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Chapter 02: The Ninjas, the Bumblebee, and The Potions Professor

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Ninja Turtles 2003/Harry Potter AU Crossover. Extensive summary in profile.

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´╗┐Chapter 02: The Ninjas, the Bumblebee, and the Potions ProfessorChapter 02: The Ninjas, the Bumblebee, and the Potions Professor

Many years had passed since Harry Potter had appeared in New York City. Needless to say, he was no longer the six-year-old little boy. He was a bit smarter, a bit wiser, and he had been trained in the martial arts. Much progress and change occurred in the nearly five years since Harry came to town. Unfortunately, all change was not good, as Harry, The Turtles, and Master Splinter found out unfortunately several weeks ago.

Little robots called mousers invaded their home, munching on anything they could get their metal jaws on. They chewed through everything and caused the home to cave in. Fortunately the Turtles and Harry escaped the ambush but the trouble was just beginning. The Mousers had theorized the city, robbing several banks but thanks to a little creative tracking by Donatello and Harry, they managed to track the metal menaces directly to the source. The source happened to be a mad scientist by the name of Baxter Stockman. Stockman turned the Mousers on the Turtles and Harry but somehow a way was found by Don to deactivate all the mousers and blow Stocktronics sky high, so Stockman could not use the lab for anything ever again. Stockman unfortunately managed to escape.

On this night the Turtles and Harry were doing a stealth training exercise on the evening of the twenty third of July to be exact. Naturally, the stealth training exercise was in the rain, which was pouring down heavily as lightning flashed in the sky high above the city.

"Now Leo," grumbled Raph. "Could you please tell me what the point of this training exercise is?”

"Don't ask me, ask Harry. It was his idea," said Leonardo.

"Yeah, Harry," whined Michelangelo. "What is the deal of taking us on your little suicidal training mission and in the dead of night and in the rain. I could be at home, playing video games or reading comic books or something.."

"Master Splinter says we all need the practice," said Harry. "And the idea of this little training exercise is you never know when you need to hide from anything that could possibly be a threat. Trouble can lurk in any environment. We must remain on our guard. The Mouser incident was proof enough this is true. Come on, let's go"

The Turtles and Harry jumped from roof to roof for a moment before Harry stopped short. He held up his hand and looked around. He pulled out his double-edged sword and looked around.

"What's up, Harry," whispered Donatello. "Why did you stop?"

Harry held up his hand to silence Don and looked around before looking down. His sense of paranoia kicked straight into overdrive, as it seemed as if he was being watched.

"I sense someone is following us or most likely following me," said Harry in a low voice. "I can’t quite decipher the reason but the fact remains someone is in fact following me.”

Harry looked down but there appeared to be no one around for miles. Still, the feeling something was definitely wrong was prominent in Harry’s mind.

"Come on, let's go down," muttered Harry before he leapt down with ease. The Turtles wasted no time in following Harry. Of course, since a storm was brewing outside, something bad just had to happen.

Needless to say, Harry and the Turtles were not the only ones to jump down. Harry's theory that someone was following him was partially correct. However, the people who jumped down to face them turned out to not be the source Harry had sensed. Just as Harry and the Turtles had jumped down an army of ninjas dressed in black also joined them. They looked armed and extremely dangerous. They had surrounded Harry and the Turtles.

"Are those Ninjas?" asked Donatello.

"Well, they are Ninja esq. I will give you that much," said Michelangelo.

"We really don't have time for this right now," said Harry in a desperate voice even through he knew it was all for nothing. "We need to get out of here without making too much of a scene."

The Ninjas sprung into action and Harry barely had enough time a sword swipe at his head. Harry pulled out his double edge sword and barely held off the attacking ninja. The Turtles had engaged with the mysterious ninjas but the fact the ninjas were extremely skilled fighters became apparent shortly into the battle. The Turtles and Harry would be fools to doubt their opponent’s skills. Whoever trained these ninjas should be given a medal for doing such a good job.

