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Someone Get Me A Shot,A Fag And A Bong Right Now.Right.Frickien.Now.

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Happy birthday to me!

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by "fag" I mean a cigarette,you guys.
Let's all take a break from changing our statuses and reading numerous Frerards to note that:
Yup,I'm officially legal now.I can go out and just drink my ass off and get wasted BUT IT'S A-OKAY CUZ I'M 18,BITCHEZ!
Well,no,because I'm straight edge.But'y'know,when all my friends get wasted I can laugh at there's a plus.
(In case you're wondering,you can actually drink and smoke at 16 in Ireland-and people wonder why we're internationally known as "The Nation Of Alcoholics"-but I was a weird kid and have already smoked,drank and did a bit of les drogues.)
That's "drugs",by the way.
So,anyway,I'm really sorry bout not updating Full of Holes,but I was really busy :(.I promise to update on Friday-"It's Friday,Friday,Friday-"SHUT UP,REBECCA BLACK!whoa sorry-and maybe on Saturday.Unfortunately,I'm going on holidays to Spain on Sunday and won't be able to update for a week.Sorry guys!
(Unless you find me painfully irritating,in which case that's a pretty good thing.)
I'm actually so excited,cause in the summer I'm getting a sleeve tattoo,and getting my lip re-pierced.Not to mention Berkeley :P
Well,must go now.Gonna eat cake,have my cat in my lap and watch LOTMS-a birthday tradition I have had for several years now.
(If you do not know what that stands need to alter your life drastically,my mentally-challenged friend.)
just so y'know,we've run out of gas,
xo Lauren.
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