeling like hell. I couldn't remember last night's dreams but I knew they all resulted in Gee, Frank, Ray, Bob and me dying. shudder.
"Morning honey. I made waffles but they went cold. Gerard's still asleep, could you wake him up sweety?"
"Sure babe." I said to Alicia. It must have been quite late because she was dressed and hair done. I also smelt pizza.
I got dressed in double time then ran across the hall to Gee's room, tripping on clothes and towels.
"Gerard! Get up! There's pizza! And apparently sushi!" I added licking my lips. Of course I had no idea whether or not there was sushi but I liked to hope there would be.
"Kay Mikes..." I heard Gerard murmur. LynZ must already be up because her pyjamas were on the bed.
It really must have been late...
I walked downstairs and to my delight, there was sushi! Wahey!!!
Bandit was sitting munching on a peperoni pizza.
"Hey uncle Mikey! Pizza? Sushi. You're gun' have sushi." Bandit said, grinning at me, braces glinting in the light.
It was a nice day out. It must have been half one. I checked the clock. Yep, half one on the dot.
After five minutes of happily munching on sushi Gerard arrived down. He didn't speak, just sat down, picked up some pizza and began to eat. When he was on his third slice he grinned at me.
"Want some?" He asked, devilishly.
"Haha, naawwh, I'm all good, I got my sushi. Why, d'you want some of this?" I asked.
He didn't answer verbally, he just grabbed some off the plate and set to work chewing and swallowing, chewing and swallowing.
Suddenly the front door opened and in walked Cherry, Lily, Frankie, Bob and Ray wondered in. They all looked tired but when they saw me and Gerard they smiled.
Lily and Cherry ran over to Bandit and started talking animatedly.
"HeY." The guys said in unison. Gee and I grinned at each other, nodded then turned back to the guys.
"Hey guys, what's up? How was your walk? Where were you in fact? Nice day isn't it?" Gerard and I said, perfectly synchronised.
This always creeped them out. They stepped back and looked at us, tilting their heads slightly.
"Just playin' with ya's!" We laughed and they grinned sheepishly.
The girls turned round muttering something. Probably "You're so weird." True...
LynZ walked in and immediately went to hug Gerard. Like the rest of us, she was glad he'd woken up at all.
"Hey sweety. Sorry I'm up so late. Thinkin', y'know?" He asked, smiling at his beautiful wife.
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