Donatello quickly found himself in a rather tight fix. The Ninjas had stabbed their swords towards him and he had barely blocked it with his Bo staff. The Ninjas raised their swords and chopped Donatello's bo to bits, in thirds. Raphael moved into action, kicking two of the ninjas out of the way, knocking them into the side of a building before four more ninjas attacked Raph who had to duck down and block their assault, barely managing to accomplish this feat.

"Son of a...these guys seem to be multiplying," said Raphael, gasping for breath. Even through that wasn’t really the case, due to the sheer number of ninjas, it did seem like there were way too many coming.

Leonardo barely knocked back three ninjas with kicks before another one had tried to attack him with a spear and Leonardo had to barely block it with his sword.

"We need to find a way out of here," said Michelangelo who had just been launched into the ground by Ninjas and just missed getting gutted with a sword by one of the assassins.

Harry's weapon had been knocked out of his hand and about a half a dozen ninjas was advancing him on, preparing for the slaughter. A thought came to Harry that the best offense might be some creative improvising. Harry pretended to trip as a diversionary tactic, falling backwards on mud as four of the ninjas raised their sword, preparing to slice him to bits.

"Harry, no!" screamed Raphael who was barely blocking an attack from a sword wielding ninja, attempting to push the warrior back with his Sai.

Thankfully, Harry had rolled over and the swords bounced harmlessly into the mud, for the most part anyway. Harry winced from the shot, clutching his shoulder. It had been nicked by the backlash of one of the swords. Harry reached back and kicked his foot into the mud, splattering the ninjas, covering them with mud. Harry staggered back, clutching his shoulder as two more ninjas made an attempt on his life but Donatello quickly moved into action, punching one back as Harry kicked the legs out from underneath the other. Harry grabbed one of the fallen ninja's sword and somersaulted into the air, stepping on the ninjas’ heads before kicking a ninja directly in the chest, which was about ready to spear Raph in the throat.

"Show off," muttered Raph to his little brother.

"Thanks, I do try," said Harry before getting grabbed by two ninjas by the arms and flipped backwards, tossing them to the ground. One ninja came back for more, so Harry managed to somehow stick his sword right in the chest of one of the ninjas.

The ninjas lifted up their swords but Leonardo rolled into action, blocking the swords before stepping on them causing the ninjas a bit of frustration allowing Harry to spring up and kick both of the ninjas in the face. The ninjas flew back, crashing into the side of a building. Still, the ninjas were relentless, remaining steadily on the attack and Harry and the Turtles were not getting any closer to achieving any sort of victory against these mysterious ninjas.

"Awww!" screamed Mikey who was being hung upside down by two ninjas from a ledge while being about ready to be impaled by a third spear wielding ninja but thankfully, Donatello rolled in, managing to kick the ninja away and the spear flew into Donatello's hand.

"Not exactly like a bo staff, but it will have to do," said Donatello as Leonardo and Harry were busy fighting a half a dozen ninjas, boxed in an alleyway.

"I must stress the fact we really need to be out of here before we become Turtle soup with a side of Sliced Harry-cabobs!" screamed Mikey as he swung his numchucks upwards, bashing one of the ninjas in the head. A sickening crack echoed throughout the alleyway and the ninja fell down, motionless.

"Believe me I am working on it," said Harry in between batting the ninjas back with swings from his double-edged sword. "Sadly, I’m too busy trying to keep from getting decapitated to attempt to fight back."

Harry slid underneath a pair of swords and he seemed to find his answer to his getaway problems. An armored van, with the keys in the ignition appeared to the answer to all their problems. It seemed rather suspicious to Harry something like that van was there but he was not about to look a gift get away van in the front bumper if it meant getting away from psychotic ninja assassins. Harry climbed into the van, starting the ignition. Thankfully there appeared to be no problems in getting the vehicle to start, so everything went good so far.

"Come on guys," yelled Harry. "We are borrowing this van, unless you want to be sliced and diced."

"You don't have to ask me twice," said Michelangelo who joined him inside the van followed by Donatello.

"Come on Raph, we are getting out of here," yelled Leonardo to his brother, who looked like he wanted to stay a fight. Leo sighed, grabbing his brother and dragging him towards the van, before the two climbed in.

"Harry, I did not know you knew how to drive," remarked Raphael.

"Unfortunately, I can't," said Harry. "So I am afraid I am going to make this up as I go and pray I don't get us killed."

"That inspires great hope," said Michelangelo sarcastically before Raphael smacked him across the back of the head. Harry backed out, causing the foot ninjas to scatter. Harry drove the van down the street. Unfortunately for Harry, due to his non-existent driving skills he drove the van in reverse down the street.

"Put it in drive, put it in drive, put it in drive," screamed the turtles, cowering in the back of the van.

Regaining his composure, Harry put it in drive. Driving down the street, a pair of ninjas propelled himself onto the roof and attempted to kick their way into the windshield, as the attempts to get away had not deterred the heartless assassins.

"Put it in reverse, put it in reverse, put it in reverse," screamed the Turtles horrified at the close encounter.

Harry slammed on the breaks, causing the ninjas to fly off of the top of the van, straight into parts unknown. Driving off while breathing a sigh of relief, the threat gone for the moment. Still, Harry could not shake the fact that something else appeared to be tailing him on this night.

Harry would be right, on multiple accounts. A trench-coated figure had been observing the fight from a far. The Foot was in New York apparently and this greatly concerned the inhabitants of the T.C.R.I building. From all evidence, Oroku Saki had been able to guess of their residence in the city. However, that was not the main concern of the mysterious stranger. The pre teen boy who had been fighting the foot along with the strange creatures had been seen many times before in the center. Pressing a button on his armband, a small holographic screen popped up.

"Guardian Alpha Twelve reporting to Agent .19," said the Guardian to the figure of the holographic screen.

"What did you find out on your little mission?" asked Agent .19.

"I have learned that the boy's first name is Harry but at this time, my information is scare," said the Guardian.

"Interesting, yet not enough information for me to seek him out," said Agent .19. "My memories are starting to come back to me and I am sure he would be pleased to see that I’m alive, although I can't determined why that would be. Learn whatever you can but do not reveal yourself. Agent .19 out."

Harry winced in pain as Donatello and Leonardo helped him wrapped up and treated his cut up shoulder.

"Remind me to never get into a fight with deadly ninja assassins until I get a bit more training," remarked Harry, wincing.

"Strange is it," stated Michelangelo. "Ninjas in New York. I mean other than us. I mean, what’s up with that. Master Splinter, do you know anything about is?"

Splinter looked at the turtles. Harry could plainly see Sensei did know something by the look of anger at the mention of the ninjas, as a look of rage briefly flashed across his eyes before he settled back into a neutral expression.

"No, nothing you need to know anyway," said Splinter in a tone of voice, which left no room for argument.

The uncomfortable silence was broken by a pair of pops upside the door of the turtles’ lair. Harry straightened up, wincing at jerking his shoulder abruptly. Harry knew someone was following him and this was complete proof of it. The Turtles had drawn their weapons, preparing for another fight, expecting more ninjas. Of course, when the door opened, which was very bothersome as it was a proven fact that no one could open the door without learning the proper button combination on the security system.

The Turtles sprang into action but they did not greet any more ninjas at the door. Rather, Michelangelo had pinned down a hooked nosed, greasy looking, black haired man with his numchucks while Leonardo had his sword to the head of a man with a look crooked nose with a long white beard. The hook nosed man spoke first.

"Get off of me, you glorified terrapin," snapped the hook nosed man. "Wait, terrapin, turtles, Dumbledore, since when did they have giant turtles who wielded martial arts weapons in the Muggle world."

The old man, who Harry deduced was named Dumbledore, looked at the sword aimed at his head warily before responding.

"It must be a new addition," said Dumbledore looking at the Turtle creatures, in an attempt to figure out what exactly were they. "Although it has been quite some time since I spent an extended amount of time in the Muggle World. I daresay it has been at least a seventy or eighty years at least."

"Just who are you anyway?" snapped Raphael. "How did you get in our home? Who sent you? You better talk right now and we may go easy on you."

Dumbledore removed his glasses, rubbing his eyes but Snape was never one to miss the chance to be sarcastic to another person or in this case, turtle.

"Just what order would you like those questions answered, you dunderheaded turtle?” said Snape in a calm, low voice.

"Any order would be fine," said Leo in what he hoped to be a calm voice. "You have breached the security of our home but we need to find out the reason why you did this.”

"Very well," said Dumbledore slowly, in his best grandfatherly tone of voice. "I think you do deserve an explanation. We are looking for Harry Potter and we have tracked him to this city, after forcing some information out of his uncle, Vernon Dursley."

At the mention of Uncle Vernon, Harry tensed up. There were still bad memories, which existed on that end, from not only Vernon but the other Dursleys as well.

"I must say we were extremely worried that you would have been dead. We have been scouring the city for a few months off and on, and as luck would have it, we managed to finally locate you tonight," said Dumbledore.

"So it was you who I sensed following me tonight," said Harry, putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Snape looked about ready to make another sarcastic remark but Dumbledore thankfully spoke before Snape had the chance.

"Astute observation Harry," said Dumbledore. "Ten points to whichever house you are in when you come to Hogwarts. The Dursleys did tell you about Hogwarts, I imagine."

"Come again," said Harry wondering what the hell this Hogwarts was.

"Come on Potter," said Snape in a disgusted tone of voice. "Surely those idiotic Muggles must have mentioned where your parents went to school. Dumbledore said he had left very explicit instructions in the letter to do so upon your fifth birthday."

"No, I cannot say they had," said Harry. "Of course they did not too much other than lock me in my cupboard, call me freak, and constantly belittle me. Of course, when Uncle Vernon had a little too much to drink..."

Harry trailed off but an unreadable expression formed on Dumbledore’s face, which he quickly fixed into one of sympathy. He was going to suggest Harry return to the Dursleys but now, it would seem like Harry was gone far too long to even hear of it and Dumbledore did not want to alienate the young Potter heir if he was still to play his role as the good Gryffindor Golden Boy and be the hero of the Wizarding World which he was made out to be by the many books that detailed his defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

"Harry, I owe you an explanation about your past," said Dumbledore. "Now keep in mind, I am guessing on parts of this tale and may be wrong but I do know this much. Many years ago, an evil wizard existed. His name was feared by most, to the point where he was known as You-Know-Who. I thought this fact was extremely silly as fear of the name does increase the fear of the thing itself. Surfeit to say, his reign of terror was vast, striking down many victims in his path. He seemed not to be stopped, until one fateful Halloween night in Nineteen Eighty One."

Harry had a strange feeling he knew where this was going but decided to hear the old man out before jumping to a conclusion.

"Voldemort had entered your parents house. Your parents had been betrayed by one of their closest friends and Voldemort located them on his information. Your parents put up a valiant fight, with your father falling first. Then Voldemort turned his attention to you but your mother protected you. She died, sacrificing yourself and gave you protection from Voldemort. Voldemort then turned his wand onto you but when he blasted the deadly Killing Curse, the magic backfired. Engulfing Voldemort, his body exploded, causing your house to burn to the ground. Somehow, you had survived but the house had nearly been completely destroyed. Due to your mother's protection, you were left unharmed. Your father's body was later found, badly charred and burned but due to magical testing, we verified it was James Potter. However, due to magical backlash, we believe your mother's body was destroyed, as it was never found despite many attempts to search the wreckage. Also, that attack marks the origin of the scar on your forehead. It just happens to be a relic from the attack on that night.”

Harry was silent for a moment before deciding to ask Dumbledore a question.

"So this Voldemort, he died in the magical backlash which destroyed my house?” asked Harry, attempting to verify whether his paranoid suspicions were correct.

"Unfortunately not, Harry," said Dumbledore. "I am at a loss to understand why he did not become destroyed although I got my theories, many of them outlandish but then again, giant talking turtles seemed outlandish before this day. Rest assured, Voldemort is extremely weakened and is helpless without his followers. Although I shudder to think he may pick off where he left off if he had acquired a body."

Harry looked at Dumbledore. So, he was a wizard. This fact explained many things like when Michelangelo was being his usual annoying self and Harry was trying to focus on his meditation, a bunch of ninja swords had been chasing Mikey around the lair on their own accord on one occassion. Harry nodded.

"Call me crazy," began Harry as he could hear Snape snorting. "I believe you. Now, this Hogwarts, how am I supposed to get here, from there?"

"I will send someone to collect you and have you pick up your school supplies on the twenty first of August. New students get sorted on the first of September and fall term begins on the second. I hope that would be enough time to get acquainted with your books," said Dumbledore with a twinkle in his eyes.

Snape was going to say something about it being a miracle if a Potter picked up a book about anything not regarding Quidditch but he wisely held his tongue due to a look from Dumbledore.

"So on the twenty first, Harry," said Dumbledore. "Until then and oh that reminds me, your letter."

Dumbledore handed Harry an envelope before turning to Snape. Snape and Dumbledore vanished with a pop. The Turtles, Harry, and Master Splinter looked around at each other. Much had indeed happened on this night. Splinter had broken the silence.

"Let us retire for the night, my sons," said Splinter. "It has been a long evening and much has happened. We will discuss it all in the morning."

The Four Turtles and Splinter had gone to their rooms but Harry had opened up the envelope, deciding to take a quick peak at the letter. Reading it with a smile.

Dear Mr. Potter.

I must say, you were extremely difficult to locate and if you are reading this letter right now, I am pleased Albus Dumbledore has found you. You have been accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding. Fall term begins on September First and we look forward to having you at the school. No doubt you would not be reading this letter if you had not given your consent to Dumbledore. Enclosed is a list of books and materials needed for the following school year.


Professor M. McGonagall.

Deputy Headmistress, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Looking at the letter, Harry had a smile on his face. He would get to talking to humans for a change, not that he did not care for the Turtles. He hoped this education experience would be beneficial to him.

Meanwhile at the Foot Headquarters skyscraper, a street punk had the uncomfortable task of reporting someone had stolen his stolen armored van to his boss. He walked up to a man who had long black hair and was dressed in a white robe with a red symbol shaped like a foot on it.

"I understand the armored van you had stolen went missing due to you leaving the keys in the ignition," said the man in a cold tone of voice.

"Please, Master Saki," whined the punk. "It was an honest mistake, it will never happen again, I swear."

"You're right it will never happened again," stated Saki while putting a spiked metal gauntlet on his right arm before raising it and slashing it in the direction of the street punk. The punk winced, not being able to stop what happened next.

He fell to the ground as Saki looked emotionless. Saki turned to a pair of ninjas.

"Clean up this mess," said Saki. "I do not want his blood staining my floor."

The ninjas bowed, taking the corpse, no doubt to dipose of it before cleaning up the blood. Saki turned to his right hand man. He was a big mountain of a man with a long blonde ponytail named Hun.

"Hun, what can you report," asked Saki.

"Sir," started Hun. "The strange creatures that was at Dr Stockman's lab were spotted by your Foot Ninja but they escaped due to assistance from a young pre teen boy."

"There are hundreds of young pre teen boys in this city," said Saki, his patience growing thin. "Describe him for me."

"He had long black hair, it was quite messy," said Hun, straining to remember. "Oh yes, and green eyes, which looked like the shade of emeralds."

"Anything else, Hun?" asked Saki.

"Yes, there was a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and he was a decent fighter. Not on the level of your Foot Ninja of course but if he was trained under you, he could be a valuable part of our organization," said Hun.

Saki stopped. If he could somehow convince the boy to get on his side, he could have a powerful fighter and he could then hunt down his enemies. Still, something about the lightning bolt scar sounded familiar but Saki was at a loss of what it meant right now.

"Continue to watch for this boy and also for the strange creatures," said Saki. "I want them as part of Foot as from what little I know, they have great potential."

Hun bowed before walking off. Saki began to put his plans into motion. His enemies would be ruthlessly hunted down; even through he had to use ruthless manipulation to do so.
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